My mother Zippora: life and prophecy. Monastery of Mother Zeppory in Klykovo

My mother Zippora: life and prophecy. Monastery of Mother Zeppory in Klykovo

Our contemporary woman, Zappora, lives andwhose prophecies are known to us not from records, lived a long and pious life. Many people say that it was given to it so that this fine thread of time between believers of pre-Soviet Russia and modern ones would not be interrupted, many of whom only cautiously take this path.

A lot of people came to Klykovo, a monastery. Mother Zeppora, miracles near the grave and thanks to whose prayers they continue to this day, warmly welcomed everyone, and also always tried to suggest a solution to the problem with which they came to her. It is about this and will be discussed in this article.


Mother's life before the shock of 1933

Mother Zeppora was born on the nineteenth of March, 1986 in the Tambov province, in the town of Glukhovo. Her family was peasant, and in her all were Orthodox. Her parents gave her a beautiful name Daria.

All in her family were very industrious andhonest. Darya's mother gave birth to thirteen children, but only three survived. According to the memories of my mother, they lived well. In their family, both from the father and mother, there were monk and nuns, so it's not at all surprising how she got such a hot yearning for the Lord and fellowship with him.

Women's crafts (weaving, sewing) she was taught at the monastery. At the same time she was taught the prayer rule, which had to be done during work. Since then, that was the whole of her life.

If there was her will, then Daria did not marrywould, and immediately became a nun. But she was an obedient daughter, therefore, with the blessing of her mother, she married a fellow villager. She entered a large and truly religious family. There had to work very hard, but Daria did not complain. During the time that she was in marriage, four children were born, daughters.

Before the 1933dekulakization, the father-in-law gave the young family a site on which they built a new hut. They were also given part of their father's economy. But they did not live that long. The new government decided to drive all the peasants into collective farms, so the ruin of all more or less prosperous farms began. A lot of this was lost, as people resisted and raised uprisings.

Mother Sephora Life and Prophecy

Long difficulties and undivided faith in God

At this time, Daria's husband decided to move toBolokhovo, which is near Tula. There he planned to work in the mine that had just opened. At first he wanted to move there himself, and after he settled down, he would call a family. He managed to leave, but right away Daria and the children were kicked out of the house and disassembled. All property was taken away.

Nobody wanted to shelter the family. The father-in-law and mother-in-law were sent to Solovki, his younger brother was beaten to death. However, there was one kind soul, the unsociable widow Agafia, who lived on the outskirts. It was difficult. Hunger, cold, but interrupted. They asked for charity, worked tirelessly, collected any fuel for heating. The eldest daughter almost immediately left for her father, and the whole family moved to him only two or three years later. Zappora and her family lived there before the war. Scarce, but stable.

With the advent of war,crossings. Darya's husband went to the front, and they left for Tambov region, and then returned to the Tula region. It was hungry and cold, but prayer always saved. Daria prayed not only for children, but also for her husband who fought. Thanks to this, they all survived these difficult times.

In 1955, Daria lost her husband and remained a widow. A year later, the family moved to the modern city of Kireevsk. Near him, in the village of Panin, was a temple, which they began to visit. So the external spiritual life of the mother also resumed.

The completion of tonsure. How it was

After moving to Kireevsk, Daria stoppedtake care of the earthly. Her children became adults, and they helped her, giving what she needed, caring for her. But these needs were very small. She was not a nun, she already had several spiritual children who consulted her in everything.

Very often my mother lived in Sergiev Posad,his eldest daughter Alexandra, who found a job there, and after a while she bought a part of the house. My mother very often came here to her, went to worship and prayed a lot. It was here that her unusual monastic vows took place.

One day, during a prayer, my mother came downangels who began to walk around her, performing an unknown rite. After they began to put on her a monastic robe, Daria realized that it was tonsured. She told about this at the confession in the Lavra. After that, she was blessed to be tonsured into monasticism. And on October 20, 1967 she was dressed in a monastic robe in the world. They called her Dosifei.

For a long time my mother lived in Sergiev Posad, but when her eldest daughter Alexander died of illness, she was in Kireevo and was ill too. Buried sister went Paraskeva and Lydia.

The mother of Zipporus, whose life and prophecies werepermeated with love for man, for his troubles, received a lot of monks, which led to the bewilderment of neighbors. They did not understand why they would be driving like this. We thought that our grandmother Dasha was treating him.


