Ondulin: reviews and features

Ondulin: reviews and features.

Rapid development of the construction marketmaterials causes the use of innovative technologies in their manufacture. Old materials are replaced by more modernized and adapted to modern conditions. Successful application in our time in construction has received such remarkable roofing material as ondulin. Reviews about it have always been mostly positive, thanks to its physical properties, ease of installation and an unobtrusive price category.

Ondulin was invented by the Frenchman Gaston Gromier,which in 1944 created a factory for the production of the newest at that time material for roofing. Nobody predicted such a huge popularity for this unique material, however, the result exceeded expectations, and soon the whole world began talking about it.

Now ondulin, whose reviews speak for themselves,is produced in six countries: Spain, France, Belgium, Poland, Malaysia, Turkey, and is used in more than one hundred countries of the world. It is used both for the construction of cottages and houses, and for the construction of industrial and social facilities (factories, schools).

Let's figure out what an ondulin is. This is a unique material for the installation of roofs and cladding vertical surfaces. It is made of organic fibers, by saturating them under high pressure and temperature with bitumen. This is done in special vacuum chambers in several stages through layering. Then the sheets of the material are subjected to staining. Thanks to organic, ondulin has a rigid base, and bitumen gives it good waterproofing. It also contains mineral pigments, rubber and minerals (filler).

Depending on the type of staining, there isglossy and matt ondulin. Reviews about them are ambiguous, but still positive about the first type. Matted ondulin is treated with special acrylic paint, after which it acquires some roughness of the surface to the touch. And in the paint for glossy sheets silicone is added, as a result of which they become shiny and perfectly smooth. The price of the latter is slightly higher than the first, due to their more attractive appearance, and the ability not to detain dirt and snow.

Such qualities as resistance to climateconditions, very high and low temperatures, resistance to heavy loads (snow), hurricane wind, environmentally friendly composition, has ondulin. Feedback from experts on its durability (from 15 to 50 years of service) and the positive characteristics do not make you doubt when choosing a roofing material.

Ondulin has a number of significant advantages:

  • Excellent weather resistance.
  • High level of waterproofing.
  • Resistance to biological factors (bacteria, fungi).
  • Stability to the influence of chemical irritants (alkalis, acids).
  • Resistance to diesel, gasoline and industrial gases.
  • The possibility of rational use of material for the collection and use of rainwater.

Ondulin is very light, but it has a highstrength. It can be laid on top of the previous roof, without dismantling it. And thanks to the possibility of bending along the direction of the waves, the material can be used as a liner.

Roof covering with ondulin is a simple process, butrequires special knowledge and training. For roofing with this material, the roof should have a slope of not less than 12-15 degrees. The installation of the ondulin sheets does not require a continuous roofing. Depending on the degree of inclination of the roof, the step of the crate is calculated, on average it is equal to 40 cm. The sheets are mounted, moving one wave apart. The material is attached to the crate by means of special screws or galvanized nails.

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  • Ondulin: reviews and features Ondulin: reviews and features Ondulin: reviews and features Ondulin: reviews and features Ondulin: reviews and features Ondulin: reviews and features Ondulin: reviews and features Ondulin: reviews and features Ondulin: reviews and features