New interchange at the Warm camp

New interchange at the Warm camp

In the autumn of last year it was put into operationmodern transport interchange at the Warm camp. The construction of this facility was very significant for the capital. The solemn opening was attended by Moscow Mayor Sobyanin.heat isolation

What preceded this event?

Throughput of the main transporthighways of the south-west of Moscow left much to be desired for a long time already. But tension has intensified in recent years. Car plugs made impassable during rush hours, both the main streets themselves, and the intersections adjacent to them. Radically, the situation could be changed only by creating infrastructural objects that ensure traffic flows at different levels in the light-free mode. In particular, the interchange at the metro station "Teply Stan" was designed to divide into different levels the movement along the two largest highways of the south-west, meeting in this place at the intersection. We are talking about Profsoyuznaya street and Novoyasenevsky avenue. interchange at the metro warm station

Preparatory work

Decoupling on the Warm camp began to be built in July2014. The erection of such a level of facilities is associated with more than significant capital outlays. And also with the need to conduct a whole range of technical activities aimed at ensuring an acceptable level of transport communication during the construction and installation works. The construction process itself must be completed as soon as possible. For this work was organized around the clock. More than three hundred workers constantly worked at the construction site.warm-up

Trade Union Decoupling - Warm mill, engineering features

One of the most important elements of the denouement wasthe construction of a large six-lane overpass on the straight road of Profsoyuznaya street. Its length was 974 meters. On both sides of the overpass are equipped side crossings with a three-lane traffic with the allocation of the right lane under the traffic of public transport. In the space under the flyover there are single-lane reversal congresses. An equally important part of the project was the arrangement of the approach from Teply Stan towards the Novoyasenevsky Prospekt. To ensure movement at this level, it also took three strips in each direction. In addition to all of the above, such a complex object of transport infrastructure, as an outcome at the Warm camp, provided for a significant amount of work on the arrangement of all the adjacent territory. We are talking about the redevelopment and re-laying of various engineering communications, the construction of five underground transitions and the arrangement of several car parks. In order for the outcome on the Warm camp to be able to perform its functions without hindrance, we had to pay considerable attention to Novoyasenevsky Prospekt. In the part of it, which is moving in the direction of the Lithuanian boulevard, the width of the roadway had to be expanded to three lanes.warm station

What's next? Trends and Prospects

In the few months that have elapsed since the launchobject in operation, it is not bad entered in the transport infrastructure of the south-west of the capital. Muscovites have already managed to get used to and take for granted that from Novoyasenevsky Prospect it is possible to get into Teply Stan without any problems. The transport interchange provides such an opportunity. You can already forget that in earlier times on this place regularly formed traffic jams. And this happened already at distant approaches to it and not only during peak hours. The experience of designing and erecting transport communications in Moscow, as well as in other large megacities, shows that the most effective engineering solutions here are facilities that ensure traffic flows at different levels in a non-stop mode. Engineering facilities of this kind are very costly for the budget and quite complex in the construction and installation plan. But the simple fact that there are no more reasonable solutions in the conditions of large cities and strained traffic flows simply does not exist in their favor. That is why the interchanges of this type are being constructed and designed both in the capital itself and in the Moscow suburbs.

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