Moving mother to Klykovo

Very often my mother went to the holy places, waseven in the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, visited Optina desert. In December 1989, the mother of Dosifei took a shave in schema. She was given a new name, Zippora, which in translation from Hebrew means "bird". Her further life continued in the cell, where she carried her feat, despite the age.

My mother was very worried that she lived in peace,because she would have to die like this, although she was a deviless. Once her troubles were dispelled from the Virgin's earnest prayer. She came to the old man and said that she was not meant to die in the world. Priests from Klykovo were supposed to come to her. Zappora's mother, how to get to him, did not even ask or think. She knew that they would come for her. Only sometimes I asked the visiting priests whether they were from there.

Meanwhile, in Klykovo, the hierarchicaland reconstructed the church. After a while Schemeum Elijah told the monks, who restored the area, that spiritually nourish them will be the sneh-moon of Sepphor. It was to her that they went for advice and prayers. And the construction went smoothly. Already at Christmas, a frame was built for my mother.

So, my mother Zappora moved to Klykovo. How to get to it now? You will need the road Kaluga-Kozelsk, you need to go by car. As you will see a pointer to Optina deserts, you should go towards Meshchovska. On the road you will see a sign with a sign. Focus on the chapel of Oleg Bryanskiy.

tusk monastery

Cases of Healing

Many people talk about how, afterWhen they arrived at the old man, they completely recovered. For example, there is one letter from a woman who tells about her disappointing diagnosis - purulent mastopathy. They sent us for an operation. Before that, she prayed to my mother for a long time, asked for her intercession. The day of the operation was appointed, but before that it was necessary to go to the ultrasound. Thanks to the prayers of the old people, nothing was found. Instead of surgery, the woman went to the grave of Mother Seppora.

Another unexplained miracle was told by anothera woman named Elena. Somehow her husband, who works as a driver, went on a business trip. My wife felt bad and asked my mother to pray for her husband. Returning from the trip, he showed a deep scratch, but she was left from the accident. So, the prayers of the old man helped to escape.

Again, Helen also talked about helping her son when he was on fire in a childhood illness. Sincere prayer and crying for help did their thing - the next morning the son recovered from the heat.

Another woman from Kireevsk told me abouthis friendship with my mother. Together they went to church, which was in Panino. Even then, my mother was gifted with foresight, but she often remained silent. But then she said a few words about the further life of her children. She said that her daughters would become wives of priests, and her son a priest. She also predicted that he would partake of it. And it happened.

mother septora

Miracles in Klykovo

After moving to the village of Klykovo, Mother Zepporacontinued to offer her prayers. She attended every Liturgy and never missed it. Mother's prayers for the temple were found by a car, which she prompted, how to choose. She accurately described the necessary signs, on which they found the car.

Praying, Mother Zeppora continued to domiracles. And at the construction site, and among people. According to her, whole blocks were thawed, which in the past could not be pulled out, and adult men, for whom swearing was part of life, became like lambs.

His staff, greased with holy water from the Jordan,and she also healed people with an oil lamp. After the death, the cases of healing did not stop. Once after a long prayer to my mother, anointing with oil from the lamp, which stands on her grave, the boy recovered from leukemia. After that, he saw my mother in her dream. She bent over him with ease, and he kissed her hand. After some time in the same family again happened a miracle. The grandmother of the boy, who contracted an incurable disease, suddenly recovered. Of course, this was due to zealous prayers to my mother.

Completion of Mother's earthly path

Sephora anticipated her death. On the eve of it, she gave gifts to everyone, handing out her possessions. Before her death, she felt sick, but she did not intend to leave. All this happened on the thirteenth of May 1997. So, my mother, Zappora, settled in her house. Her grave is located near the altar of Nikolsky chapel. Nearby is the mass grave. Everyone did as she bequeathed.

If you want to visit the grave, where it is buriedThe mother of Zippor, how to reach her, is described above. And today there are miracles that can not be explained scientifically, but it is quite possible with the Divine.

It should be noted that some time afterthe death of the old man found a mirage in her photo, which was in the cell of the mother. At first it was thought that this was misting, but the world soon became so much that the photograph stuck to the glass. Witnesses of this miracle are Optina monks.

akathist to mother zeppore

The Prophecies of the Elder

Prophecies of the mother Seppors were numerous. She clearly saw each person, his life and everything that would happen to him. Also, predictions were more global. For example, for Russia, many prophecies were made. Mother saw that if the king comes to this country for the ruling office, she does not face anything, she will not accept the seal of antichrist, unlike other states. It is very important that this happens after the second or third president. And, as can be seen from the current political situation, this is possible.

