Pablo Pineda: biography, photo, filmography, form of Down syndrome

Pablo Pineda: biography, photo, filmography, form of Down syndrome

How often, after learning about what a person hascongenital serious disease, we begin to sympathize and think that it is doomed to lead a life less bright and full than healthy people. Especially if this disease is Down's syndrome.

The History of Pablo Pineda

Pablo Pineda Biography

Pablo Pineda is an example that proves the opposite. Even a person who has such a serious illness can not just lead a full-fledged life, but also get a secondary and higher education, and also have a movie.

Down Syndrome

Pablo Pineda form of Down's Syndrome

Solar children - the so-called children with a similardiagnosis. Down Syndrome is a congenital genetic disease that is characterized by the presence of more chromosomes in the karyotype. The disease manifests itself as a violation of the development of man, both mental and physical. He usually has less vocabulary, lower ability to concentrate and abstract thinking, the growth of people with Down's syndrome is also significantly less than the growth of the average healthy person.

There are several forms of Down syndrome:

  • trisomic - simple (most common);
  • translocation (not so common);
  • mosaic (the rarest form).

The mosaic form of Down syndrome is extremelyrarely. Pablo Pineda, whose form of Down syndrome is just a mosaic, is her most striking example. People with this form of the disease are not much different from their peers by external signs, and also do not lag behind intellectually. Children often go to school and can even enter university. The mosaic form practically does not bear any concomitant diseases, or they are weakly expressed.

Pablo Pineda Biography

Pablo Pineda photo

Pineda was born in 1974 in Spain, in the resortthe town of Malaga. He learned about his illness while still a child. At the age of 7 the teacher told Pablo what his peculiarity is. Little understood that the genetics of the syndrome, Pineda asked about whether he can learn with his friends. Receiving an affirmative answer, he was happy.

Pablo Pineda graduated from high school, where, like himhimself says in an interview with Die Welt, it was difficult for him. The students did not communicate with their classmates, they avoided him, did not take him seriously, and were afraid to even touch him. Pablo was an outcast, but he did not despair and was able to pass this stage. He was the first student of a regular school with a similar disease. Then Pablo Pineda received his higher education, graduating from the university with a bachelor's degree in "psycho-pedagogy".

Pablo's dream was teaching, because he was veryloves children, as admitted in his interview. He did not immediately come to this profession. As a child, he planned to become a lawyer, then a journalist. However, his teacher advised him to choose another direction and was right. Thus, he became the first teacher in Europe with Down syndrome.

Relations with parents

In the formation of Pablo as a person and personalitya huge contribution was made by his parents. They did not treat their child as a patient, and tried to help him accept himself. Parents did not begin to restrict his activities and take care of the child in everything, referring to him as a patient. They tried to push him, help in development, they taught independence. My mother constantly talked with her son, and my father read books and helped him learn how to write and read. They did not send him to a specialized school, but preferred that he study and communicate with ordinary children, because it was the environment, in their opinion, that could help his son become a full-fledged member of society. Pablo Pineda communicated with ordinary children and did not distinguish himself among them.


In 2009, the movie "Me too" was released. The film was filmed by Alvaro Pastor and Antonio Naharro. The story of the main character turned out to be very close and familiar to Pablo, and he played the main role in the film.

The film "Me too"

The hero of the film "Me too" Daniel is not likeall. He has Down syndrome. Society accepts it with difficulty, most refer to him as a patient. However, at his 34, he has a wonderful taste, a sense of humor and self-irony. He received higher education and an excellent position. He works as a teacher at the university. In his spare time Daniel learns foreign languages ​​and is interested in painting. He admired the paintings, especially the work of Bosch. He has friends. The hero lives a full life.

The only thing that he lacks is the secondhalf, but this is not a problem for him. Daniel falls in love with a woman, and the woman is healthy. Not everyone believes in the possibility of this union, even the brother of the protagonist advises him to find himself "like himself." However, Laura was able to understand and appreciate Daniel as a man. Let not immediately, but gradually she began to look at him from the other side and perceive as a possible life partner.


Pablo Pineda growth

Pablo Pineda, whose filmography was notvery extensive, for this role in 2009 in San Sebastian received a silver shell for the best male role. So he became the second actor with Down syndrome, who received such a high award in the cinema (the first was Pascal Duquentne - in 1996).

After the return of Pablo to his homeland, to Malaga, the mayor handed him the "Shield of the City" award on behalf of the city council. And also in Malaga there is an area called "Pablo Pineda Square".

Work on TV

After the release of the film "Me too", which had a huge success, Pineda became famous. He was soon invited to television to conduct the program "Thoughts are Positive."

Attitude to life

Pablo Pineda is calm about hisdisease and such people calls "other" or "other people", considering that the problem of society is the inability to accept what is different from himself. The division of people into groups and labeling them Pablo considers a big mistake.

Pablo Pineda photo

Despite the fact that the peculiarity of people with the syndromeDown is a poorly developed musculature and a tendency to obesity, Pablo tries to follow himself. He adheres to proper nutrition and goes in for sports. Pablo Pineda, whose growth is very low, having a certain physical characteristics, was able to lose weight by 18 kilograms due to his perseverance.

Pablo has studied hard and hard, because he is beautifulknows that people with Down's syndrome are more difficult to learn. He loves music and spends a lot of time listening to his favorite songs that help him concentrate.

Pablo does not seek publicity and, like himselfadmits, gets tired of constant phone calls, because sometimes they are thirty at a time. For the same reason, he takes part not in all the programs and programs in which he is offered to withdraw.

The only party in which Pablo Pinedauntil it could be realized, is a family life. He is single. Since Pablo has been accustomed to being surrounded by healthy people since childhood, he also chooses women from his environment. According to his confession, he fell in love many times, but he "has to fight for love", because ordinary women treat him like a friend. However, Pablo does not despair and believes that he will meet his love.

Today Pineda resides in the hometown of Malaga. Pablo devotes much time to charity, he holds meetings with people who have Down syndrome, and helps them to believe in their strength and find work. Pineda is engaged in teaching, and also lectures and collaborates with the Adecco Foundation and Lo que de verdad importa.

Pablo Pineda: photo

Pablo Pineda

The history of Pablo Pineda is very revealing. She teaches you never to despair and not to give up. He was able to cross over prejudices, and even the diagnosis was not an obstacle to his full life.

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  • Pablo Pineda: biography, photo, filmography, form of Down syndrome Pablo Pineda: biography, photo, filmography, form of Down syndrome Pablo Pineda: biography, photo, filmography, form of Down syndrome Pablo Pineda: biography, photo, filmography, form of Down syndrome Pablo Pineda: biography, photo, filmography, form of Down syndrome Pablo Pineda: biography, photo, filmography, form of Down syndrome Pablo Pineda: biography, photo, filmography, form of Down syndrome Pablo Pineda: biography, photo, filmography, form of Down syndrome Pablo Pineda: biography, photo, filmography, form of Down syndrome Pablo Pineda: biography, photo, filmography, form of Down syndrome