Reliable alarms for giving: advice on choice and feedback

Reliable alarms for giving: advice on choice and feedback

Everyone aspires to be as reliable as possibleprotect any of your property and keep it. In our turbulent times, when thefts have become one of the most common types of delinquency, it is very important to protect your home from outside interference. Over the past few years, attacks are increasingly occurring outside the city limits, which is why the owners of country estates are thinking about the need for signaling for the country. High-tech device provides the maximum possible protection, without requiring the physical presence of people at the facility

Basic information about the device

What are the objectives and basic principles of workalarm system for giving? First of all, the device is designed to record the fact of violation of the boundaries of possession and to give a signal about this event (siren, information to the security panel, SMS to the owner).alarm for givingThe simplest system of any type will consist of the following elements:

  • Fixing devices (sensors of various categories).
  • Control devices (keyboards or key fobs, are used for disarming / arming, reprogramming, etc.).
  • The executing device (the control panel, receives an alarm signal from the sensors and transmits it to the responsible persons).

What are the sensors?

The simplest classification of alarmsimplies a division into two categories - wired and wireless systems. In the first case, all devices are interconnected by means of a special cable and are powered from the power supply system, and in the second power source are individual batteries. If desired, each person can upgrade the basic structure of the system with additional devices, sirens (sound and light), video cameras, water leakage sensors, gas and other excesses.

What to look for when choosing an alarm?

What characteristics and features shouldto have a burglar alarm for a dacha? If you are not an expert in this matter, be sure to consult on the subject of choosing a particular type of device from the person who knows. As a result, your choice can be influenced by such factors as:

  • availability of heating and temperature in the house (many sensors do not work in the cold season, at negative temperatures);
  • availability of uninterrupted power supply (for installing a wired alarm);
  • the need for a picture, sound;
  • the area of ​​the room (the number of security sensors is determined);
  • the level of the GSM signal, the presence / absence of the city telephone line.

gsm alarm for giving

Many reviews contain information thatThe wireless signaling for a summer residence is not the best variant, it is connected with the widespread opinion about reliability of wire devices. In fact, this is far from the case, and each type of security devices these days is more reliable.

Features of GSM-system

Quite often it is possible to meet the opinion thatGSM-signaling for cottages is one of the best modern security solutions. Devices of this type can be either wired or wireless, their distinctive feature is the GSM transmitter, which transmits the signal via the SIM card to the mobile phone of the owner of the property or to the panel of the responding organization.

Security alarm for giving this kind implies the presence of a fairly large number of various sensors. The most common are:

  • Motion sensors(infrared devices, respond to the movement of a person or a large animal in the perimeter they are entrusted with).
  • Glass penetration sensors / window(often referred to as glass breakage sensors, are not relevant for double-glazed windows, since they respond to ringing when broken).
  • Door open sensors(they consist of two parts connected to each other, when the door leaf is opened, the halves open and generate an alarm).
  • Devices of a specific nature(devices that react to smoke, water, gas in the kitchen).

security alarm for giving

Install a similar system with the one suitable for youA set of sensors you can either independently or by inviting a specialist to your house. Modern GSM-alarm system for cottages is most often produced in the form of wireless models, which fits installation and does not violate the aesthetics of the interior.

Accessible security and autonomy

Independent alarm for dacha - excellenta solution for many people who want to save on monthly security payments. Reading reviews of many users about systems of this type, we can note the following qualities:

  • Economical (such devices are cheaper to install and maintain).
  • Reliability (the system rarely fails and perfectly copes with the responsibilities assigned to it).

As part of this signaling, it is logical to useonly security sensors. Special devices, responsible for the safety of human life, must necessarily have access to third-party help services. These are fire protection or gas leakage sensors.
wireless alarm system for cottages

Distinctive characteristics of the autonomousalarms are reduced to the fact that the alarm does not come to the console if the normal mode of the sensors is violated, they generate a signal that is expressed either in the activation of the siren or in sending SMS to the phone to the owner.

Alarm for self-catering

If you really want to secure your possessions,but you can not afford such a system because of a lack of finance, then, it is likely that an alternative solution - homemade burglar alarm - is also suitable for you. The principle of its operation is largely similar to that of an autonomous system. The devices you have installed must perform two tasks:

  • generate siren work;
  • inform the owner in case of his absence about illegal penetration.

Acquire all components of the alarm system foryou can in the market or in a specialized online store. You will need several sensors of different types, for example, the door and the window. The number of such devices is determined by the area of ​​your house and the number of rooms in it. On average, the price of one device is about 15-25 dollars per motion sensor and 5-10 dollars per reed switch for opening the door. Of course, there are more budgetary, as well as more expensive options, differing in their technical characteristics.autonomous alarm for giving

A very important point is a good soundan alert that an alarm should have. The siren for a summer residence should have a loud and sharp sound which will frighten robbers and will alarm the neighbors from other sites.

Where to place the sensors and siren?

So, how is the installation carried outelements? To begin with, you need to mount the sensors. For a small room with one window and one door, two devices will suffice: one for the volume placed near the window, the second for opening the doors. The next step is installing the siren. Powerful models of sound notification require significant power, so alarms with such devices are often made wired.alarm for self-cateringPlace the device in a remote location,Such a measure allows the siren to work as long as possible, so long as the attackers try to get to it and turn it off. Wires coming from the device must be securely hidden in the box in such a way that they do not experience the greatest impact of external conditions (dampness, wind, moisture). Among other things, in order for the alarm to work, you need an adapter, a relay, a certain amount of wire.

We mount the system

So, let's proceed to the step-by-step connection plan for the alarm system consisting of one reed switch, one volumetric sensor and one siren. Exemplary stages will look like this:

  • checking the operability of the reed switch (closed doors - contacts are closed, open - vice versa);
  • connection of the sensor to the power supply via the relay (always observe the polarity);
  • connection of the siren (plus to the adapter, minus - to the relay in the closed state, upon opening, an acoustic signal sounds);
  • set the infrared sensor, connect it through the relay to the adapter and siren, adjust the alarm.

alarm siren for summer residence

In conclusion

If you have not yet become the owner of an alarm system forgive, think about the necessary and useful acquisition. Insignificant spending on the system and its installation, of course, do not go in comparison with your experiences about the safety and integrity of the property. A variety of signaling options allow you to choose the right model (with a GSM transmitter, stand-alone, wired and wireless). If the proposals of firms do not suit you, you can build a security device yourself.

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  • Reliable alarms for giving: advice on choice and feedback Reliable alarms for giving: advice on choice and feedback Reliable alarms for giving: advice on choice and feedback Reliable alarms for giving: advice on choice and feedback Reliable alarms for giving: advice on choice and feedback Reliable alarms for giving: advice on choice and feedback Reliable alarms for giving: advice on choice and feedback Reliable alarms for giving: advice on choice and feedback Reliable alarms for giving: advice on choice and feedback Reliable alarms for giving: advice on choice and feedback Reliable alarms for giving: advice on choice and feedback Reliable alarms for giving: advice on choice and feedback