New pay system

New pay system

The main function assigned to the payment systemfor labor, is to stimulate the production relations of the employees of the business entity with a view to directing them to implement the strategic plans of the organization. At the same time, the material interest of workers will be one of the elements of the effective activity of the enterprise.

The traditional remuneration system is basedon determining the amount of salary due to a given employee and a set of material and social benefits. The value of this indicator is determined depending on the value of the occupied workplace, as well as its market value.

The new wage system distinguishes betweenremuneration of the employee in two groups. The first of these includes payments of a guaranteed nature. They are credited to the employee for the direct performance of his duties, which are assigned to him in accordance with the post held. The second group includes incentive payments. Their value is directly dependent on the quality, as well as the efficiency and effectiveness of the employee's activities. At the same time, the amount of payments related to the incentive share of wages is unlimited.

The new system of remuneration of labor has a certain structure of the fund of remuneration for professional activity, consisting of three basic elements. These include:

- the basic part, representing the amount of salary or wage rate;

- payments that are compensatory in nature;

- remuneration for the purpose of stimulating the activities of the employee.

The amount of the base part is intended to serve as a paymentemployees of the organization for the performance of the work they are doing according to their employment obligations, fixed in the agreement with the employer, as well as fixed in job descriptions and other documents. For activities outlined by a certain circle, a person has the right to receive a salary or a wage rate. In this case, according to the Labor Code of the Russian Federation, the requirements imposed on the employee for the purpose of producing his labor duties, not included in his job description, are illegal. This work can be performed only with the consent of the employee. At the same time, it is necessary to charge additional remuneration.

The new system of remuneration regulatesthe establishment by the head of the institution of the amount of salary or the rate of material remuneration. This should take into account his professional training, as well as the qualification level. We take into account the complexity and volume of work performed.

A new system of labor remuneration is implemented at basicsalaries established by the Government of the country. This provision is fixed in the one hundred and forty-fourth article of the LC RF. At the same time, remuneration for the work of state and municipal employees should not be lower than the base rates or salaries approved by the Government of the Russian Federation.

A new system of payment for teachersprovides for the division of the school budget into two components. One of them is the base part, the other is the stimulating one. Teachers are rewarded for all their activities, not just for the amount of lessons they have conducted. Thus, the new wage system established a connection between the teacher's salary, the quality of the classes conducted by him, and also work during after-hours. The stimulating part of the budget is an encouragement in the form of a material increase to the salaries of worthy teachers. The size of these payments directly depends on the quality of the professional activity of the teacher.

New system of remuneration in health careIn addition, there are compensatory payments. They are awarded to doctors for combining professional activity, overtime work, harmfulness, etc. The new system directs healthcare professionals to improve the quality of services provided.

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