Polina Favorskaya: biography of the new member of the group Silver

Polina Favorskaya: biography of the new member of the group "Silver"

Our heroine of today is an attractive anda talented girl, Polina Favorskaya. Biography of this brunette is interested in the dedicated fans of the "Silver" group. Where was Paulina born and studied? How did she get into show business? What is her marital status? You will learn all this after reading the article.

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Polina Favorskaya: biography

She was born on November 21, 1991 in Volgograd. Her real name is Nalivalkina. Father and mother Polina - educated intelligent people, not related to show business. When our heroine turned 4 years old, her family moved to the suburbs. They settled in a small town located in the Podolsky district.


Polina grew up an active and inquisitive child. From an early age she showed love for music and dancing. The little girl regularly arranged home concerts for parents, grandparents. The reward for her talent and diligence was interesting toys and different sweets (wafers, candy sticks, chocolates and so on).

In 1998, our heroine went to the first class. She immediately managed to find a common language with the rest of the guys. Teachers have always praised Pauline for good academic performance and exemplary behavior.

Several times a week the girl attended mugs of drawing and needlework. Parents also gave their daughter to a dance school and a vocal studio. And soon their efforts began to bear fruit.

Creative activity

Almost 12 years Pauline acted as a member of the people'schoreographic ensemble "Rainbow". This team was known not only in the suburbs. Talented girls and boys traveled all over Europe with tours. Everywhere their performances passed on hurray.

Polina Favorskaya, whose biography weis considered, achieved considerable success in the vocal art. At the age of 15 she sang at the opera. At one of the performances she was noticed by the directors of the theater "Amadeus". They offered the girl a mutually beneficial cooperation.

Student years

At the end of high school Tabor fileddocuments to the National Research University. Her choice fell on the Faculty of Applied Political Science. The girl passed the exams successfully. Pauline enrolled in the required faculty. After 5 years, the brunette was awarded a diploma about graduation. From now on, she could consider herself an advertising specialist.


In the summer of 2011 Polina Favorskaya became a participant of the beauty contest "Miss Vyshka". She could not win. But the spectacular brunette entered the top ten most beautiful girls on stage.

In the same year, our heroine took part in two television shows - "Mom, I want to become a star" and "Love at first sight." They did not bring any special popularity to these projects.

Pauline Favorsky Biography


In May 2014 the famous maiden groupleft the main soloist - Elena Temnikova. Producer Max Fadeev immediately started looking for a singer who would take her place. Polina Favorskaya in all respects approached this role. Already on June 6 at a concert in the SC "Olympic" brunette acted as part of the group. Her joy was boundless. Girls from the team "Silver" performed a new song called "Little You". Later this composition became a real hit.

Pauline Favorsky biography personal life

Polina Favorskaya, biography: private life

A tall and slender brunette was never deprived of male attention. However, she did not hurry to build serious relations.

Study and career - this is what put Paulina Favorskaya first. The girl's biography indicates that she achieved what she wanted. Soon, her personal life improved.

In 2012 Pauline appeared in the reality show"Holidays in Mexico". She had an affair with another participant - Val Nikolsky. At the end of the project, the couple began to live under one roof. It would seem that Tabor has acquired true love. However, their relationship with Val worsened day by day. The guy often raised his hand to his beloved. And he was constantly dissatisfied with her figure, forcing the girl to starve. Polina's patience lasted only a few months. One day she packed up and left Val. Now her heart is free.


We told you about the path to famePolina Favorskaya. Biography, photos, details of personal life and other information about her person is contained in the article.

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  • Polina Favorskaya: biography of the new member of the group Silver Polina Favorskaya: biography of the new member of the group Silver Polina Favorskaya: biography of the new member of the group Silver Polina Favorskaya: biography of the new member of the group Silver Polina Favorskaya: biography of the new member of the group Silver