Moscow autodromes: name, description, photo

Moscow autodromes: name, description, photo

According to statistics, in Moscow, along with motor clubs, kartings and bike rental - 59 pieces. This is a high figure. Here they are for every taste and choice:

  • autodromes teaching extreme driving;
  • courses to improve the level of mastery of driving;
  • driving for women;
  • Karting clubs with kartodromy to ride at the highest speed on a racing car.

This is not a complete list. More detailed information about the Moscow motor racing tracks is in this article.

What is an autodrome?

It is specially equipped, fencedterritory, on which are located: a route (different levels - with elevations, sharp turns), signs, marking and other necessary elements for driving skills training. After all, its task is to learn or increase the level of driving experience on a car (motorcycle, bicycle - if it's a motor cycle or a velodrome) in a limited area and under the guidance of an experienced instructor. You can also learn to overcome various obstacles.

autodromes of moscow

Elements of the circuit

The equipment of the autodrome is completed in such a way that all exercises concerning driving skills (the main program or for a sporting event) have been worked out.

Of course, for such a complex, a fairly large area, at least 3 hectares, is needed.

This site must be provided with special equipment. Here, students will practice skills that are dangerous on the real track.

On the average, there should be at least 20-30 elements on the territory of the race track, taking into account the fact that classes often take place in groups.

It is important that the principle of the arrangement of elements is generally accepted, that is:

  • route along the ring - along the perimeter of the territory;
  • location for the initial driving and installation to overcome obstacles - along the inner part of the route along the ring;
  • all the rest is also in the center of the autodrome.

And, everything must be arranged sequentially.

Qualitative and in-depth training in driving with good mastering of practical skills takes place on a fully manned circuit.

Moscow autodromes

The most popular sites for driving and driving skills in driving in the capital of the Russian Federation are:

autodrome moscow

- Autodrome "Drive House" on Oksky Prospekt;

- ADM-Autodrome in the village of Verkhnee Myachkovo (Moscow region);

- motor sport club "Bilkon" in Golyanovo;

- Automotive Club "Central" in the Savelki;

- Autodrome at the driving school of the Academy of the President at the subway South, Moscow.

Let's consider some of Moscow's motor racing tracks from the list.

Autodrome in Myachkovo (Moscow)

ADM "Raceway" is a racing circuit for professional and educational driving. It is located not far from the capital, only 16 kilometers away.

On its territory there is allnecessary equipment that allows to carry out various automobile events at any time, regardless of the season: training, festivals, test drives, competitions, corporate parties.

Moscow autodrome

Those wishing to master driving courses (basic or extreme) are offered the following program:

- course for a beginner-driver (minimum - 1 lesson);

- The rate of rapid maneuvering and the change of seasons (minimum - 1 lesson);

- a course of contravariant training - learn to drive a car in the winter season (minimum 2 lessons);

- Course for obtaining a racing license (minimum 7 lessons);

- course for women and girls (minimum 1 day);

- corporate course for pros - from 3 people (minimum 2 lessons).

Even if you already have the experience of driving a car, the Autodrome ADM "Raceway" along with an experienced instructor on a well-arranged track will help to become an even more confident driver.

There is also an experienced pilot's course. But this is possible only after successfully mastering the skills of driving a car.

autodrome south of moscow

The main tracks of the motor-racing track:

  1. The racing track is the oldest of these trackson Russian territory. It is built in accordance with the requirements of the International Automobile Federation. This site is 3275 meters long and 9-12 meters wide with an asphalt surface. He has several high-speed lines for the runs and 16 turns.
  2. The site is "off-road". Near the race track there is a large off-road section. There is it in order to significantly improve the driving skills and fully experience the capabilities of the car.
  3. Helicopter platform is created for those who use the service of air taxi. If desired, there is always the opportunity to get to the desired destination, avoiding traffic jams on the roads.

autodromes of the city of Moscow

All training courses, events on the ADM circuit"Raceway" are accompanied by a guard service, a medical team, technical support. Also the territory has wide departure zones, metal structures, reinforced concrete bumpers and fences, which guarantee safety.

Also on the circuit you can combine courses and activities with rest. At your disposal:

  • guest house with rooms;
  • playground;
  • forest;
  • pergolas;
  • BBQ;
  • billiards;
  • kitchen;
  • bar;
  • hall with fireplace.

Autodrome South (Moscow)

This is a driving school at the Academy of the President, located in the metro area South. It has 20 branches throughout the capital.

This year, this automobile complex celebrated its 20th anniversary, which indicates a fairly solid experience of work.

In his work the driving school applies new, improved approaches to learning, combining theory with practice. Also there is a necessary technical base for training.

In the complex there are also specially equipped lecture audiences, and a platform for practical training of driving skills.

The fleet of the school is modern cars of imported production with a service life of no more than 2 years.

Site for training basic driving skills(to get the category "B") provides an opportunity to work out the main elements: acceleration, braking, stopping and starting the overpass, turning in a confined space, turning at 90 °, "snake", entering the garage in reverse, parallel parking.

Driving school has a state license. Teaches driving cars, motorcycles, trucks.


Of course, the absence of a good motor-racing track is notallows you to fully learn and hone your skills in driving skills. One theory is not enough. Without practice, it's impossible to become an experienced driver. Therefore, Moscow's motor racing tracks are very valuable bridgeheads for both novice drivers and experienced drivers who want to improve their skills.

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  • Moscow autodromes: name, description, photo Moscow autodromes: name, description, photo Moscow autodromes: name, description, photo Moscow autodromes: name, description, photo Moscow autodromes: name, description, photo Moscow autodromes: name, description, photo Moscow autodromes: name, description, photo Moscow autodromes: name, description, photo