Natasha Barbie: biography, personal life

Natasha Barbie: biography, personal life

Restraint, intelligence and highintellectual component - here it is, Natasha Barbie. Journalist, publisher of the magazine "Mezonin" and TV presenter. The real name is Natalia Troepolskaya. She chose her grandmother's surname as a pseudonym ... He has the right. She is a Woman with a capital letter, from her emanates an aura of charm, softness and home comfort, but at the same time a deep mind and thoughtfulness in everything. And such a lady name Barbie more suited than the Troepolskaya.natasha barbie


Natasha Barbie - Russian designer, and feelingstyle is her way of life. Barbie was born in Kronstadt, then the family moved to Saratov. The third of September is the date of her birth. Virgo is horoscope - soft, tender, clean, but firm in its intentions and knows how to achieve its goals. Natasha's father, Vladimir Borisovich Troepolsky is a sailor, and therefore she calls herself only "captain's daughter." Natalia's mother is a teacher, she taught English, and Natasha owes her perfect pronunciation to her. She often remembers her childhood, which, according to Barbie, was happy. Therefore, she says that it is almost impossible to offend or anger her. Natasha Barbie, whose biography began in a seaside town, did not associate her life with seafaring or what concerns him. She went absolutely on a different path and, apparently, has not lost. She adores her work and does not hesitate to talk about it.

 Natasha Barbie's private life


Our heroine graduated from the Faculty of Journalism of Moscow State University. Then she enrolled in graduate school, having acquired the specialty "art critic". Next Natasha trained on the BBC channel.


First there was Literaturnaya Rossiya, where the futurethe celebrity worked as a correspondent, then - the magazines "Ogonek" and "House". Apparently, the passion for home and interiors began with the latter ... In 1998, Barbier became the chief editor of the magazine "Mezonin" - the first Russian magazine about decor, and from these heights does not go anywhere. She was often invited and invited to television. For example, Natasha Barbier has long been a leading, and part-time expert in the programs "Interiors", "Perfect Renovation" and "House with a Mezzanine". So she found her vocation - the decor of the interiors and everything connected with it. Ms. Barbier became co-founder and president of the Association of Decorators for Interiors and regularly, every year she organizes and conducts exhibitions "Week of Decor", "Week of Gardens" and "Table Decor". Before her, virtually no one had dealt with this topic so deeply. Natalia was in the literal sense of the ancestor of interior journalism in Russia, so Barbie very tightly mastered her niche, and today few people can compete with her. She is thorough and ready to tell her audience about everything that she understands and what she is sure, she shares her experience with pleasure and gives valuable advice.

Natasha Barbie Year of Birth


Natasha Barbie stood at the origins of the so-calledinterior journalism, trying to systematize the aspirations of housewives for the improvement of housing. All those indifferent to the arrangement of their internal space and those who like to embellish and modernize it will not remain indifferent to the person of Natasha Barbie.

Live with the soul

She is well versed in what is good, andwhich is bad in terms of interior. She decided for herself for a long time that it is not necessary to make repairs at home every year. Just need to throw out too much (or remove away) and put things in order, and this is what Natasha regularly does. And in fact the truth - the interior will play with new colors, will be transformed! After all, things have an imprint of a person's personality, and it would be criminal to throw them away or change them (with their husbands, parents and children they do not part, they are unchanged).


Natasha Barbie, her year of birth with a woman's flirtatiousness hides, but she was born around 1960 - in the photo young Natasha in the first class of the Saratov school, and this is 1967.

Natasha Barbie biography

But biological years are not the main thing for a woman,the most basic is the age of her soul, which is always young when she has something to want. So, she is the editor-in-chief of the magazine "Mezonin", considers the great masters of the designer Alexander Rodchenko, the artists Tatlin, Malevich and Lisitsky. Natasha very much complains about the still not obsolete "industry" of design in Russia (or maybe it's a Russian stereotype) that we can not escape from these chains, from the perimeter of provinciality. But all this, she said, is due to history, and no one is to blame. She stands for the art of decor and hopes that someday elegant decorations of both the interior and the dining table will naturally be perceived by Russian people and will cease to be taken from the mezzanines on holidays, but will constantly accompany the inhabitants of the apartment or house. Natasha Barbie, whose private life is covered by a veil of secrecy (she really does not like to spread this topic in the press), is sincerely insulted by everything that is unaesthetic and done with no love. She thinks it's beautiful - it's not when you put Gucci and Labutenas in public, but at home you eat from plastic utensils. Beauty for Natasha Barbie is a state of mind that does not always change under the influence of circumstances ... A man of high art can not help it, she is so! And the items do not have to be very expensive, the main thing - they must be perfectly assembled together and look harmonious. And this is real art, Natalia believes. She has an old set of copper cups from the flea market in Amsterdam and silver fixtures that once belonged to the Dorchester Hotel in London, and an old chandelier moved to Izmaylovskaya flea market for her. And all this is both time and place.

natasha barbie husband

Personal life and beloved spouse

The question of the house near the sea has long been decided formyself Natasha Barbier. Her husband, Alexander Galushkin, fully supported her, and together with her friends they got housing in Montenegro in the city of Ultsin. This is an inexpensive and not inhabited by the Russian city. The first house they bought for 14 thousand euros, and it was inexpensive in comparison with neighboring Italy. Their house in its time laid the foundation for a whole Russian settlement located in Ulcinj, so that many representatives of Russian bohemia live here. A small starry Russia in Montenegro - that's how correctly this place is called! The stars prudently acquired real estate even when it was inexpensive, and now can enjoy a wonderful climate and sea all year round! With the husband they live already very much for a long time, love each other, support and understand. In their family, love reigns. They are pleased to come to their home. This, Natalya believes, is the key to a strong and happy married life, so she sees an ideal family.

Natasha Barbie Children

Flowers of life on other people's windowsills?

The most mysterious and intriguing part of life, aboutwhich does not say Natasha Barbier - children. She loves children! She nurses with the children of her friends and with her nephews. But their husbands are silent about their children. Perhaps this is a principled position. After all, there is such a category of people who do not need children and who are not happy about the noise, din and laughter in the house. They have completely different values, this is their choice and lifestyle. Well, to each his own, or maybe just the Lord has not yet given Natasha the opportunity to enjoy motherhood. So, perhaps, everything is still ahead. Natasha Barbie feels comfortable in the company of friends, in her house, with her husband and is happy to share the recipes of happiness in her understanding with her devoted audience.

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  • Natasha Barbie: biography, personal life Natasha Barbie: biography, personal life Natasha Barbie: biography, personal life Natasha Barbie: biography, personal life Natasha Barbie: biography, personal life Natasha Barbie: biography, personal life Natasha Barbie: biography, personal life Natasha Barbie: biography, personal life Natasha Barbie: biography, personal life Natasha Barbie: biography, personal life Natasha Barbie: biography, personal life Natasha Barbie: biography, personal life Natasha Barbie: biography, personal life Natasha Barbie: biography, personal life Natasha Barbie: biography, personal life