Nutrition during pregnancy, 1 term

Nutrition during pregnancy, 1 term

Pregnancy is a very important period for any woman. That is why, from the very first days, the future mother should take care of herself and about that tiny miracle that will be born in nine months, she needs to eat rationally and spend as much time as possible in the fresh air. Required in this period and special gymnastics.

1 trimester, lasting the first twelve weeks of pregnancy, is very important for the baby. It is at this time that the tabulation and differentiation of all its systems and organs takes place. The first step to the health of the baby's future is to develop a rational diet for the future mother. Correctly selected menu will allow the child to have a strong bone system, it is easier to cope with infections, eliminate the danger of food allergies, and also have good mental abilities.

Features of the diet of the future mother

What is important to consider when developing nutrition during pregnancy? 1 trimester does not imply a special change in the nature of nutrition and lifestyle. It is important only that the ration of the pregnant woman is as diverse as possible, because her baby is still very small and extremely sensitive to a lack of nutrients. The food of expectant mothers should be as varied as possible. It must include vegetables and fruits, seafood and greens, seeds and nuts, as well as dairy products.

Nutrition during pregnancy, 1 termIn order for the future mother and her child to have a balanced diet, what should be taken into account when developing nutrition during pregnancy? 1 trimester - a period in which you can include products from four groups. Let us consider them in more detail.


For normal growth of the fetus, placenta and uterus, as well as to increase the volume of the circulating blood flow of a woman, her body already requires an increased protein content from the first weeks of pregnancy. Its lack will perfectly fill up dairy products. Their use will also saturate the body of the mother and child with calcium, which is important for strengthening the teeth and the bone system.

What should be the nutrition in this connection during pregnancy? 1 trimester is recommended to accompany the consumption of up to half a liter of milk throughout the day. And it can be not only in a unified form. It is useful to include yoghurt and yogurt, yogurt and dairy desserts, and, of course, cottage cheese. Recommend future mothers and some varieties of cheese. Their list includes solid, as well as pasteurized and processed.

Meat products

For the normal functioning of the maternal organism, as well as for the development of the fetus, future mummies should consume dishes with sufficient amounts of B vitamins, iron and protein. All these substances are found in meat products.

How should nutrition be organized during pregnancy? 1 trimester will require the inclusion of lamb and beef, pork and fish in the menu. Future mummies and poultry are necessary. Products related to this group should be consumed by a woman twice a day. In this case, a greater preference is still recommended to give fish and poultry meat. But if the dishes for the future mother are prepared from pork, beef or mutton, then you need to choose only lean pieces, removing from them areas with fat. In addition, when preparing a pregnant (1 trimester) diet, it is important to remember that:

  • all meat products must be either boiled or baked (fried and smoked dishes should be excluded);
  • before preparation, the skin from the bird must be removed;
  • the most lean is the loin of pork, lamb and beef;
  • purchased sausages include a lot of fat.

Potatoes, cereals and bread products

This group of products contains microelements, vitamins, carbohydrates and fiber that are so necessary in the diet of pregnant women. When buying bread, future mothers need to pay attention to varieties of wholemeal flour or containing whole grains. Also at each meal, dishes from rice, pasta and potatoes are recommended. As a side dish is good to use porridge from a variety of cereals. What else can be from the products of this group? It will benefit mom and baby consumption of cereal and muesli.

Vegetables and fruits

Everyone knows that for normal life, the human body must receive a sufficient amount of fiber, various trace elements and vitamins. 1 trimester is the period when a woman especially needs these useful elements. And this should be noted when developing the menu. In it the future mummy should necessarily include vegetables and fruit. And their use is recommended at least four times during the day. During this period, juices from fruit and vegetables, as well as salads, which are to become the main meal in the first trimester, come to the fore. Nothing complicated in this. In addition, it is not about avocado or kiwi. In the food should eat apples, pears, as well as banal carrots and beets, cabbage and turnips, cucumbers, sweet pepper, etc. That is what can always be found on the shelves of our stores.

