Necessary things from old things

Necessary things from old things

Every year our house accumulatesa huge number of different items, which are very pitiful to throw out, and no one will be able to use it. How to make useful things from old things? It will take a little imagination to connect.

In your house there is a favorite cat and you simplyyou need to buy a couch for him. Do not rush to run to a pet store and spend money. Look at the mezzanine and you'll find an old diplomat or a small suitcase. That's from him, we're a cat's couch and make it up. We need four decorative legs, a piece of material and a piece of thick foam rubber, equal in size to the suitcase area. With the plastic diplomat we remove the lid. On the second half we screw the legs. From foam rubber and fabric we sew a pillow which we put in the turned out couch. The sleeping place for the seal is ready.

Unique things from old things can be obtained,supplementing them with new elements or completely changing the purpose. If you like to grow flowers and have on the windowsill a lot of clay pots that have lost their appearance from time, do not buy a new container. Bring life back to the old pots. To do this, you will need to pack plasticine and various trifles: beautiful pebbles, grain coffee, beads, shells, buttons and everything that is there. We smear the pot with plasticine and in any order press our finishing material into it until we cover the entire outer area of ​​the flower pot.

Many famous designers make their ownthings from old things. In the hallway, a favorite bright umbrella with a long handle fell around. Loved, but broken. And throw it so sorry. And you do not need to do this, let it still serve us. We take him to the garden plot, open it, turn the handle up and stick it into the ground. Now our umbrella will become the central element of the beautiful flower bed. Inside we fall asleep the ground and we plant flowers. To our flowerbed was stable, we pierce the plaschke on the umbrella in several places and we put metal pins through it into the ground.

Crafted things from old thingswill bring huge benefits and will save money. Does the child need a new pencil holder? A can of canned food from a suitable size. But you need to change its appearance. To do this, we take the glue "Moment" and the cord of one or several bright colors. Carefully bend inside the metal barbs from the opened cover. We turn the jar upside down and, grinding the surface of the walls, wrap it around the decorative cord to the top. Decorate with a decorative butterfly made of fabric or glued several buttons.

What to do from old things, you decide. Everything depends on the breadth of views and scope of imagination. Look at the ordinary plastic bottle. It looks like the simplest thing. But for the numerous options for its use, you can compose a laudatory ode to a plastic bottle. Do you need a vase for flowers, a glass for drinking or steaming fast soup on the road? Trim the bottle. Can not find the funnel? Trim the top of the bottle. Need a funnel for gasoline? And this time the bottle will be saved. Need a place for toothbrushes or pens? Cut in a special way a bottle and nail it with a stud to the wall. Here is a pendant glass - a shelf in which you can make accessories for personal hygiene or tubes with a shoe polish.

At home, your wardrobe is stuffed with things that came outout of fashion, worn out or just bored? Do not rush to throw them away. Especially if you like to do needlework or have a baby in the family. Clothes made from old things turn out very beautiful and unique. Are there any old jeans? Trim the legs and get shorts or breeches. From extra flaps you will cut straps - get a jumpsuit. Or by cutting off the top and adding it with a strip of other fabric, make a fashionable skirt. From jeans you can sew a great children's suit or bag.

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