Power of the refrigerator

Power of the refrigerator

When choosing such a useful and, one might even say irreplaceable in the household appliance, as a refrigerator, most buyers primarily focus on the price.

But experts believe that the main parameter for any device that works around the clock for many years, (in some cases, ten, and fifteen years) is energy efficiency.

The power consumption of the refrigerator is the maina parameter that directly affects energy efficiency. But do not forget that the two units standing next to each other, having the same indicators for energy consumption, can differ in size in half. Therefore, the one that is larger will be more energy efficient than the small, exactly the same two times. Since the capacity of the refrigerator with large dimensions (and therefore, with a large internal volume) and used will be more effective.

Now that we've figured out a long termenergy efficiency, you can move on to other technical aspects of the refrigerator. Let's try to find out which of its components are the largest consumers of energy.

In each household appliance for storagerefrigerated and frozen products (this is how the refrigerator is officially called), a compressor is used, through which a special liquid - freon - is pumped through the cooling circuit. Some models are equipped with not one, but several compressors, for more accurate and continuous maintenance of temperature in separate chambers. The main power of the refrigerator is spent on ensuring the operation of this unit. The compressor is permanently connected to the sensors that are located in the cooling chambers, if the temperature on the temperature sensor drops below the specified minimum, a signal to stop the compressor comes to the compressor. Conversely, if the maximum permissible values ​​are exceeded, the compressor turns on and starts to cool freon.

Since the heating of the operating refrigerator inmainly occurs under the influence of heat leakage through walls, doors and sealing gums, its size is directly related to heat generation. The larger the apparatus, the smaller the surface area is per liter of volume, therefore, the capacity of a refrigerator with larger dimensions is consumed more efficiently than a small one.

In addition, it strongly affects how much timeDuring the day the compressor will work, such an important thing as thermal insulation. The better it is, the more pauses between inclusions will be. And if this is the case, then the large capacity of the refrigerator is no longer needed. KW, which are burned when the unit is operated with poor insulation for nothing, are used economically for devices with good thermal insulation.

True, many manufacturers, making a couple of steps inside of reducing the power consumption of their "cold generators", they immediately add some new-fangled technology to them. And immediately all the energy efficiency of such a product is noticeably reduced. For example, the system "unfrozen" or, as it is called in English, no frost. The essence of this system is that a special fan blows the evaporator, as a result, the pumped air is effectively drained, and the frost is formed outside the freezer. When the fan turns off, the ice adhering to the evaporator melts and drains into the pan. Naturally, the considerable capacity of the refrigerator with such a system will be spent on fan torsion, which will immediately be reflected in your accounts.

In conclusion, I want to say a few words about thischaracteristics of refrigeration units, as a climatic class. Before the anomalous heat of 2010, very few people knew that refrigerators generally have such a parameter. But when a huge number of these devices broke down during the heat, they learned that it is necessary to be interested in the climate class of similar equipment when buying almost all the inhabitants of the country.

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