Quality of goods is a priority for the modern manufacturer

Quality of goods is a priority for the modern manufacturer

Speaking of such a concept as the quality of the goods,usually imply that it will be that product that will maximally satisfy the consumer's needs for as long as possible. During the development of goods, the benefits to be offered by these goods are determined. This benefit is transferred with the material property of the goods - such as quality, characteristics and external design. The solution adopted for these properties has a special significance, since it largely shapes the consumers' reactions to these goods, that is, the demand for the product, and, hence, the possible profit of the producer, will depend on the characteristics of these properties.

The quality of the goods is when the goods are carried outintended function. This is the availability of reliability, manufacturing precision, ease and operation and repair, as well as other important properties. The quality of the goods is the most powerful tool, thanks to which the marketer positions the goods on the market. The quality of the product has two components: level and constancy.

Developing products, marketers, first of all,should be determined with the level of quality by which the position of goods in the target markets will be maintained. The concept of quality includes: efficiency, manufacturing accuracy, reliability during operation with the least need for repair and other valuable properties from the category of technical characteristics (low energy consumption, for example). But it must also be taken into account that some properties of the proposed goods are measured and subjective , since the quality must be measured in the term of customer perception. There is a value of form, fvovoy design, packaging, finally.

However, consider that enterprises are rarelyoffer goods of the highest possible quality - a few buyers will or can buy such a high-quality product as an expensive car or watch. Instead, enterprises select those levels of quality that correspond to the needs of the target market and the level of quality of the competing product. In this situation, quality means that "there are no defects or deviations". In their trade relations, buyers and customers seem to find some kind of compromise, which has a certain name "the optimal ratio of the price and quality of the goods."

Renewed emphasis on product qualityled to the emergence of a worldwide movement for improving the quality. Japanese companies for a long time practiced "integrated quality management." Its meaning is an increase in the quality of goods and the process of their creation at all stages of manufacturing. For a long time, the Japanese have been awarded enterprises that have achieved the highest quality of their goods, the Deming prize. During this period, quality control has transformed Japan from a manufacturer of trinkets into one of the economic giants - and now the American and European industry of companies is trying to respond in the same way. Recently, Russian manufacturers are actively involved in this process - these are the conditions for market competition.

As a result, a world revolution was achieved, whichcan be seen in all aspects of entrepreneurship. For some businesses, improving quality is when product control is improved to reduce the number of defects that irritate consumers. And if the product has also a license contract for the trademark, it is already considered a "brand name", to maintain the image of which at the expense of quality should be treated even more reverently. in this case, all the staff need to know well that there is a license contract for the trademark, and the financial quality of the goods directly depends on the quality of the goods.

In addition, customers at any levelorganizations must be educated and interested in prioritizing quality. Usually the management of the quality of goods in the whole world is the absolute devotion of the enterprise to the idea of ​​regular improvement of quality. The quality of the goods is achieved due to the huge general devotion of all parts of the personnel of the enterprise - from the highest level of authority and downward.

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  • Quality of goods is a priority for the modern manufacturer Quality of goods is a priority for the modern manufacturer Quality of goods is a priority for the modern manufacturer Quality of goods is a priority for the modern manufacturer Quality of goods is a priority for the modern manufacturer