Mountain from the shoulders: the meaning of phraseology

The main way of communication between people isspeech. Since the moment when a person realizes that he is able to speak, his world becomes completely different. Throughout their life, people have perfected themselves in expressing their thoughts. In order not to be tongue-tied, a person often uses phraseological units. We will talk about one of them ("the mountain from the shoulders") today.

A great weight off one's mind

What is phraseology?

Linguists call stable phraseologiespopular expressions. What are their features? Words in phraseology can not be divided, in this case they lose all their meaning. Surprisingly, we often do not think about the meaning of these or those phrases. Our brain perceives them as a familiar turn of speech, the meaning of which is understandable from the very youngest years. After all, our mothers and fathers also used certain turns and learned their meaning from their parents.

The meaning of phraseological units in speech

Virtually all phraseological units have a vividemotional coloring and transmit it in case of application. If you use certain turns in the speech, then, subconsciously want to strengthen the meaning of the words you said. For this purpose, phraseological units are used.

They are very often used by poets and writers. In their works, phraseological units are very common. It is difficult to imagine how the authors would convey their mood without winged phrases. After all, each person in his own way understands different words, and only stable phrases are perceived equally by all layers of the population at any time.

The mountain from the shoulders of phraseology

How to recognize phraseology?

Any person understands what phraseology is. But can all of them list the signs of these speech turns? Let's look at them using the example of one of the common word combinations.

"The mountain from the shoulders" - the phraseology is stable and hasall the features inherent in these speech figures. First of all, it is indivisible, the slightest rearrangement of words in this phrase makes it completely unnecessary and inapplicable in many situations. If we say instead of all the usual phrase "mountain from the shoulders" something like "from the shoulders of the mountain," then our interlocutor will likely come up with the meaning of the words said.

Most phraseological units can be replaced with one word. For example, instead of the phrase "mountain from the shoulders" you can use the word "relief".

You can also learn the phraseology according to his imagery. After all, in fact, when we say that we have "a mountain fell from the shoulders," we attach importance to the word combination. Nobody believes that we had a real mountain on our shoulders, preventing us from moving and living.

Mount with shoulder value

Mountain from the shoulders: the meaning of phraseology

Many people like to use in their colloquialspeech stable phrases, but very funny is the use of them incorrectly. To avoid this annoying mistake, you need to know their original meaning. Only in this case the use of phraseological units will be justified.

We very often say the phrase "mountain withshoulders. "The meaning of this speech turn is obvious: it means getting rid of any trouble and problem.The person gets rid of the heavy burden of problems and is much relieved.

Another meaning of phraseology

In some cases, the use ofstable phrase and in another sense. Many people say that "the mountain fell from the shoulders" not only when the problem was resolved. In some cases, the phrase also characterizes the speed of resolution of the situation.

For example, you really need work toto pay a mortgage for an apartment for a family, and you are tuning for a long search for a suitable place. But suddenly the first interview brings you a prestigious position with good pay. What do you say in this case? Of course, that now "you have a mountain off your shoulders."

Remember that an unexpectedly rapid solution to the problem fits perfectly with the phrase we are considering.

The mountain from the shoulders is the meaning of phraseology

When can I use the phrase "mountain from the shoulders"?

Most phraseological units have an exaggeratedmeaning, they do not fit every life situation. It is not enough to know what "mountain from the shoulders" means, you should understand well when adding this phrase is justified.

Historically, thephraseological means not just a problem, but an unbearable burden. It is the factor that is constantly present in the life and thoughts of a particular person, completely obscuring all other joys and troubles.

Getting rid of such a burden can mean the onset of a new happy life stage.

the mountain fell from the shoulders

History of the occurrence of the phrase

Every phraseology has its roots. They can be found in the cultural traditions of the people, which gave rise to a specific turn of speech. In search of the prerequisites for the emergence of the phrase "mountain from the shoulders," we must turn to the peculiarities of the perception of the world by the ancient Slavs.

For our ancestors it was symbolic to divide the whole worldto low and high. Slavs refer to cultures, which in the majority of their ideas about the world use clear distinctions and oppositions. It was believed that reality is just one form of world perception, and the upper and lower worlds always bring a lot of problems and troubles to an ordinary person.

In this sense, the word "mountain" meant problems,sent from above. They were very difficult to get rid of, because they have a character unknown to the ordinary person. The shoulders always symbolized the man himself. In the Slavic culture they were always identical with the understanding of strength and power. However, even the ancient Greeks used to load the sky onto the shoulders of their Atlanteans. Therefore, it is not surprising that the shoulders played the same serious significance in the culture of our ancestors. It was believed that if a person assumes any obligations, then they necessarily become a burden on his shoulders.

Therefore, in the days of Ancient Rus the phraseology "mountain from the shoulders" was formed, which remains unchanged until now.

What does it mean mountain from the shoulders


The ability to apply phraseological units in their owneveryday speech distinguishes literate and educated people. They can express their thoughts in various ways, including using stable phrases.

Therefore, if you have a desire to make your ownspeech is more diverse, it is worth studying the phraseology. Of course, you can hardly remember all the winged expressions, but most of them will then become closer and clearer to you. Many people who are hungry for information turn to information for the dictionary of phraseological units or search for special websites on the Internet.

When you learn the basic rules of usephraseology, you can flash your knowledge among peers and older people who value colorful and imaginative speech.

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