Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman: biography and photos. Ronnie Colemans training program, nutrition rules

"Mr. Olympia" Ronnie Coleman: biography and photos. Ronnie Coleman's training program, nutrition rules

The birth of bodybuilding is traditionally attributed tothe gap between 1880 and 1953, however, if you look at this phenomenon as widely as possible, we can talk about its popularity even in ancient Greece. It was then that the cult of beauty of the body was considered one of the main and harmoniously blended with the concept of calocagathy, according to which the perfection of form was equated with the perfection of content.

A very large contribution to the development of bodybuildingCharles Atlas, whose comic book heroes in the fifties actively promoted the representatives of the younger generation to develop their own body as a whole and musculature in particular. So we can say that it was the superheroes that became the first significant example to follow in relation to bodybuilding.

Over time, adherents of the beauty of the body becamemore and more, until it became a professional activity, involving participation in all sorts of competitions. It is about the patron and the winner of such events that this article will be discussed.

The birth of the future star

Probably at the beginning of his life's journey RonnieColeman could not imagine that he would be engaged in bodybuilding and become so famous due to this. An outstanding bodybuilder was born in Louisiana in a town called Monroe, where he moved with his parents to Bastrop at an early age.

ronni kolman

The very birth of a bodybuilding star is nothas managed without omens of the future career. His mother, being by far not the most fragile of the fair sex, almost died during childbirth - Ronnie Coleman was such a large child that this beautiful event almost ended in a real tragedy.

early years

Since the father of a bodybuilder with his family did not live,the future "Mr. Olympia" had to make its contribution to a rather meager family budget from an early age. Literally from the school bench Ronnie Coleman stepped into adulthood: combining several works in his free time, he managed to play basketball and baseball, although both sports were preferred by American football. Already at 12 years old, the future bodybuilder had a weight of 80 kg with a height of 180 cm. Then Ronnie Coleman had not even thought about professional bodybuilding, and the bar saw only from the side and never touched her.

A bit of powerlifting and a bit of luck

Nevertheless, training delivered to the futurebodybuilder a real pleasure, for which a young athlete began to visit the hall. During this period, Ronnie Coleman's training program was far from intricate - the young man did not particularly understand the variety of sports equipment and literally grabbed for everything that came to hand. For the most part, he was attracted to powerlifting - the future champion liked to challenge himself and achieve his goals, but the place of his favorite sport was inseparably occupied at that time, American football.

bench press of Ronnie

In this rather tough game, Coleman showedremarkable patience and perseverance, which soon allowed to succeed in the chosen path. The young athlete was immediately noticed by representatives of the University of Grembling, thanks to which Ronnie became his student.

Atypical accountant

It would seem, how intellectuallybe a man who chose bodybuilding as his profession? Ronnie Coleman, without much effort, destroyed the established stereotype of a close-knit boy. He not only was admitted to the university on special terms, but he graduated with honors. Ironically, among the huge selection of proposed options for the future bodybuilder attracted exactly accounting.

After graduating from Ronnie Universitywent to try his luck in Dallas, but he could not find his place under the sun. At first the future champion simply carried newspapers and delivered pizza, and only in time he managed to achieve the position of accountant. The new work, although profitable, took away an incredible amount of mental energy and demanded a kind of deal with the conscience, so in this rhythm the future "Mr. Olympia" Ronnie Coleman did not last very long - just 2 years.

Fulfilling the dream of childhood

Throwing this dirty in the literal sense of the wordbusiness, the future bodybuilder decides to enter on a way about which dreamed since the childhood and writes down in numbers of the American police. It was this step that became one of the most important in the life of the future eight-fold "Mr. Olympia" - work in the area provided Coleman with not only stable (albeit not so large) earnings and free medical insurance, but also the opportunity to spend as much time as possible in the gym, where and began to improve the body of the future star.

catering to Ronnie Coleman

Perhaps the life of a bodybuilder would have developedquite differently, do not call his friend in the new gym, which opened near their place of work. It was there that the athletic-built man was spotted by Brian Dobson, who owned the institution. On the budding bodybuilders, this man's eye was definitely swept - Dobson immediately noticed what Ronnie Coleman can be proud of: the athlete's strengths, his excellent physical shape, the promise and the excellent genetics of the future bodybuilder.

Enterprising owner of the hall immediately turned tofuture "Mr. Olympia" with a proposal to represent the Dobson sports club in bodybuilding tournaments, but the proposal did not interest him. The policeman-athlete hesitated with an answer until he received a free annual subscription to the hall. From such a Ronnie Coleman could not refuse and from that moment began his professional training.

