Oatmeal flakes are harm and good. How to cook oatmeal porridge

Oatmeal flakes are harm and good. How to cook oatmeal porridge

Everyone knows from childhood that the most usefulbreakfast is a well-known oatmeal. What is the peculiarity of this dish? From what and how do oatmeal flakes? The damage and benefit of this product, as well as the main dishes from it, are discussed in this article. Also, tips are given on how to prepare delicious gherkins porridge correctly using different recipes.

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Oat flakes: harm and benefit of the product, production history

Another very common name for thisloose grains - "Hercules". But this is just one of the many product brands. Why is it so called nothing inconspicuous flakes? Initially, oats were considered only suitable for use as feed for horses. Thanks to him, the animals had a lot of energy and strength. In the twenties of the last century, after the creation of the Soviet state, oatmeal came to be called similar to the ancient Greek hero due to the strength and robust health of the hero. So lured not quite tasty, but healthy food for children. Therefore, the kids tried to weave a viscous dish on both cheeks to grow faster and not get sick. And until now most people call a light porridge of Hercules. In fact, there are completely different oatmeal flakes. Harm and benefit of the product from the quality of grinding does not change in any way. By the way, negative impact on the body is minimal. Let's enumerate the main positive properties of oat flakes and diseases, in which they are particularly recommended for use.

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Why are they recommended for regular consumption? Contraindications

Fiber, contained in ground tothe state of cereal oats, has a surprisingly light and quick-dissolving form. In addition, the presence in the bulk of a large amount of protein, vitamins and valuable lysine - an essential amino acid. Getting into the stomach, the mixture swells, increasing several times, which creates a feeling of satiety for a long time. For this reason, especially recommended for weight loss oat flakes. Harm and benefit are taken into account in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Since the main functions of the dishes from this product - saturation and cleansing of the body, it is with caution to include it in the menu with adhesions and intestinal obstruction. If you eat cereal in the raw form, the bay is a liquid, you also need to know some norms. Even with normal operation of all organs, you can not eat more than 3 tablespoons per day of dry cereal in the composition of such dishes.

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At what diseases is it recommended to eat oatmeal?

Especially useful are "Herculean" dishes for children and the elderly, since they are easily digested. Also, they should be regularly included in the menu when:

- weakened immunity during and after illness;

- Chronic fatigue syndrome;

- hormonal imbalance;

- Atherosclerosis;

- lack of vitamins (especially in winter and spring);

- impaired metabolism;

- high cholesterol in the blood;

- Constipation and general slagging of the body;

- Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, including the pancreas, gall bladder and liver.

In addition to all of the above, the indicators of the constant use of oat flakes are the unstable nervous system, weakened, brittle nails, faded skin and split hair.

Let's get acquainted with how and what can be donecook from this amazing and such a simple product. Also, let's analyze in detail how to cook oat flakes, so that they retain all their useful properties.

how to cook oatmeal

What dishes can be made from oatmeal?

Few people know that, apart from traditional porridge, fromflakes you can make a variety of different dishes. The product of oats has long been used not only in Russian cuisine, but also, for example, in German, Scottish, Italian, as well as in many other European countries. About the classic breakfast the Englishman can and not be mentioned. In doing so, you need to know how to cook oat flakes, so that the dish is not only useful, but also delicious. For vegetarians and fasting, this is a real find. Due to the property, swelling can successfully replace (sometimes partially, and sometimes completely) meat and fish ingredients in minced meat dishes. Pancakes, casseroles, cutlets, sweet puddings, muesli, kissels, cookies ... The list can be continued indefinitely. But still the classic dish is the famous gherkin porridge. It is usually served hot with butter or as a side dish to a hearty second course. Also often used in the composition of sweet desserts, combining with jam, honey and fruits. Let's consider step by step process of cooking a dish.

Oatmeal porridge: tips for cooking

It is very important to choose the right fluid ratio todry product. This will depend on the consistency of the prepared dish. Do you want a very thick porridge so that you can easily eat it even with a fork? Then for each part of oat flakes take 2-2.5 parts of water, broth or milk. Is it necessary to weld a liquid and viscous light mixture for the baby? Then the proportions will be slightly different - 1: 3.5. In any case porridge from oat flakes should not boil longer than 5-7 minutes. When the dish is cooked for a longer period, useful substances will be significantly reduced. It is also important to make the right choice of grind when buying cereal in the store. The product of the shallowest processing is intended for children's dishes and mixing of health-improving raw mixtures (the oats are simply poured before drinking water, kefir or milk). Medium grains usually receive traditional porridge. The product of coarse grinding is a part of cutlets, casseroles and biscuits. After cooking the porridge the required time, wrap it for 10-15 minutes. for swelling.

how to cook oat flakes

Which oat flakes are the most popular?

Given the opinions of consumers, one can saya few words about the varieties of the product and the methods of preparation. What do you think should be the most popular oatmeal? Feedback from experienced housewives talk about one thing - 100% useful. And here it is necessary to talk specifically about the newfangled instant porridges. When this product appeared on the market, it immediately became very popular. But in fact indeed: and quickly you can prepare a dish, and delicious! And is it useful? The presence of food additives in the form of flavors, flavor enhancers and preservatives subsequently led the housewives back to their proven and old recipes. Do you want a sweet fruit dessert? It is better to add natural fruits, as you are sure. Do you need milk porridge? It will take a little while to check the white liquid so that it does not run away, but in no case should it be replaced with dry cream from a bag of instantly soluble contents.

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  • Oatmeal flakes are harm and good. How to cook oatmeal porridge Oatmeal flakes are harm and good. How to cook oatmeal porridge Oatmeal flakes are harm and good. How to cook oatmeal porridge Oatmeal flakes are harm and good. How to cook oatmeal porridge Oatmeal flakes are harm and good. How to cook oatmeal porridge Oatmeal flakes are harm and good. How to cook oatmeal porridge Oatmeal flakes are harm and good. How to cook oatmeal porridge Oatmeal flakes are harm and good. How to cook oatmeal porridge Oatmeal flakes are harm and good. How to cook oatmeal porridge Oatmeal flakes are harm and good. How to cook oatmeal porridge