Obstruction is what Obligation of the Holy Spirit

Obstruction is what? Obligation of the Holy Spirit

We all heard the expression "the acquisition of the Holy Spirit." And what does it mean? How to explain it to a man far from the church? Obstruction is what? To begin with, the word is rarely used in the world. It belongs to the Old Slavonic language, it occurs in Pushkin. Explanatory dictionaries explain it ambiguously. Some associate the meaning of the term with the receipt, others with self-interest or property. However, the meaning of this phrase is far from all material. Let's try to disassemble, acquisitiveness is gain or gain?

acquisition is

The origin of expression

Serafim Sarovsky introduced this phrase into circulation. Once he talked with Motovilov about spiritual issues. Their reasoning concerned the essence of faith, what happens to a person during prayer. Seraphim of Sarov said that like a man who is trying to achieve wealth and glory, the praying man also acts. Only his "achievements" lie in a different sphere. The believer seeks to obtain the Holy Spirit, uniting with the Lord. This expression is borrowed from the ordinary worldly faith. Obstruction of the Holy Spirit is the acquisition of grace. Seraphim of Sarov compared the work of the believer with that which we produce in everyday life. Human works are aimed at getting benefits for themselves and their families. This is understandable to everyone and does not require additional explanations. But the work of the soul, striving for the Lord, should be explained, since people can not figuratively imagine what it is. Seraphim of Sarov tried to find an expression understandable to the parishioners. In his mouth acquisitiveness is the acquisition or acquisition through labor. And then, for what the man works for, is a priori the highest value.


What does the word "acquisition" mean?

For more information,dig into the books. DN Ushakov quotes Alexander Pushkin: "Out of huts, from cells, from dungeons, they (robbers) have glass for acquisitions." Here it is clear that the word has nothing to do with spiritual work. However, it means work, albeit sinful, as it relates to the activities of bandits. Those were going to replenish their pockets with other people's wealth. It turns out that acquiring is getting something, an acquisition. And the specific philosophical and moral aspect of the word is specified by the context of the sentence. You can talk about the acquisition of wealth by righteous labor or theft. The essence does not change. The word means acquisition or reception. But the additional terms in the expression fill it with meaning. In Pushkin it will be illegal, immoral activity. In the mouth of Seraphim of Sarov - the highest work of the soul.

which means the word acquisition

Synonyms of our term

Dictionaries explain our term on the basis of hisworldly content. Synonyms for it are called "greed", "snyanie" or "property". Man seeks a more prosperous life. Some honestly work, others cunning and deceive. But their goal is to become rich, to eat sweetly, to be safe, to live better than others. That is, under acquisition is meant the acquisition of value by any means. Again, the meaning of the word is specified by additional words in the phrase. For example, AN Apukhtin has the expression "The unjust rich is the juggling of the unrighteous." Its essence is quite understandable. It is a question of a man enriched by theft.

which means acquiring the spirit of the saint

What does it mean "gaining the Holy Spirit"

Let's return to the explanations of Seraphim of Sarov. He explained the phrase in some detail. A person has three sources of desires, will. The first is spiritual, it encourages unity with the Lord, gaining grace. The second is your own, the third is devilish. The latter forces you to act out of greed, pride, or vanity. Everyone has it and is very dangerous. The second will gives the person a choice. He decides what incentive motives they are guided, what to do and for what. Some steal, others do good. But they act for the sake of the worldly result. They protected our neighbor so that he and himself would be pleased to do so. Only the first will from God. She urges a person to do good works for the Holy Spirit. When her person listens, he also collects "capital". But not worldly, like gold and money, but eternal. Seraphim of Sarov said that people need to accumulate this wealth as much as possible. Do not be afraid of it, but strive for acquisition. The essence of faith is not in prayer, as such, nor in ritualizing rituals. The meaning of everything that a person who has been churched does, in the acquisition of the Holy Spirit, the accumulation of this eternal wealth.

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