First victories

The path of a bodybuilder to the contest podium is difficultcall it a long one. The changes that Dobson made to Coleman's training system, the hard work on the result and the skillful leadership of Mark Hanlon, who became a partner of the bodybuilder, quickly borne fruit.

Already in 3 months after the beginning of active workover the body of the future "Mr. Olympia" Ronnie was able to easily win in the amateur tournament called "Mr. Texas", and the following year he became the absolute champion of the world among fans, after moving to the professional league.

The beginning of these tournaments

Despite the rather loud and impressivestart, in the bodybuilding career of Ronnie Coleman soon came the present lull. For four years the bodybuilder remained in the shadow of his rivals, not achieving any significant results. It should be noted that Ronnie did not lose time, devoting every spare minute to intensified training.

training program for Ronnie Coleman

The first truly significant event inColeman's life was a victory in Canada, in the 1996 competition. But, no matter how pleasant the famous laurel crown, in life it does not always all work out smoothly. Together with the success Ronnie received a serious spinal injury, which threatened not only the completion of Coleman's career as a bodybuilder, but also serious health problems.

Very many representatives of the strong half of humanity, being in such conditions, would have surrendered and tried to find themselves something else. Ronnie, as you know, did not.

The beginning of "Mr. Olympia"

For the first time in this kind of championship, Coleman acceptedparticipation in 1996, but then he did not even manage to go to the top 5 - the bodybuilder took the sixth position in the overall ranking. The next year in this respect was even less successful and in the tournament he managed to win only the ninth place, which, of course, did not satisfy Ronnie's ambitions.

Wanting to improve their performance, the bodybuilderHe applied for professional advice to Flex Wheeler, who later went around the championship. It was this athlete who introduced the future eight-time "Mr. Olympia" with Chad Nichols, thanks to which the career of the bodybuilder literally went on takeoff.

During this period, everything was reconsidered: Ronnie Coleman's diet, exercise, his lifestyle and daily routine. Such an integrated approach made it possible to win first place in the tournament "Mr. Olympia", held in 1998. It was then that Ronnie managed to get by Flex Wheeler himself, which, incidentally, did not upset him at all. Subsequently, Coleman waited seven more such triumphs.

System of training for the champion

It is quite obvious that it is impossible to achieve thisoutstanding achievements, not working on yourself as hard as possible. Champions always choose their own, very special way and Ronnie Coleman - is not an exception in this respect. A characteristic feature of his work program can be called a balanced alternation of two different training techniques: power loads and pumpkin, better known in the bodybuilding environment as pumping.

protein Ronnie Coleman

Bodybuilding power cycles pass with a maximumintensity - almost at the limit of opportunities. From the point of view of most professional coaches, Ronnie does not work technically, if not to say wrong. For example, exercises are performed by a bodybuilder in an explosive continuous pace, not to mention the fact that there are no pauses at the end points of an action.

Eight-time "Mr. Olympia" insists,that the musculature is best built up by the method of repeated repetition of the same loads, following one after another in a strictly defined order. Constant buildup of the load, in his opinion, leads to the continuous growth and development of certain muscle groups. The main thing in this matter is to stop in time to not bring your own body to the state of overtraining.

As for pumping cycles, the standarda set of Ronnie Coleman includes an average of 3-4 exercises, repeated for 4 sets. As a result, each bodybuilding training includes about 12 sets of 10-15 reps of each exercise. If we talk about the structure more specifically, it should be noted that the exercises differ in their orientation: 2 sets are performed in explosive engineering and 2 more are in isolating, with a greater degree of technicality.

Ronnie Coleman power ratings

This method of training allowed the bodybuildernot only to win prizes in the leading tournaments, but also to go down in history. The wrestling of Ronnie Coleman with his feet and lying causes admiration and a certain amount of envy literally around the world. Still - the bodybuilder masterfully copes with loads up to 1044 kg.

Make money

Strangely enough, it is this process Ronnie Colemanthinks most important in his life. It should be noted, it succeeds with great success. Numerous seminars, master classes, lectures and trainings bring the bodybuilder a considerable income. In 2012, the bodybuilder also launched his own line of sports nutrition. Protein Ronnie Coleman enjoys success among bodybuilders around the world, despite the relatively high cost in comparison with analogues.

Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman

Despite the fact that the main goal of thethe bodybuilder thinks it is the earnings, which finds quite clear expression in his work, the eight-time "Mr. Olympia" is still listed as a police officer, thus preserving the closeness to his childhood dream.

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  • Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman: biography and photos. Ronnie Colemans training program, nutrition rules Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman: biography and photos. Ronnie Colemans training program, nutrition rules Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman: biography and photos. Ronnie Colemans training program, nutrition rules Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman: biography and photos. Ronnie Colemans training program, nutrition rules Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman: biography and photos. Ronnie Colemans training program, nutrition rules