Very useful for pregnant carrot juice. And from it you can make a wonderful drink that contains not only many vitamins, but also calcium, and phosphorus, which allows the fetus to develop normally. To do this, mix the juice of carrots and turnips. Such a drink will help to normalize a woman's blood pressure.
It is recommended in 1 trimester to include in the menu apples, pears, plums, grapes, bananas and other fruits. They contain many vitamins and trace elements necessary for the fetus.

For example, ordinary apples. There are many varieties of this fruit, each of which is good in its own way. But they are all useful for pregnant women, as they contain lemon and malic acids, trace elements (iron and sulfur, magnesium and potassium, phosphorus and manganese), tannins and pectins. Apples in their raw form will help to activate the separation of gastric juice, and in baked - to improve intestinal motility. But in any case, this fruit will be a wonderful dietary product for future mothers.

Various minerals (silicon, calcium and phosphorus) are rich in pears. They are especially needed in diseases of the kidneys and the circulatory system. Pregnant women should eat only sweet cultivars of pears. This is due to the low content of tannins in them. Wild pears will have a fixing effect on the intestines, which will worsen the digestive system.

Simple Tips

What are the features of a woman's nutrition in the first trimester? All meals eaten should be fun, without causing discomfort either in terms of temperature or taste.

In addition, the pregnant woman should know:

  1. You want a little salty? Great. The first 3 months of bearing a fetus is simply necessary, because sauerkraut and pickled cucumber, a withered apple and a piece of herring are able to arouse appetite.
  2. Fruits and vegetables should be eaten in moderation. If the body is resistant to cabbage, do not force yourself to choke on it. Also, do not eat too much carrot juice. The excessive amount of carotene contained in it will only harm the baby.
  3. Fish, vegetables, meat, fruits - are mandatory foods of the diet. The vitamins, microelements and other useful substances contained in them are very useful for a woman and her future baby.
  4. Do not forget about sour-milk products, cottage cheese and cheese. Their use will satisfy the ever-increasing need for calcium. In addition, they will help those mothers who for some reason do not tolerate whole milk.
  5. It is necessary to avoid canned, fried and smoked products. Such food is harmful.
  6. It is necessary to drink in sufficient quantities, consuming freshly squeezed juices, fruit drinks, compotes, and also table mineral water. The liquid will prevent constipation and improve the bowels.
  7. It is also important to correctly distribute all the necessary groups of products for each of the meals. So, cereals, fish and meat should be included in lunch and breakfast dishes. This is due to the fact that these products are rich in protein, which increases metabolism and is retained in the stomach for a long time. Dishes used in the afternoon should be plant and milk. It is not necessary to arrange abundant meals in the evening hours. This will adversely affect the body of a pregnant woman and will interfere with her normal rest and sleep.
  8. In the period of the 1st trimester it is advisable to eat 5-7 times during the day.

Diet of the first week of pregnancy

A woman's nutrition should be carefully planned. To do this, you need to paint all the dishes in advance if not by days, then at least by weeks. Such planning will be more rational, after all, pregnancy terms are considered exactly in weeks, each of which is the next stage in the development of the child.

So, how should nutrition be distributed in the first trimester? Let's consider this issue in more detail.

The first week of pregnancy, the egg is actively crushed and attached to the walls of the uterus. During this period, the diet of the future mother should be as healthy as possible. The menu should contain only natural healthy products, which are necessary to maintain the female body in tone.

In the first week of pregnancy, it is sufficient to consume ordinary food that does not contain harmful ingredients. In this period it is important to remember the benefits of berries, fruits and vegetables. But from canned products, fatty foods and sweets should preferably be discarded. Such a diet will prevent possible problems with a set of excess weight and will be an excellent prevention of early toxicosis. During this period, you need to eat fruits, the peel of which is dyed in a bright yellow color. Their list includes bananas and melons, peaches and mangoes. In the daily diet should be yogurt with natural berries, toast with cheese and cereals and other useful food.

