Peter Petrelli, the character of the series Heroes: history and interesting facts

Peter Petrelli, the character of the series "Heroes": history and interesting facts

Since its appearance on television screens series"Heroes" became a real hit. Unfortunately, in subsequent seasons the audience began to lose interest in it, and after four years of the show it was closed. Despite this, the characters managed to get the status of cult. Among them - Peter Petrelli, a character. "Heroes" is a series known all over the world. Peter is one of the most difficult personalities in the plot and at the same time one of the heroes most loved by the audience. But his fate was not at all simple.

Peter Petrelli - character of the series "Heroes"

The future hero was born in the family of Arthur and Angela Petrelli. He had an older brother, Nathan.Peter Petrelli Character Heroes

The mother of Peter and Nathan had a uniquethe ability to see the past and the future in their dreams. Knowing about the gifts and probable future of her sons and granddaughter (Claire Bennet), Angela skillfully used this to achieve her goals.

All the early years Peter Petrelli felt hisDeficiency against the background of an almost perfect older brother. Despite the fact that there were close relations between the brothers, in adulthood the boy ceases to use family ties and is getting ready to work in hospice as a nurse.

Peter's abilities

After learning about the heroes, the younger Petrelli beginsto suspect that he is one of them. To test his assumption, he jumps from the top of the building and almost dies, but he is rescued by Nathan, who, it turns out, is able to fly.Peter Petrelli TV series

For a long time Peter Petrelli can not understand, inthan the peculiarities of his gift. However, he gradually learns that he has an empathic mimicry. In other words, he is able to accumulate in his memory the abilities of other superheroes, with whom he contacted in the past.

Having learned to control and activate thesetalents, eventually Peter collected a whole "bunch" of superpowers (to portray the future in drawings, fly, see prophetic dreams, move through time, regenerate, become invisible and read the thoughts of others, etc.).

Faced closely with the maniac Sylar, PeterPetrelli took over his talent to understand the arrangement of things, but the guy got the all-consuming thirst for new knowledge and murders of this man. Because of this, the hero became a real threat, and his father took action, depriving the younger Petrelli of all his talents.

A little later, Peter was able to restore the gift, but he was much weaker than before. Now he could copy only one foreign talent at a time and only in the presence of his "donor".

First season

At the beginning of the events Peter Petrelli tries to understand his gift and how to use it for the common good.

Acquainted with painter-addict IsaacMendez, the guy takes over his ability to paint the future and learns about the nuclear explosion that is threatening New York. Later, when he met Hiro from the future, he realizes that he must save Claire Bennet at the hands of Sylar.Peter Petrelli

Despite the fact that he is destined to die, Peter saves the poor thing and as a reward gets her gift to self-healing, thanks to which she survives.

Falling in love with the girl Isaac, Simon, Peter starts a romance with her.Peter Petrelli character

However, during a quarrel with a painter, a guybecomes an involuntary cause of her death. Trying to shoot Peter, who became invisible, Isaac mortally wounded Simon, and she dies in the hands of her lover.

Having learned to control your abilities withusing the invisible man Claude, the younger Petrelli learns that he is actively hunted by Sylar, who dreams to get his gift. Only thanks to the help of the researcher Mohinder and Claire (who turns out to be the illegitimate daughter of Nathan Petrelli), Peter manages to escape at the hands of Sylar.

Trying to find this villain and neutralize him,the guy accidentally adopts the ability to emit radiation and realizes that he must become the cause of the predicted nuclear explosion in New York. Enraged after a fight with Sylar, Peter starts to ignite, unable to control himself. However, Nathan helps him by taking his brother high into the sky, where he explodes.

Second season

After the explosion, Peter manages to survive, but he does not remember anything about himself.

 heroes Peter Petrelli

Once in Ireland, he lives there sometime and gets in touch with a girl named Caitlin. Accidentally immersed in a trance, the guy draws his girlfriend in Montreal. To understand what all this means, they go to Canada.

