Mystery of Munakra: actors and roles

"Mystery of Munakra": actors and roles

Stories about how open and honest childrenreturn to others the faith in a miracle, eternal. On this topic, several films have been shot, among them "Secret of the Munakra". The actors who played in this tale admitted that the picture was not work, but a journey into childhood.

Dakota Blue Richards

Fairy tales are watched by adults and children. And if the first can still make a discount to the actors and forgive the incompetent game, then the children will not be able to accept this. Therefore, in such films as "The Secret of the Munakra", the actors are selected with particular care. The hardest of all, of course, is to choose the performer of the main role, which itself must be a child. The creators of the film offered to take part in the shooting of young Dakota Blue Richards and not lost.

mystery of Munakra actorsA young actress was born in London. Even when she was very small, her parents divorced. The girl remained with her mother, a social worker. From an early age, Dakota dreamed of becoming an actress. The first step for her was the school theater. Moving to middle classes, the girl began to walk on casting. The most important for her was the choice of the main character in the adaptation of the popular series of books "The Dark Beginnings". The actress herself was very fond of these works.

Candidate for the main role in the "Golden Compass"was very much. Dakota was worth the effort to persuade her mother to let her go, because the shooting was to the detriment of her studies. However, the girl was allowed to try. And as soon as Dakota saw the writer Philip Pullman, the casting was stopped. Nobody came up to the main role the way Dakota did.

Following in her filmography appeared the film "The Secret of the Munakra." Actors admitted that playing with Dakota is very comfortable and simple. Despite her age, she shows professionalism.

Ioan Griffith

Many actors of the film "The Secret of the Munakra" by the timefilming has already become famous. So, for example, Welsh actor Ioan Griffith already enjoyed the audience's love not only in his native Britain, but also beyond.

actors of the film mystery of MunakraIoan began acting in films at the age of 13. Then it was a small role in the soap drama, which, however, confirmed him in the desire to become an actor. After graduation, he decided to study at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art.

The first roles of the actor were episodic, butmemorable. So many viewers first noticed him in the role of officer Harold Lowe, the only one who returned for the drowning passengers of the Titanic. It was he who saved the main character Rose. But this was not the last naval officer in the career of the actor. Following the "Titanic" Ioan got a role in the adaptation of novels about the popular hero Horatio Hornblower. This series of films brought him popularity.

Following this unexpectedly for yourself and the fansGriffith received one of the central roles in the screen version of the comic book Fantastic Four, where the actor played Mr. Fantastic. About the superhero came two films, each of which was liked by fans of this genre.

Thorough was the casting in the film "The Secret of the Munakra." Actors and roles had to fit together. So, the uncle of the main character lamented about the lost happiness. In order to play this, it was necessary to realize the value of the family. Ioan perfectly suited this role. He's already record dates for Hollywood married to his colleague Alice Evans. Actors raise two daughters.

Natasha Makelkhon

While filming in the film "The Secret of Munakra", the actors did notaspired to glory. Rather, it was the desire to participate in a magical and good project. Natasha Makelkhon very rarely appears in films with a large budget. Much more she likes such small projects that bring pleasure.

The mystery of Munakra actors and rolesNatasha was born in the UK. There she began her career. For the first time the actress appeared on the screen in 25 years. But that role did not bring glory Makelkhon. Where the greater success was the tragicomedy "The Truman Show."

Natasha played different heroines. Often invited her to historical films. Fans of the series, she is known as a leading actress in the popular TV series "The Prodigal California".

August Prue

The attention of viewers of all ages was attracted by "The SecretMunakra. " Actors and roles have become equally popular. A special love began to enjoy the performers of the main roles, among which was a young actor August Prue.

film mystery of Munakra actors and rolesAugust was brought up in a creative family. He, like his brother, decided to become an actor when he was still a child. But August achieved much more success. It was not the first time he had met Dakota Blue Richards on the set. Actors have already managed to star in the movie "The Golden Compass".

A young actor, like his older colleague Joan Griffith, became famous after roles in the screen version of comic books and serials.

The film "Mystery of Munakra" is great for family viewing. This fairy tale will not leave anyone indifferent.

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  • Mystery of Munakra: actors and roles Mystery of Munakra: actors and roles Mystery of Munakra: actors and roles Mystery of Munakra: actors and roles Mystery of Munakra: actors and roles Mystery of Munakra: actors and roles Mystery of Munakra: actors and roles Mystery of Munakra: actors and roles Mystery of Munakra: actors and roles Mystery of Munakra: actors and roles