Restaurant Nektarin on Star: reviews

Restaurant "Nektarin" on Star: reviews

Peter is one of the most beautiful, big and richcities located on the territory of modern Russia. The northern capital of the Russian Federation is represented by a wide variety of attractions, hotels, hostels, bars, restaurants, cafes, and other equally interesting places of infrastructure. If you decide with the hotel is not so difficult, then to choose a truly excellent place of catering in the modern world is really an incredible task. But do not get upset, because in this material we will instantly transfer to St. Petersburg and will talk in detail about one institution, which should pay attention to those who have not yet found their favorite restaurant.

Restaurant "Nektarin" on the "Star"

Nektarin is an interesting placecatering, working on the territory of St. Petersburg is not the first day, therefore, having a lot of experience and an excellent reputation. Today we will discuss this institution in detail, learn its reviews, talk a little about the main card of dishes, and also touch on other very important topics related to this project. Let's start now!

basic information

The restaurant discussed in this materialis a modern institution, which includes a small children's room, where your children can have a great time while you are resting in proud solitude or a company of friends. It should be noted that the average bill in this restaurant varies within one thousand rubles, which by modern standards is difficult to call money.

Restaurant "Nektarin" at the "Star" stationMetro St. Petersburg is a modern institution, throughout which operates high-speed Wi-Fi. In addition, business lunches are served here, and any customer can pay for their order with a card.

Restaurant "Nektarin" on "Star": reviews

As for the dishes that are served indiscussed institution, in this case it is impossible not to distinguish Italian, Japanese, European, as well as Russian cuisine, masterpieces of cooking here can be ordered by every client!

Location, contacts and work schedule

The restaurant "Nektarin" on the "Star" works everyday, so anyone can relax here, both on weekdays and weekends. So, you can visit this institution every day from noon to two o'clock in the morning. At the same time, the immediate attention should be paid to the fact that the cafe is located not far from such metro stations as Kupchino, Moskovskaya and Zvezdnaya.

By the way, it is important to note that the restaurant "Nektarin"on the "Star", reviews about which we will discuss a little later in this article, is located on Pulkovskaya Street, the 8th house, the 1st building. You can also contact the administrator of this institution by phone to discuss all the questions that arise or clarify any information related to the banquet or other important aspects.


To be sure what a person wantsto visit this or that institution, he needs to understand where he plans to go. In this case, the restaurant "Nektarin" ("Star") in St. Petersburg is a truly cozy institution, where the modern interior and really home atmosphere.

Restaurant "Nektarin" on "Star": photos

Agree, in the modern world there are restaurants,where each person feels as if he is at home, and not because this institution is considered family, but because you do not want to leave there, they cook deliciously there, they are always glad to see you and there is always cozy.

Probably everyone dreamed of being in thisrestaurant, but to find at least something similar is extremely difficult, although you succeeded. Cafe-restaurant "Nektarin" on "Star", photo of which is an integral part of this material, is a cozy, sincere, home and at the same time family establishment, where we always welcome new visitors.


Any modern restaurant offers its visitors at least a few cards of dishes. In this case, you can ask the waiter to give you the main menu, the bar menu, and also the children's menu.

"Nectarine" (restaurant on the "Star"), address. St. Petersburg

If we are talking about the main card of dishes, then inThis case is represented by a variety of cold and hot appetizers, as well as snacks for wine and beer. In addition, salads, soups, breads, freshly squeezed juices, cutlets, pasta, street food, sauces, grilled dishes, meat, side dishes, fish masterpieces of cooking, sushi, rolls, Japanese sets, desserts, as well as drinks .

For children and adults

In turn, the children's menu discussedrestaurant is not divided into categories. In this case, any customer can try vegetable salad with sour cream, salad with crab sticks, chicken broth, vegetable cream soup with spinach, rice porridge, pasta with ham and cheese, chicken skewers with vegetables on skewers, cutlets with mashed potatoes, sausages with mashed potatoes, children's burger with chicken cutlet, skewers of salmon with boiled rice, fruit salad, as well as the dish "Apple Harbor" and other masterpieces of cooking.

Direct attention should be paid tobar menu, which is represented by home-made drinks, water, lemonades, juices, black, green, herbal and fruit teas, coffee, cocoa, syrups, as well as wines, whiskey, cognac, beer, rum, tequila, liqueurs and tinctures, gin, classic , original and non-alcoholic cocktails.

And now we will discuss in more detail several sections of the main card of dishes!

Cold and hot snacks

In the given sections of the menu, anyone canorder a classic herring for 250 rubles, homemade pickles for 320 rubles, beef tartare for 420 rubles, tartar of tuna and salmon for 470 rubles, meat and fish assortment for 490 and 590 rubles respectively.

At the same time it is impossible not to distinguish hot snacks,which are represented by homemade lecho with croutons for 240 rubles. and julienne with mushrooms and chicken for 270 rubles. In addition, the immediate attention should be allocated assorted from bruschetta with mushrooms, tomatoes and salmon for 380 rubles.

Restaurant "Nektarin" ("Star"): guest reviews

Here is a small, but quite interesting list of dishes offered by Nektarin - a restaurant at Zvezdnaya (address: St. Petersburg, Pulkovskaya Street, 8, building 1).


Practically everyone likes sweets, so inIn this case, the choice of sweets is really great. So, any visitor to this institution can order ice cream for 100 rubles, sorbet for 110 rubles. as well as fruit platter for 240 rubles. At the same time, direct attention should be paid to the cake "Morkovny" for 250 rubles, "Napoleon" for 260 rubles, cheesecake "New York" for 270 rubles, as well as French eclairs with raspberries and caramel, the cost of which is 280 rubles.

For lovers of more interesting cooking masterpiecesrepresentatives of the institution are ready to offer fried nectarine with an ice cream ball, the price of which is the same 280 rubles. In addition, any customer can also try halva with caramel crumb and sorbet from passion fruit for 290 rubles, dessert "Chocolate collapses" for 300 rubles, classic tiramisu for 320 rubles, as well as a fruit roll, the cost of which is 340 rubles.


The customers of today's restaurant considerthis place is one of the most interesting in St. Petersburg. The restaurant "Nektarin" (Zvezdnaya) has positive reviews. In their comments people write about the excellent service, modern interior and the responsiveness of the staff. Prices in this place of public catering are also quite acceptable, especially if you compare the cost of dishes and their performance, because all the masterpieces of cooking are served in the author's presentation and are prepared with love.

Restaurant "Nektarin" ("Star") in St. Petersburg

In general, if you are looking for a good institution with excellent cuisine and an acceptable price policy, you should definitely visit the Nektarin restaurant in St. Petersburg.

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