Music for sleep

Music for sleep.

For a normal, healthy life, a person needssleep, during which the work of the whole organism is normalized, immunity is strengthened, the skin is renewed at the cellular level, lost energy, lost for the day. However, it is not always possible to have a rest at night. This is due to the constant anxiety and stress that we experience throughout the day. Anxious state leads to the fact that for a long time we can not fall asleep, and the night sleep becomes intermittent and shallow.

You can correct this by usingordinary music. It has long been known her extremely positive impact on the human body and his mental state. This or that musical composition is able to influence the psycho-emotional and physical state of the listener. It can lower or increase pressure, improve memory and activate mental processes. There is even a method of treatment with music, which is called music therapy. Special melodies contribute to getting rid of hypertension, neuroses, asthma, insomnia and diseases of the cardiovascular system.

Different melodies can give vivacity andvigor or, on the contrary, to calm and relax. Properly selected music for sleep can cause certain psychological changes that help a person relax and normalize a healthy sleep. It is proved that melodic tunes of a calm, unhurried nature relieve muscle and nervous tension, soothe the nervous system, thus preparing the human body for rest. That's why the music before going to bed should be moderate tempo, muffled, unhurried, calm and serene. If you constantly listen to these kinds of melodies before you fall asleep, the body will develop a reflex "listen-relax-fall asleep".

Scientists have found that music for sleep byIts rhythmic indices should be slightly slower than the pulse of the person listening to it. The most useful for insomnia are classic samples. We offer you some works that you can use for listening.

Music for Sleep

  • "The Sad Waltz" by J. Sibelius
  • "The Dreams" by R. Schumann
  • "Pictures from an Exhibition" by M. Mussorgsky
  • "Per Gynt" by E. Grieg
  • «Moonlight Sonata» 1 part. L. Beethoven
  • Prologue to the Night by M. Ravel
  • "Evening Dreams" by P. Tchaikovsky
  • "The Lullaby" by I. Brahms
  • "The Moonlight" by K. Debussy

Music for sleep should bring pleasurelistening to her man. If you are not keen on classical repertoire, you can use foreign lyrical compositions. The main thing is that they bring you pleasure, cause calm and serenity. Try to listen to "Only time" Enya, "Fruhling In Paris", "Feuer und Wasser" Rammstein, "Nothing Else Matters" Metallica.

To listen to music for sleep it is possible and with texts onforeign language. After listening to foreign songs, you do not have to understand the meaning of the text. This allows you to free the brain from annoying thoughts and quickly relax.

Some people can be distracted by ethnicmusic. Someone rests under turnip or light pop, and individual individuals can relax exclusively under classical creations. Choosing for yourself the music intended for listening before a dream, be guided exclusively by own sensations and sympathies. As the needs, interests and tastes change, the songs in your playlist for falling asleep can be changed to more modern and attractive. The main thing is that the chosen melodies should have a beneficial effect on your psycho-emotional state. And this is possible if they are in harmony with your mood.

In general, choose a quiet music for the soul, which will be pleasant to listen to every day and enjoy the inner calmness and healthy sleep.

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