Raina Beach Hotel 4 : reviews of tourists, photos, description

Raina Beach Hotel 4 *: reviews of tourists, photos, description

Turkey has long been a country where people lovetourists spend their summer holidays from around the world. After all, there is a favorable climate, and a warm clean sea, and a lot of attractions, and ample opportunities for entertainment, and, of course, high-quality service. One of the most favorite vacation spots in Turkey is the city of Alanya and located on the territory of the resort Raina Beach Hotel 4 *. Reviews of people who have already visited this hotel, meet a variety of, because everyone has different tastes. Of course, it is worth to familiarize with them before you book a room, but the final decision should be made based on the description of the hotel and your own preferences.

Geography of Alanya: climatic conditions for recreation

The geographical location of Alanya is trulyRaina Beach Hotel 4 *. Reviews of tourists claim that this resort has the opportunity to enjoy magnificent views of the rocks, the Mediterranean Sea and the massive Taurus Mountains. By the way, it is worth noting that the highest point of this mountain chain has a height of 3000 meters. Due to such a diverse nature in Alanya, even the hottest days are easily transferred.

Raina Beach Hotel 4 reviews

The resort is subtropical Mediterraneanclimate. Sharp changes in temperatures in this area are not typical, and at any time of the year. In the period from June to August, the average air temperature in the resorts of Turkey is 30 ° C, and water - 23 ° C. Summer rains here are extremely rare. Pleasant can be a winter vacation in the Raina Beach Hotel 4 *. Reviews of some tourists who visited Turkey at the time say that the temperature does not drop below 15 ° C, so you can enjoy walking on the beach and admiring the magnificent views of the sea and the mountains that surround the city.

Location and transport accessibility

Raina Beach Hotel is located in the village of Inzekum,which is included in the resort area of ​​Alanya. At a distance of 2 km from the hotel is the village of Konakli, 22 km - the city of Alanya, and 105 km - the airport of Antalya. It is this airport that accepts international flights. However, despite the distance that must be overcome by holidaymakers who chose Raina Beach Hotel 4 *, reviews (2013 including) say that the road does not take much effort and time, in addition, you can order a transfer from the hotel.

If you decide to get to Inzekum villageon your own, then first you need to get to the bus station of Alanya, using a city or airport bus. Here you can buy a ticket for the bus that will bring you to Alanya, by the way, such flights are sent every 3.5 hours. From Alanya to Inzekum and other villages of the resort area, local bus services run.

General description of the hotel

A small cozy hotel Raina Beach, locatedon the seashore, is excellent for both active and restful quiet rest. The hotel consists of one five-story building and has its own territory of 3800 m². The hotel was opened in 1998 under the name Fugla Sunlife, and the last restoration of the building was carried out in 2010.

Raina Beach Hotel 4 reviews 2014 reviews

Two swimming pools (indoor and outdoor), two waterhills, Jacuzzi, sauna, hammam - all this can offer its guests Raina Beach Hotel 4 *. Reviews left by tourists claim that there were never any problems with rest on the site of the hotel. Although two slides for the youngest - it's very small, and we have to look for a child some interesting activity on our own.

There is also a conference room in the hotel that can accommodate 100 people, so you can not only relax during the summer holidays, but also meet with business partners at any time of the year.

Number of rooms: photo and room description

In the Raina Beach Hotel 133 rooms, among them 7 -economy class without a balcony of 12 m², 125 standard rooms of 28 m² and 1 for disabled people. From 30 standard rooms you can see the endless sea. And from the windows of the other 95 you can watch what happens on the territory and outside of the Raina Beach Hotel 4 *.

Raina Beach Hotel 4 reviews 2014 photos

Reviews, photos and other materials that are sharedtourists, are not always flattering characterize the condition of the rooms of this hotel, but the rooms here are equipped with everything that a person may need during the holiday. There are shower, TV, air conditioning, hairdryer and telephone. The floors are tiled. Economy class rooms are equipped with sleeping places for two people. And in standard rooms you can stay 4 people. On request, an extra cot can be accommodated in the room.

Raina Beach Hotel 4 reviews alanya

Features of food

Meals in the hotel are arranged by the AllInclusive. Breakfasts, lunches and dinners are served in the main hotel restaurant in the form of a buffet. This direction does not have one direction, you can meet dishes of both Turkish and international cuisine. These are the features of the food in the Raina Beach Hotel 4 *. Reviews of tourists, however, often say that the dishes here can be excessively peppery or salty. And this is in no way suitable for feeding children and people who have certain health problems. However, for children there is a special menu, but if you belong to the second category, then it may not be easy for you to adapt.

