Positive feedback about Verrukacide

Positive feedback about Verrukacide

Jul 19, 2018

Reviews about Verrukacida

Surely everyone understands what warts are, how they look and what they are.But not everyone experienced this on themselves and really had problems with them.I had such a problem and I got rid of it once and for all, it was a long time and I do not remember what my mother was treating me.


  • When is Verrukacide necessary?
  • Reviews of Verrukacide
  • Contraindications
  • Side effects
  • Precautions

To date, a lot of variants have been invented, how to deal with warts, a thousand ways and hundreds of solutions help people.One of the most effective and quick-healing medications is Verrukacid Ointment.It is her and the traditional method of medicine that we will analyze today - this is the treatment with pharmaceutical products.And also get acquainted with the drug itself and find out positive feedback about Verrukacide.

When do I need Verrukacide?

Verrukacid is one of the topical necrotizing agents used to remove warts and papillomas.The form of the preparation is a solution for topical external application.The agent has a cauterizing effect, which causes coagulation of proteins.With proper use, this cream does not leave visible scars on the skin.

Reviews about Verrukacida

The drug is intended for use in the presence of the following diseases:

  • warts of various shapes( normal, filamentous or plantar);
  • papilloma;Genital warts on the skin
  • ;
  • all sorts of dry calluses;
  • keratomes, etc.

Reviews about Verrukacide

As for the opinions of people, reviews about Verrukacide are mostly positive.Many have got rid of papillomas with the help of this drug.If we consider the reviews of many people, then we can conclude that this cream is most effectively fighting with warts and papillomas.

But we should not forget that after reading a good and intriguing review, you always need a consultation with your doctor.If you were advised by a neighbor or friend of a Verrukacide ointment, for example, from a keratitis, do not use self-medication.After all, everyone has a separate medical history and a personal immune system, to someone he helped, and you may be harmed.Like any other drug, Verrukacide has a number of contraindications and side effects.

Reviews about Verrukacida

In order to avoid negative feedback about the drug in the future, it is necessary to thoroughly study these nuances before starting the treatment, otherwise you can say that the drug is bad, but in fact the negative reactions of the organism to Verrukacide were caused by personal ignorance.


Verruacid should not be used in the case of:

  • pregnancy and lactation period;
  • the presence of pigment nevi, that is birthmarks in the field of the use of a necrotizing agent;
  • localization of warts on the lips or on the mucous membranes;
  • if warts and papillomas occupy more than 20 square centimeters of skin area;
  • age to 7 years.

Side effects

Reviews of the use of Verrukacid means that the following undesirable effects may occur:

  • hyperemia and swelling of the eyelid skin when applying cream to the eye area;
  • the formation of burns when a cream of Verrukacid hits a healthy skin area.


Use Verrukacide carefully to avoid side effects.Before consultation with a dermatologist, use of the drug is prohibited!

Reviews about Verrukacida

Instructions for the cream Verrukacid contains information on the correct use of the product, namely:

  1. removal of genital warts should be handled by a specialist( dermatologist, dermatovenerologist or urologist) on an outpatient basis;
  2. should beware of getting the necrotizing agent on the mucous membranes.If Verrukacida gets into the eye mucosa, immediately flush eyes with water and seek help from an ophthalmologist;
  3. is not allowed to bandage the affected area after application of the product.Also, do not glue the warts with a band-aid, apply other ointments or rip off the crusts;
  4. it is absolutely necessary to observe the interval between application of the product to warts;
  5. do not allow touching the treated skin area to synthetic tissues;
  6. Do not apply Verrukacid to the growths in the groin, anus, interdigital spaces and in other places with increased sweating and friction( skin folds), otherwise unwanted burns of a healthy skin can occur;
  7. should be allowed to dry the treated area of ​​the skin in air;
  8. Do not soak the treated area within 24 hours after applying the cream.

If the drug still gets on a healthy skin, you should immediately remove it with a cotton swab soaked in medical alcohol, and then wash the skin with warm water using soap.

When all these measures are performed, the desired result will be obtained.Therefore, if the dermatologist prescribed you to use Verrukacid, do not doubt its effectiveness and are treated only for the benefit of yourself.

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  • Positive feedback about Verrukacide Positive feedback about Verrukacide Positive feedback about Verrukacide Positive feedback about Verrukacide Positive feedback about Verrukacide