Mink fur coat with sable: features, models, types and reviews

Mink fur coat with sable: features, models, types and reviews

Developing fresh and unusual models of fur coats,designers of fur fashion came to tailoring fur coats from a combination of different furs. So there were variants from mink and marten, mouton and polar fox, mink and sable. In the creation of such models, the master can include a flight of fantasies. Often fur coats from cheaper fur are trimmed with collars or sleeves of valuable species. Just a luxurious combination is a mink coat with sable. To date, there are many different options.
mink coat with sable

Sable fringe - proof of flawless taste

Sable refers to a very beautiful and expensive furs. Not every lady can afford a sable fur coat for daily use. And whether it is necessary? Maybe it's better to find a stylish and stylish mink fur coat with sable? The price for such a model will be more affordable.

Both fur (mink and sable) belong to the familykuni, so there is no special heterogeneity between them. The hairline of the sable fur is very thick, silky, soft, soft to the touch. Its color has seven color categories: from black-brown to light-chestnut. Most of all, Barguzin and Kamchatka are prized, having a black awn and blue fluff. A bit lower in quality - Sakhalin, Yakut, Tobolsk, Altai and Tuvan skins.

Sable is considered the king of the bellows. It is very gentle, silky and shiny. The value of the pelts is given by a kind of gray hair, interspersed with white hairs. One-piece sable fur coat looks a little cumbersome, but skins are perfect for making collars, hoods, capes, stoles, and even headdresses. It is worth noting that this rich fur is used in its natural form, because it does not require additional staining and haircuts.

Very often in shops and on the streets there aresheared mink products. Their fur is very smooth, velvety, pleasant to the touch. It is with such sheared fur coats and combine sable fringes. Such products are original and unique, because they can be made of fur with complex embossing in the form of patterns. Nork fur is several times cheaper than sable fur. In a word, the choice is yours.mink coat color sable

Advantages and price of a mink fur coat with sable

Consider the advantages. Nork products were always valued by women. They have a noble shine and smoothness. The mink fur has a silky and soft hairline. Developers of fur fashion do not often resort to a combination of rich furs, so as not to outshine one of them. An exception was the combination of mink and sable. This is also the two most durable types of fur.

First, such products have a delightfulaesthetic effect. Many luxury models beautifully shine, shimmer in different shades. In such fur coats is very warm and cozy. The combination of mink and sable allows you to sew different models: manto, short, straight under the belt, chipped. The choice is rich. The price of a mink fur coat with a sable depends on the model and quality of the fur. On average, the cost of such products ranges from 200 000 to 300 000 rubles.mink fur coat price

Mink fur coat with sable collar

The highest quality species is recognized as dark brownfur. With the help of this color, you can emphasize the color of the eyes, especially the brown ones, and emphasize the high status of the owner of the product. Experienced buyers know that you need to pay attention to the direction of the pile, where the fur sheets join together. For example, the nap of the collar and sleeves should not lie in different directions.

Collar of sable is usually bulky and fluffy. If you compare the fur of this animal with precious metals, then the cost of sable fur is similar to gold. Very feminine look mink coat with a collar-boat. Products of A-silhouette can adorn collars-apaches. Very often there is an English collar made of sable. Classic style is considered a turn-down option.

Models with a hood of sable

It is important to note that the finish of sables not onlyluxurious, but also durable. Perhaps the most practical and beautiful is the model with a hood from the skin of this animal. Such a hood is very light, does not fall back. Fashion women who want to keep their clothes, can not worry: the hair will stay on top. Sable hood and weather will cover, and heat will save.

For sewing such hoods use fur with a long pile, which favorably frames the face of a beautiful woman. The hood color is tried to match the tone of the mink coat or create a harmonious contrast.

What swings the models of hoods, then they are made entirely of sable, and there are variants only with sable lapel. A special luxury is the hoods that go into the collar.

mink coat for sable

Transverse fur coats "for sable"

The last few seasons are very populartransverse models or so-called mink fur coats "under sables". Models "cross-pieces" are considered the top of the style in the horizontal cut and have a high cost. These fur coats are sewn from mink fur cloths, which are laid out across. Thus create mink fur coats "under sables". Cross strips look volume, and therefore seem sable. Many fashionistas dream of such luxurious fur coats.mink coat with hood of sable

Sable trim on sleeves

Many combined models differbeautiful outskirts of sable on the sleeves. It can be quite insignificant cuffs, and sometimes - wider. In fur coats, there are three-quarter sleeves that are completely made of sable. Such smart sable cuffs perfectly decorate the already rich mink products.

Harmonious contrasts: colors

Nork fur can be of different shades. In stores you can see blue-black, gray-blue, chocolate, caramel-red coats. Particularly in demand are dark brown products. Elegance and tenderness are different fur coats in blue and gray tones. Delicate light mink varieties look very beautiful. Just gorgeous looks a fur coat with a hood made of a sable of color "violet". This is one of the most vivid options. Often there are mink fur coats under the color of a sable (brown tone with gray hairs and veins). The fur of the Yenisei animal is a beautiful milky scale. Nork fur coats with sable color differ in volume. In general, the range is quite wide.

Fur hood is often combined with a hint of mink or has a contrasting color. The most sold products were silver, gold and chocolate coats.Mink coat with sable collar

Customer Reviews

Many women and girls leave gratefulreviews about mink coats with sable. They wear a long time, do not lose color and warm well. From the reviews it is clear that such products can be of different lengths. Girls who have to drive a car, choose themselves short models of "avtoledi." Young people prefer shortened mink fur coats with a hood made of sable. For daily wearing in cold weather, women choose the optimal length "French", supplemented by a belt.

When choosing a product, buyers are advised to payattention to the condition of the seams. It is important to check the fur for naturalness. Most often it is determined by the smell. Many girls note that such things need to be stored in optimal conditions for them.

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  • Mink fur coat with sable: features, models, types and reviews Mink fur coat with sable: features, models, types and reviews Mink fur coat with sable: features, models, types and reviews Mink fur coat with sable: features, models, types and reviews Mink fur coat with sable: features, models, types and reviews