Nutrition of pregnant women in the second week

Dishes included in the menu of future moms in the first 14 days should be different variety. This is the period when the foundations of all vital systems of the baby begin to be laid.

What can you eat a woman on the 2nd week of bearing a child? In large quantities, she should include in her menu cereal salads, cheeses, yogurts and dairy products. In this case, even if you really want to have a bite with the usual fast food (French fries, hot dogs, pizza), all the same they should be abandoned as not bringing any benefit. The future mommy should make sure that the dishes included in her menu are maximally vitaminized. To do this, they should contain vegetables and fruits (especially yellow ones). Eliminate the problem of early toxicosis will help to avoid fatty and fried foods.

At the second week of childbearing, it is recommended to take foods that contain folic acid. This element has a beneficial effect on the development of the fetus. Contains folic acid in fruits and dried fruits, as well as in mashed and fresh frozen berries. Thus, the menu should contain bananas and kiwi, raspberries and figs, pomegranates, strawberries, etc. It is recommended to use aubergines and all kinds of cabbage from vegetables for replenishment of the body with folic acid. Also a lot of this useful for the kid substance contain beans, spinach, lettuce and parsley, walnuts and hazelnuts, ceps and yeast.

Future moms can provide the basic need for vitamins when eating products of animal and vegetable origin, as well as dishes from potatoes, liver, legumes, milk, etc.

In the second week of the first trimester, a woman can quickly gain weight. To avoid this, she should give up jam, sweets and other confectionery. It is also desirable to stop the consumption of sugar in its pure form. Those who are serious about the health of their future baby, you must categorically abandon the medicine not prescribed by a doctor, canned food, spicy seasonings and alcoholic beverages.

Nutrition of pregnant women in the third week

The selection of dishes that are part of the diet of the future mother is a very serious matter. And the one who approaches him with all responsibility, must take into account the processes occurring in the development of the fetus.

At week 3, it is important to eat dairy products, broccoli and green vegetables, as well as drink fruit juices, the composition of which is rich in calcium. This element is needed to form the bone system of the child. Also the future kid needs manganese and zinc. There are a lot of them in lean beef and eggs, oatmeal and turkey meat, walnuts and almonds. At this time, the future mother should eat raisins, carrots and spinach, as well as a variety of vegetables, berries and fruits.

Nutrition for pregnant women in the fourth week

This period is no less important for the development of the baby's body. 4 weeks of pregnancy is the period when the fetal egg changes its shape, becoming like an embryo in which small tissues begin to develop in addition to vital organs.

The nutrition of a woman during this period should include only useful food. Even those who really want to drink a cup of coffee, you should give it up. After all, this drink will give a big load to a small heart. In addition, those who preferred to eat sausages and smoked foods, will need to gradually switch to boiled meat. 4 weeks of pregnancy - a time that involves daily consumption of fruits and vegetables, cereals, dairy products. It is necessary in this period and whole wheat bread.

Nutrition of pregnant women in the fifth week

For this period, most often characterized by early toxicosis. In such cases, a special diet will alleviate the condition of a woman. 1 trimester at the same time suggests a menu in which proteins of animal origin are replaced by plant. That is, instead of meat, eggs and other products from this group you need to eat nuts, beans and soy.

Also at this time, it is recommended to eat in large quantities apricots, carrots and mangoes. And in case of rejection of milk, it should be replaced with yoghurt or cheese.

When tormenting toxemia, future moms are advised to take extra vitamin B6. It will help to accelerate the assimilation of proteins and facilitate the overall condition. To avoid attacks of nausea will help and frequent, but crushed food intake.