Raina Beach Hotel 4 reviews and photo

In addition to the main restaurant, on-sitethere are 2 bars. Here during the day, vacationers can enjoy themselves with interesting treats, ice cream, freshly squeezed juices, as well as a variety of drinks, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. It is worth noting that for ice cream and fresh juice will have to pay.

Raina Beach Hotel 4 Reviews

Organization of rest

In Raina Beach every guest will be able to find a lessonliking. In your free time from sleep and rest on the beach, you can visit the fitness center, do aerobics, play table tennis, chess, darts or take part in one of the entertainment programs organized by local animators. By the way, interesting games here are coming up for both adults and children. This happens near the pools, so you can interrupt the bathing and have a little fun.

In addition, guided tours of RainaBeach Hotel 4 *. Reviews Alanya, Antalya and other famous cities of Turkey receive the most flattering yearly, because in their territory there are many unique attractions, the acquaintance of which is able to significantly diversify summer vacation. After all, it's impossible to swim at the beach all the time, even if it's the most luxurious one.

Opportunities for sport activities

Do not have to miss the hotel and those people whoDo not imagine your life without active pastime, including sports. There is everything for both water and "land" sports activities. True, most of them will have to pay, but they are worth it. Water skiing, surfing, canoeing - all these activities are very popular among the guests of Raina Beach Hotel 4 *. Reviews and photos, the appearance of which was promoted by the above-mentioned classes, for a long time do not allow tourists to forget about the excellent vacation.

There are many opportunities for classes"Overland" sports. Among them, beach volleyball, parachute flight, billiards and much more. But the main occupation, which you can devote your time here, is swimming. Fortunately, the opportunities here for this lesson are excellent, both for adults and for children.


The closest proximity to the sea isone of the most important advantages of the Raina Beach Hotel 4 *. Reviews-2014 photos from the beach often contain the most diverse. After all, guests of this hotel have the opportunity at any time to go to the coast and enjoy the sun and sea, and at the same time make some beautiful pictures. Moreover, even if you forget the camera in your room, you will not be difficult at any time to bring it, because the beach is only 50 meters from the hotel.

Raina Beach Hotel 4 reviews of Turkey

The beach of Raina Beach is covered with sand and hasthe length of about 20 meters. Residents of the hotel are provided with everything necessary for a pleasant stay on the coast: mattresses, umbrellas and sunbeds. Many vacationers are upset that towels on the beach can not be taken. You either need to bring them with you from the room, or do without them.

Paid services

The hotel provides a number of services that can beuse for an additional fee. Among them are room service, doctor's consultation, internet cafe, solarium, beauty salon, massage, diving instructor's services, water skiing and surfing. The room has a safe, which can also be used by paying a certain amount at the reception.

Parents can also leave their child to the nanny,which is very important in those moments when they want to go on an excursion, and the child prefers to dabble in the pool, rather than breathe hot red air. Thanks to this service, all members of the family will be able to relax. And the nurse's help is not so expensive.

Service for tourists with children

As summer is time for family vacations,the administration of the Raina Beach Hotel could not but take into account the fact that many families from all over the world come to Turkey with their children. And in this situation, both adults and kids, it is important that the hotel was all organized for children's recreation. This moment is taken into account in Raina Beach Hotel 4 *. Reviews of 2014, left by many tourists, mention that not all children like the animation here, but still it is present, and the rest is a matter of taste.

Even if the smallest holiday-makers do not likean entertainment program organized by the hotel staff, they can always splash around in the pool with their own kind, play in the playground or visit the mini club. The listed entertainments are provided for children of 3-12 years. Do not forget about the children and the restaurant: here they are given a special menu and comfortable highchairs.

Reviews of guests about the hotel

Convenient location, beautiful views from windows,The proximity of the beach - these are the main advantages of the Raina Beach Hotel 4 *. Reviews Turkey receives from travelers good, regardless of the service in a particular hotel and its level. However, all the tourists who have ever stayed at this hotel speak about the above mentioned advantages of Raina Beach.

True, there are not only positivereviews of this hotel. Some tourists complain about bad food, others - on dirty numbers, the third is upset by the administrator trying to sell them as much as possible of paid services, and the fourth - "poor" animation, which can not create a cheerful mood for the guests of Raina Beach Hotel 4 *. Of course, there are also positive reviews. And this again shows that everything depends on the personal preferences of each individual traveler, so you should choose the hotel based on your desires and financial possibilities.

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  • Raina Beach Hotel 4 : reviews of tourists, photos, description Raina Beach Hotel 4 : reviews of tourists, photos, description Raina Beach Hotel 4 : reviews of tourists, photos, description Raina Beach Hotel 4 : reviews of tourists, photos, description Raina Beach Hotel 4 : reviews of tourists, photos, description Raina Beach Hotel 4 : reviews of tourists, photos, description Raina Beach Hotel 4 : reviews of tourists, photos, description