Norwegian snowboarder Norendal Sillier

Norwegian snowboarder Norendal Sillier

One of the main stars of the Norwegian snowboard,Norendal Sillier, is only at the start of his career, and already has behind him a lot of awards and participation in the top competitions. Now the 23-year-old Norwegian is intensively preparing for the Olympic Games in Korea, and, taking into account her Sochi 2014 experience, she will have an excellent chance to compete for the medal.

The first steps to success

Norendal Sillier was born on September 1, 1993in the Norwegian city of Kongsberg. From an early age, she was fond of several sports, including winter sports, and at 4 years old her parents gave her first snowboard. Despite this, Sillier did not abandon hobbies and other sports.

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However, soon the snowboard seriously took the futureathlete, and she went into training with a head. As a result, at the age of 14, Norway's debut in the international arena took place - Norendal Sillier took part in the Women's Snowboard Championship, where, although she did not get on the podium, she demonstrated great potential for future success.

Golden time and participation in the Olympic Games

In March 2011, the snowboarder Silje Norendalwent to the European Extreme Games in France Tina, where she was able to win the first international medal in her career. In the framework of slopestyle, the program of the Norwegian performance included two complex tricks - rotation on 720 and Frontside Rodeo, a back flip with rotation. However, despite the high coefficient of complexity, the young athlete was only the second, losing to more experienced and titled American Jamie Anderson.

Three years later, in January 2014, the youngnorvezhke resigned and the first step of the pedestal - in slopestyle, she outstripped Anderson by less than a half point. Such success did not go unnoticed, and the Federation of Alpine Skiing and Snowboarding of Norway declared the athlete to participate in the Olympic Games in Sochi. However, the Olympiad for Norendal failed - Silje was unable to qualify, failing to perform in both descents, taking the final 11th place in slopestyle. Rehabilitated for the failure of the Norwegian could already the next winter - at the World Winter Extreme Games in Aspen, she again celebrated the conquest of "gold" in slopestyle.

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Since the year 2016, Norendahl has started to practice andin a double slalom with a partner in the Norwegian national team, Andrew Berg. The pair has already participated twice in the World Extreme Games, and the best result at the moment is getting into the top three.

Personal life

Now the Norwegian is only 23 years old, and most of thetime she spends on the mountain slopes, training for the upcoming starts. In the plans of Norendal Sillier to get to the Olympic Games in Korea in 2018, where she expects to replenish her piggy bank with the medal of the main competitions of the four-year period.


At the moment, Sillier is not married, so everythingfree time spends with family or friends. Her main fan is her mother, who regularly goes to her daughter for competitions, actively supporting her. In the summer, wishing to be distracted from the snow-covered slopes, Norendal does not leave the mountains, regularly climbing the Norwegian peaks, but not missing out and the opportunity to lie on the beach.

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