Feeding pregnant in the sixth week

This period in terms of changing the diet of the future mother has its own characteristics. To its middle came 1 trimester. The timing of pregnancy requires some adjustment of nutrition. So, a woman even before getting up from bed should start her day with a cup of tea with a cracker or cracker. A little refreshment should be and before bedtime. At this time you need to drink more. It is also recommended to abandon canned foods, smoked and fatty foods.

Development of the fetus for a period of 6 weeks is quite active. That is why in the diet should be dishes that contain as many vitamins, minerals and nutrients as possible. They are made from vegetables and fruits, meat and greens, as well as fish. For the normal development of the baby it is necessary to continue to eat dairy products.

Nutrition for pregnant women in the seventh week

During this period, it is important to include in the daily diet those dishes that will help reduce the manifestations of toxicosis. To do this, you need to continue to make morning snacks without getting out of bed, using a cracker, salted pretzels, bread with cereals or a dry biscuit with tea.

In the seventh week, the embryo begins laying the baby teeth. That's why you need to continue to include in the menu products containing calcium. However, it is important not to abuse this element. When entering a large amount of calcium in the body can occur toning of the uterus.

In the same period, we should refuse to eat roasted potatoes, beans and cabbage. This will avoid increased gas formation. The future mummy should give preference to fresh fruits and vegetables, dairy products, meat and nuts.

Nutrition for pregnant women in the eighth week

This period requires even greater balance of the daily diet, which should include a full range of trace elements and vitamins. This will provide the growing fetus with all the necessary components for it.

With continued toxemia, the future mommy is recommended to eat dry biscuits, nuts, and ginger tea in the morning.

In this period, it is also important to eat protein foods, including boiled meat of low-fat varieties.

The balance of nutrients in the body of a woman will be superbly supported by seafood and fish. Peristalsis of the intestine during this period will improve fresh vegetables and fruits. And dairy products will supplement the body of the future mother and child with much needed calcium.

A woman should remember that during this period, even if you really want, you can not eat fresh bread, legumes and products from yeast dough. These products complicate the work of the intestines, causing the processes of gas formation and flatulence. It is forbidden in this period, acute, fatty and fried foods, as well as pickles. Such dishes can cause heartburn.

Nutrition for pregnant women in the ninth week

During this period, a significant hormonal reconstruction takes place in the woman's body. That is why rational nutrition becomes especially necessary for the future mummy. All dishes used by her should be vitaminized and contain carbohydrates, trace elements, fats and proteins in their entirety. A significant role in this period is played by the water balance. Every day a pregnant woman should consume 1-1.5 liters of liquid contained in water, juice, compote, tea, etc.

Nutrition for pregnant women in the tenth week

During this period, the expectant mother often wants to eat something unusual. But her taste preferences are constantly changing. In such cases, you need to eat exactly what you really want, but do not exceed the measure.

It is believed that this is the way the body of a pregnant woman suggests that at the moment it is especially necessary for her future baby. In other respects, the woman's diet, as in all previous weeks, should be balanced and healthy. The diet should include fresh vegetables and fruits, dairy products, fish and meat.

Nutrition for pregnant women on the eleventh week

During this period, a woman should saturate her body with calcium and fluorine, folic and fatty acids, vitamins D, E, C, A, B1  and B6. At the eleventh week, the future mother is no longer so, as before, is suffering from toxicosis. That's why she can start eating foods that, because of the discomfort, were rejected by the body. At this stage, it is recommended to eat lots of fruits and vegetables. They will replenish the mother and fetus with the necessary natural vitamins.

Nutrition for pregnant women in the twelfth week

During this period, the future mother should pay special attention to breakfast. It should be nutritious and full. Further during the day a woman needs to eat often, but in no case overeat. In addition, the future mother should listen to her body and not force herself to eat something that causes disgust. Very important in a woman's life is 1 trimester. Exercise with a moderate load, outdoor exercise and rational nutrition will help maintain health and will give the fruit all opportunities for normal development.

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