Resorts in Cambodia: description and reviews

Resorts in Cambodia: description and reviews

Today even for experienced travelers resortsCambodia remains unexplored. This direction is not as popular as, for example, the neighboring resorts of Thailand or Vietnam. But if you like exotics and adventures, then Cambodia will be able to really surprise you and give you a lot of unforgettable impressions.

Siem Reap

First of all, this beautiful country isto see unique monuments and enjoy the pristine beauty of its nature. Indeed, it is young people who are able to make long jungle crossings to visit abandoned temples.

Cambodia Resorts

If you are interested in the best resorts of Cambodia, whatIt is worth starting, perhaps, with a visit to the city of Siem Reap. It is possible to spend whole days on fascinating travels, enjoying the monuments of Angkor Wat. In this unique place are numerous ancient temples with ancient Buddha statues and interesting bas-reliefs.

Angkor Wat is the cultural center of the country, locateda few kilometers from the city of Siem Reap. Actually, all travelers stop in the city, where the tourist infrastructure is well developed. There are a lot of hotels of different categories, as well as numerous cafes and restaurants.

resorts of cambodia on the sea

Usually tourists, having spent the whole day in Angkor Wat,to spend the night return to Siem Reap. But this day for many does not end, because the city has night clubs and discos. You can visit the find-market - a local night market where you can buy everything from expensive gold jewelry to smart silk handkerchiefs or simple bamboo crafts.

For young people

Travel agencies offer different toursfor fans of hikes in the difficult jungle. This can be a walking tour, designed for one day, or a multi-day trip on motorcycles. The choice is always the customer.

best cambodia resorts

Beautiful waterfalls, mountain lakes and impassablelianas - this and much more awaits curious tourists in the proposed hikes. Naturally, these entertainments are suitable for trained and physically developed people.

Interesting reviews leave the tourists aftervisiting the waterfall Phnom Kulen, which goes into the jungle. In its warm waters you can swim. Travelers say that this is a really good place where you can spend an excellent whole day!

Some travelers want to get acquainted withthe identity of the Khmer village, to see with my own eyes how the descendants of ancient culture live today. For them, there are specially designed tours to the Cambodian hinterland, where there are no asphalted roads, and in the homes of the local population there is no electricity. Many travelers are recommended to visit villages in the province of Mondolkiri and Ratanakiri (of course, accompanied by an experienced guide).


If you are looking for the resorts of Cambodia at sea, it is worthpay attention to Sihanoukville. Getting into this small city for the first time, many come back here more than once. Here you can find ancient Buddhist temples, modern spas, nightclubs and discos.

But the most attractive in Sihanoukville is hisendless sandy beaches. Popular among the local population and tourists are such beaches as Ochutel, Serendipity, Independence, Hawaii, Victory Hill and Otres. Tourists coming, choose a place for rest according to their tastes and preferences.

beach resorts of cambodia

Usually young people stop at the Ochutelor Serendipity, because it is here that life does not stop for a minute. During the day, you can sunbathe and dine at the restaurant right on the beach. And in the evenings the same restaurants turn into night clubs and work until dawn.

Hawaii and Victory Hill are quieter areas. There are fewer large hotels and restaurants here. Many tourists rent apartments here for a month, enjoying the rest on the snow-white beach.

Otres are chosen by those who came to the resortsCambodia to find solitude. This beach is far removed from the city center and the benefits of civilization. But unforgettable sunrises, clear sea, white sand and silence - this is something you can enjoy only here.

According to numerous reviews of tourists can doconclusion that this city is great for long-term residence and business opening. For example, many expats say that this place is perfectly suitable for doing business, for many Cambodia has already become a second home.

For romantics

For those who are looking for romantic beach resortsCambodia, ideal for a holiday on the island of Ko-Dec-Kul. Of course, the famous Sihanoukville, like other cities in the country, are great for holidays. But it is on Ko-Dec-Kul that many travelers prefer to spend a honeymoon.

the best resorts of cambodia on the sea

Among the experts, the island of Ko-Deck-Kul for a long time at the firstplace in the list of "The best resorts of Cambodia at sea." This island has been privately owned for several years and an exclusive five-star hotel has been built on it.

The hotel is small, it has 12 rooms,each of which is a detached villa with a private pool. Here you can safely enjoy privacy and freedom. Young couples come here to relax and enjoy the time spent with each other.

Eco holidays

As mentioned above, the resorts of Cambodia are difficultto call popular tourist destinations. Travelers are few here, so nature has preserved its original appearance. There are many places in the country where the foot of the tourist has not walked. Many travelers choose Cambodia for secluded recreation and eco-tourism.

Uninhabited places where you can sleep directly underopen air, can be found near Siem Reap or Sihanoukville. For this, you only need to retire from popular resorts. But despite the proximity to the big cities, one should not forget about caution - snakes and other dangerous animals are walking freely.

The Islands

The real seaside resorts of Cambodia are located on thelocal islands. For example, the Ko-Rong island is a good place to relax, where you can set up a tent right in the middle of the jungle. For a better acquaintance with the surrounding area, you can take a walk to the Cardamon Mountains. Those who are used to comfortable rest, can book a room in advance at a local hotel.

seaside resorts of cambodia

Paradise eco-friendly corner can be found onthe nearby Ko-Kong Islands, Ko-Rong-Samloy and Koh Ta-Kiev. The nature there is almost untouched. Here you can admire the amazing mountainous and forest landscapes, as well as watch the life of animals and birds with interest.

Tourists after visiting the island of Ko-Rong share their impressions and say that there is very clear water and the most beautiful beaches, and one day to get acquainted with the terrain is clearly not enough.

For divers

If there are places on the ground created specifically for divers, then some of the resorts of Cambodia are exactly on this list. Almost every tourist city has good conditions for diving.

Good diving schools can be found inSihanoukville. Experienced and novice divers are more comfortable on Ko-Kong Island. It is here that you can swim among various marine animals and explore wrecks, which on this island are many.

Those who want to swim among coral reefs go to Koh Rong island. There are popular diving points, and they are good for beginners and professionals alike.

According to numerous reviews of tourists, the amazing resorts of Cambodia remain in memory forever. Here the traveler is waited by the friendliness of the local population, the extraordinary atmosphere and stunning landscapes.

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  • Resorts in Cambodia: description and reviews Resorts in Cambodia: description and reviews Resorts in Cambodia: description and reviews Resorts in Cambodia: description and reviews Resorts in Cambodia: description and reviews Resorts in Cambodia: description and reviews Resorts in Cambodia: description and reviews Resorts in Cambodia: description and reviews Resorts in Cambodia: description and reviews