Raspberry Lake (Altai Territory)

Raspberry Lake (Altai Territory). The secret of uniqueness

One of the most beautiful places in Siberia is theRaspberry Lake (Altai Territory). Where is this miracle of nature? In the Mikhailovsky district, next to the town of the same name. The reservoir is the largest bitter-salt lake among the Borovy Lakes of this region. Its area is 11.4 square kilometers.

raspberry lake Altai Territory

What is the secret of an unusual color?

Raspberry Lake (Altai Territory) may surpriseunusual color of water. The reason for this is the zhabronogy crustacean called Artemia Salina, which lives in it. He produces a pink pigment, which, hitting the water, stains it. During the year the color changes. In spring it is the brightest and most saturated, and in the autumn it becomes brown. The Altai region has the largest stock of artemia lakes in Russia. For a long time, the crustacean was considered a food product. The Indians of Utah extracted it from the Great Salt Lake. Residents of the Nile Valley, he also fell in love. They cooked salted pasta out of it. Today, the crustacean is used only for fry of fish fry. Perhaps in the future high technologies will reach the Crimson Lake, and crustaceans will find more worthy use. Populations of these living creatures also live in the salt lakes of Kazakhstan. Most of them in the lake Karabagazgol in Turkmenistan. The crustaceans in the Sivash lake are actively developing and multiplying. In China and the United States of America, their industrial production is being conducted.

raspberry lake Altai region where is located

Healing power

Raspberry Lake (Altai Territory, Mikhailovskydistrict) has not only an unusual appearance. Its waters have healing power. Every year hundreds of tourists come here not only to look at the beauty of local landscapes, but also to receive medical treatment. Water from the lake along with mud regularly undergoes a thorough check in the institute of balneology of the city of Tomsk. The concentration of salt in water is almost the same as in the sea. Water can easily hold the body on the surface. In addition, it has a beneficial effect on the entire body. It should be noted that the bottom of the lake is covered with a very hard hydrochloric crust. When bathing, you should be very careful not to injure yourself. Sulfide-mud mud, which contains the Raspberry Lake, is of particular value. Altai Territory is a great place for those who want not only to relax, but also to get rid of some diseases. Mud baths will help in the treatment of psoriasis, eczema, seborrhea, neurodermatitis, rheumatism, muscle and joint pain. Treatments are recommended for hair loss. This magical mud perfectly cleanses the skin of excess fat, keratinized skin cells. It helps the skin to renew itself and slows down the aging process. Those who regularly make masks from this mud, noticed that small wrinkles disappeared, and new ones did not appear.

raspberry lake Altai region how to get from barnaul


Raspberry lake (Altai Territory), despite allits splendor, is not under the protection of the state. This amazing and unique natural object does not belong to reserves and does not protect at all even at the local level. On the banks of the reservoir in the warm season there are tent cities. Many tourists come here. Here you can swim, sunbathe, ride on boats, catamarans and just enjoy the beauty of nature. A developed tourist infrastructure you will not find here. The nearest village is a small village of Mikhailovskoye. It is located about 10 kilometers from the lake. Nearby is the railway line Kulunda-Rubtsovsk.

Raspberry Lake (Altai Territory): how to get from Barnaul

You can drive to the lake by private carroute "Barnaul - Mikhailovsky village". Then you need to drive to the south about 10 kilometers. It is difficult to pass the lake, as it is large enough. In addition, a fixed-route taxi often takes place in this direction.

raspberry lake Altai region mihailovsky district

A big problem

Raspberry Lake (Altai Territory) is not surroundedrecreation centers and sanatoriums. These places can not be called crowded. In the immediate vicinity there are no huge cities. It would seem that nothing threatens the local ecology. However, this is not quite true. Not far from the shores of the unique reservoir is Mikhailovsky Chemical Reagents Plant, which uses local raw materials. In addition, unauthorized landfills are increasingly appearing on the banks of the reservoir, discharging household waste. All this threatens the inimitable beauty of the Raspberry Lake.

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