Mother also spoke about the coming Apocalypse. According to her, everything will be as described in it. Only an unshakable faith can save humanity.

Another prediction of the mother - the renaming of Klykovo in the city of Spassk. In this case, the monastery will become much larger, it will have a large number of buildings, and many people will come to live here.

Mother's instructions

During her life, Mother Zeppora gave many instructions to her spiritual children and simply to people who asked her for help. Consider some of her teachings:

  • My mother often told me how to pray: "Lord, confirm my heart for you sorrow!" All these words were remembered by her. She also talked about prayer for her superiors and elders.
  • She also instructed that one should constantly make the Mother of God rule, and also do not forget to address the saints and the Lord, assuring them that they hear everything.
  • Very often my mother said that smallchildren can not be scolded, because they are waxed raw, from which you can sculpt anything. In the misconduct of their children, they need to pray to the Lord so that he can direct them to a righteous and good way.
  • Staritsa always forbade anyone to blame. She said that you can not speak badly of anyone. This is the work of the Lord, who knows what to do with the life of man, and not ours.
  • Mother always advised, before coming to her, to pray to God. Then he will reveal to the beggar all that he needs, through her.
  • According to the old man, to all those icons that are in the house, you need to know the prayers, troparion, as well as the life of the one who is depicted on it. Otherwise, these are not icons, but an ordinary exhibition of paintings.
  • Much talked about the need to think less about the worldly, but more about life after death, in the Kingdom of God.
  • She spoke about the importance of prayer for the salvation of the human soul, which is the most important task in human life.
  • My mother always said that all of her business should be done for the Lord, she should always be with him. Then he will always be with us.
  • The most important prayer was Jesus. She commanded her to repeat everywhere. If a person is alone, then repeat it out loud, if in a public place, then to himself.

Every instruction of the old man was very significant andwas said from the great philanthropy. Obviously, that's why so many people flocked to Klykovo (monastery). Zappora's mother helped many, prayed for many.

village tusk

Prayer and Akathist to the Old Man

Mother has long been for many peoplethe savior. There, in heaven, she continues to intercede for those who turn to her. Therefore, there is a special akathist to Mother Zeppore, thanks to which believers can speak directly to her. It pays much attention to her unshakable faith, which saved her mother in different life situations.

Prayers for Mother Zeppora are very helpful when you need to strengthen your faith, and ask for intercession. There is also a special appeal to the old man.

The life of my mother Zeppory in the film

Many believers after the death of the old man come toKlykovo (the monastery). The mother of Zippor, whose miracles during his lifetime were quite numerous, continues to do so even after his death. It's all collected in the form of records in the place where she lived.

Today there is a film aboutthis associate of our time. It was removed in 2011 on the initiative of the hegumen Michael, who is the vicar of the monastery of the Savior Not Made by Hands. It contains many facts from the life of the mother, advice and instructions. A lot of work has also been done to organize meetings with the spiritual children, who were cared for by Mother Zeppora, as well as with her relatives. On the basis of all this, this film appeared.


In the end, one can say how much did andsurvived this old man from Klykovo. Zappora's mother, whose miracles are numerous, still helps her children and everyone who asks her about it. Her whole life was filled with love for her neighbors, but she loved the Lord even more. Throughout the earthly path in her mouth was a prayer.

Now the monastery of Mother Seppora accepts a large number of pilgrims and sufferers who come to her grave, and everyone gets by their faith.

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  • My mother Zippora: life and prophecy. Monastery of Mother Zeppory in Klykovo My mother Zippora: life and prophecy. Monastery of Mother Zeppory in Klykovo My mother Zippora: life and prophecy. Monastery of Mother Zeppory in Klykovo My mother Zippora: life and prophecy. Monastery of Mother Zeppory in Klykovo My mother Zippora: life and prophecy. Monastery of Mother Zeppory in Klykovo My mother Zippora: life and prophecy. Monastery of Mother Zeppory in Klykovo My mother Zippora: life and prophecy. Monastery of Mother Zeppory in Klykovo My mother Zippora: life and prophecy. Monastery of Mother Zeppory in Klykovo My mother Zippora: life and prophecy. Monastery of Mother Zeppory in Klykovo My mother Zippora: life and prophecy. Monastery of Mother Zeppory in Klykovo