Using the ability to travel through time copied from Hiro, Peter finds himself in the future and learns about the Shanthi virus that killed almost all the inhabitants of the planet.

Returning to the present, the hero triesto stop this fatal event, but due to ignorance he becomes an instrument in the hands of the cruel immortal Adam Monroe. This man convinces Peter that he also wants to stop the spread of the virus, whereas in reality he intends to release it into the world. The efforts of Peter and Hiro Adam and the virus can be eliminated.

At the end of the season the Petrelli brothers decide to tell the world about their talents, but Peter appears from the future and injures Nathan.

The third season

The hero finds himself in the future, where he accidentally adoptsSylar's main ability. Tortured by the thirst for murder, Peter can not control himself. To stop him, the father of the boy deprives the son of all his abilities and imprisons him in one of the laboratories. From there, Petrelli is rescued by Cylar.Peter Petrelli

Having quarreled with his brother, Peter along with the Haitianopen the hunt for Arthur Petrelli, but he is helped by Nathan and Sylar, who considers himself the son of Arthur. When in the end the psychopath finds out that the head of the Petrelly family lied to him, he helps Peter and the Haitian to kill Arthur.

Fourth season

Nathan began working for the state special forces, hunting for heroes. Petrelli himself is skillfully able to hide his abilities from them.

Peter and several other heroes are in the hands of the unit. The culprits are sent to a specialized prison, but Claire manages to save them.

Trying to understand why they are hunted, andTo stop this, the guy learns the history of the "Company", engaged in many years of studying the characters. In addition, he reconciles with his brother, and together they fly to Washington to catch Sylar, who devises a cunning plan. Having managed to deceive the maniac's vigilance, Peter neutralizes him.

Peter Petrelli - actor Milo Ventimiglia

A charming hero, who dreams to save the world and help people, was played by an American actor of Italian descent, Milo Ventimiglia.Peter Petrelli actor

At the time the filming began on the television series, Milo wasalready 29 years old. Despite the fact that before the "Heroes" Ventimilia starred in such well-known film and television projects as "Sabrina is a little witch", "It's all her", "Staying alive" and "Law and order", he was popular with the role of a charming bad guy Jesse Mariano in The Gilmore Girls.

After the closure of the "Heroes", Milo Ventimiglia abandoned his career on television, starring in small roles in the films Rocky Balboa, Theory of Chaos, Pathology, Papa dosvidos and others.

Starting in 2013, he again returned to television and starred in the television series "City of gangsters", "Whisper", "Gotham."

Among the latest works of the actor, the main role in the television series of 2016 - "This is us."

Interesting facts

  • His name is one of the most important characters of the project "Heroes" Peter Petrelli received in honor of the apostle Peter. It is noteworthy that many characters of the television series are named after various characters of the Bible.
  • Peter's mimicry is similar to the talent of Rogue from the comic strip "People X".
  • Like his entire family, the younger Petrelli is a Catholic.
  • In the initial scenario, Peter and Nathan were twins.
  • Initially, the younger Petrelli writers wanted to call Harrison or Ethan. And his last name was supposed to be Campbell.
  • The hairstyle that this hero wore in the first season, was later named after him - Petrelli.

An example of masculinity and sacrifice was formany fans Peter Petrelli. The series "Heroes", despite the huge number of characters and parallel storylines, puts this guy in the center of the most important events. Thanks to this, Peter became one of the most popular characters of the project, with which the fans of the "Heroes" did not want to say goodbye after the television series was closed. For this reason, the network publishes numerous fanfics, telling about the past and future of Peter and giving answers to those questions about which the script writers of the project were silent in the "Heroes".

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  • Peter Petrelli, the character of the series Heroes: history and interesting facts Peter Petrelli, the character of the series Heroes: history and interesting facts Peter Petrelli, the character of the series Heroes: history and interesting facts Peter Petrelli, the character of the series Heroes: history and interesting facts Peter Petrelli, the character of the series Heroes: history and interesting facts