Mikhail Svetlov. The motor ship from the film The Diamond Arm

"Mikhail Svetlov". The motor ship from the film "The Diamond Arm"

Hearing the wonderful name of this ship,many immediately recall the scene from the film by director L. Gaidai "The Diamond Arm" (1968). According to the story, the main character of the tape, a simple Soviet worker Semen Semenovich Gorbunkov (actor Yu. Nikulin), departs on a foreign voyage on a ship, the stern and board of which is adorned with the poetic inscription "Mikhail Svetlov". A motor ship with this name - four-deck cruise beauty, popular among fans of water travel, launched in the spring of 1986. How so? This is worth considering.

mikhail svetlov motor ship

The Christening of Christina

Let's go back to the eighties of the twentieth century. The motor ship "Mikhail Svetlov" (photo of him can be seen in the article) was created under the project Q-065. These are medium-sized passenger vessels for river cruises. He descended from the shipyard docks in Korneuburg (Austria) in 1985.

In his long career I went to the 86th(was put into operation in April). There is information that the "great life" of the vessel was instructed by the wife of Franz Vranitzky (Austrian state politician, Federal Chancellor of Austria from 1986 to 1997).

The motor ship was named after the Russian and Sovietpoet and playwright Mikhail Svetlov (to be precise, then "Svetlov" is the pseudonym of the Lenin Prize laureate, his real name is Sheinkman). River liners of the named type have 6 single, 33 double (plus 8 first class) and 22 four-seater cabins. There are bathrooms, the rooms are equipped with refrigerators, air conditioning. The suite is two. Temporary havens of river travelers are located mainly on the main and boat decks. There can be up to 210 passengers on board.

Everything for a pleasant stay

Favorite places of many travelers - restaurantand a bar. Here you can sit pleasantly over a cup of coffee, watching the eternal natural themes float quietly overboard, as well as take food and have fun. A couple of salons, a cinema hall and a souvenir stall - everything is provided for a pleasant rest.

motor ship michael light photo

It is known that in the course of operation the internalequipment (this and some other standard vessels) was modernized, in accordance with the requirements of modern standards. In the course of the transformation, the three-deck Mikhail Svetlov (the ship) became a four-deck.

As for the crew, it consists of seventypeople (including restaurant workers, as they would say in Soviet times - representatives of the public catering sector). A floating hotel does not carry an environmental threat. No harmful emissions into the environment are produced - all wastes are recycled (utilized or pass through purification filters).

On the main deck

Judging by the reviews of tourists, the furniture in the apartmentsrational, comfortable. A shower installation can not be overemphasized: what could be better than water procedures before going to bed or early morning? The radio allows you to always be aware of the events. In suites, in addition to the TV, there is a facility for watching videos, as well as a mini bar and an additional air conditioning.

michael luminov motor ship diamond hand

As the travelers note, "Mikhail Svetlov"the ship convenient. Going to the main deck, the passenger is within walking distance from several "institutions" of consumer services and public health - a hairdresser, a medical center. Quite popular among traveling brotherhood is massage parlor. Many adore the sauna. Clothes can be brought to a divine appearance in the ironing. On the same element of the ship's hull (main deck) there is a buffet and a restaurant for seventy seats.

On the boat deck is not less interesting. This is especially liked by those who do not think themselves outside of mood-raising notes, because this is the location of the music salon-bar. But not only. Panoramic salon is also a great place! He is in the bow. Convinced book lovers and chess players are eternal inhabitants of the territory.

Different routes

There is also a deck, the name of which speaks itselffor itself - solar. There is a cinema hall and a place for entertainment programs and discos (if, of course, the weather allows). Achievement of time is satellite communication. She is supported on the boat, which is very popular with tourists.

Interesting routes that passes"Mikhail Svetlov" (motor ship) you need to know that they change every year. Taking advantage of the side, there is an opportunity to visit the Arctic, to admire the unique beauties of Yakutia. Comfort and service at a high level give a harsh but beautiful route a special charm.

But not only in the Arctic there is a motor ship"Mikhail Svetlov". Feodosia (Crimea) also remembered it in its waters. So the routes to special programs include a sea excursion to the foot of the extinct volcano Kara-Dag (2016).

mikhail ship of the feud

Two motor ships - one image

Well, what about the movie and its "Mikhail Svetlov"(the ship)? A "diamond arm" without this ship would be completely different. But in the picture could not figure the ship, built almost no more than twenty years after filming! It turns out that the film director Leonid Gayday, "a big admirer of the poet's work", "appropriated" a bright name to the "cine" liner for a while.

In fact, the role of the important "inanimatecharacter "was performed by two motor ships -" Russia "(a Soviet marine cruise diesel electric ship built in 1938 in Germany, originally Patria) and" Victory "(passenger ship with a difficult fate, built in 1928 in German Dancing, originally" Magdalena " , since 1935 - "Iberia").

On the dock, where the family escorts Gorbunkov incruise, flaunts "Russia". But about the eternal Mondays on the Island of Bad luck Kozodoev (actor Andrei Mironov) sings already on the deck of "Victory". It is noteworthy that before Gaidai this ship with films, to put it mildly, "did not work out."

motor ship michael svetlov reviews

Sad movie with a happy ending

It is known that in September 1948, when"Victory" was Novorossiysk, the sailor Skripnikov at the request of the ship's projectionist Kovalenko (the main post - a radio technician) began to pack the scanned films in boxes (he was preparing to surrender to the camp). Rewinding was carried out on a hand-held machine. The tape was electrified, sparkling. The small storeroom where the process was carried out was flashed in the blink of an eye.

The flame quickly spread through the ship(even a spare walkie-talkie, over which it was possible to give the SOS signal), was burnt. The fire was extinguished first independently. When rescuers arrived, the fire was almost defeated. The ship even managed to get to Odessa (the rescued passengers were transported separately). Later it was repaired and operated until the 1970s, then it was disposed of.

But this is all from the fate of the prototype of Gaidayev"The king of the seas". As for the biography of this vessel, it continues.

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