Mercedes CLA 200: specifications, package, reviews

Mercedes CLA 200: specifications, package, reviews

Mercedes CLA 200 was first released in the 2013 year. It is a compact sedan, which is very similar to its older counterparts. Not by appearance, but by the level of equipment and comfort. But nevertheless this car is brand new. The German manufacturer has given to attention of potential buyers a niche of rather inexpensive (for "Mercedes") youth sedans. Manufacturers, releasing this model, expected that it will quickly become popular and will be bought by many. And their plan worked.

mercedes cla 200

The most interesting about the model

Mercedes CLA 200 features a daring body, sports bumpers, grille, which is called a diamond, beautiful and stylish stamps on the sidewalls and, of course, very effective optics. The back looks particularly attractive. She received a rather peculiar drop-shaped form. In a general flow, this is impossible not to notice. The length of the car is not very big - only 4630 mm. And the wheelbase is 2699 mm. In height, this model is 1431 mm, and its width is 1777 mm. So the model turned out to be really compact. The total weight of the car is 1915 kilogram. True, the top version, which became known as CLA 250, weighs heavier by 50 kilogram.

mercedes benz cla 200


Now a few words about the salon. Mercedes CLA 200 is a car that is designed to ensure that the driver sitting behind his wheel gets real pleasure from the process of controlling this car. The manufacturers of this time thought about the comfort of passengers a little less. But this does not mean that it will not be convenient for them. Yes, the rear of the body had to be squeezed. However, according to reviews, there is still room for everyone, despite the fact that behind the narrow doorway and a large central tunnel. But it is spacious above a head and in legs. Yes, and the relief of the seats is quite comfortable.

But in the front part everything is perfect. Feel the fullness of freedom, and incredibly comfortable armchairs that have lateral support, are sure to please connoisseurs of convenience. The control panel is very pleasant to look at. The reviews mark the high-quality finish and practical, ergonomic arrangement of all controls. And the picture is complemented by a comfortable, pleasant steering wheel and an informative instrument panel. By the way, the trunk of this model is roomy, even if the car belongs to the compact category. 470 liters - that's its volume.

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Technical features

Mercedes CLA 200 is offered to buyers of the Russian Federation in two versions. So, the first is equipped with a four-cylinder in-line power unit, the volume of which is 1,6 l. DOHC with chain drive, 16 timing valves, direct fuel injection, a low-inertia turbocharged compressor and a system for changing phases of gas distribution - all this has this engine. Good indicators! In addition, the engine is made of lightweight material - aluminum - and meets all the standards of "Euro-6". The power of this motor is 156 "horses". The engine works in tandem with a seven-band robotic transmission. This is the 7G-DCT. Up to "hundreds" the model accelerates in 8,5 seconds. And its maximum is 230 kilometers per hour. Expenditure, by the way, is not very much - about 5,5 liters in a mixed cycle.

Top modification

There is a top version of the car. This Mercedes CLA 200 is equipped with an 2-liter 4-cylinder engine, which, like the engine described above, operates on 95 gasoline. Its manufacturers also made of aluminum. In equipping this engine includes DOHC timing on 16 valves, featuring a chain drive. The unit also has direct fuel injection, but not conventional, but with special piezo injectors. The turbocharged supercharging, as well as the system for changing the phases of the gas distribution, is also available. The maximum that this machine can produce is 211 "horses". Like the "junior" unit, this motor operates under the control of the 7-range "robot". He, along with the engine, accelerates the car to "hundred" for 6,7 seconds. And the maximum speed is 240 kilometers per hour. Fuel, of course, the top version requires more - 6,2 liters per hundred kilometers.

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design Features

The basis of the car Mercedes-Benz CLA 200 lay the MFA platform, which became known for the A-class cars - hatchbacks. The front part was made of pressed aluminum and of high-strength steel. It is supported by the 4-lever independent suspension. Interestingly, the Mercedes-Benz CLA 200 is a front-wheel-drive car, but thanks to this design it was possible to make the installation of the all-wheel drive system. The machine has disc brakes, the front ones, by the way, are ventilated. The steering wheel has a powerful electromechanical amplifier, which can change the gear ratio. There is also built in the function of informing the driver about the necessary direction of the steering wheel. It turns on automatically: either when a person travels in conditions of strong wind, or when emergency braking is carried out.

And the manufacturers have improved the chassis. CLA 200 - Mercedes, whose characteristics are really good, - pleases its owners with a design. So, for example, its rear subframe was attached to the body not in a traditional way, but through elastic modern supports. And stabilizers of lateral stability have decided to equip with bearings from rubber.

Mercedes CLA 200: specifications, package, reviews

Security level

Mercedes CLA 200 reviews get positive, and this is not surprising. After all, in this car everything is done well and qualitatively. Special attention should be paid to such an important point as the safety of passengers and the driver. The package includes seven airbags, among which the knee - for the driver. Also there is a trauma-safe steering column, a compound drive shaft that folds in the event of an accident. During the test drives and crash tests, which were conducted by EuroNCAP in 2013, this car earned five stars for the level of safety. The model really showed an excellent result. Even in terms of safety of pedestrians (and all because the developers have implemented a system, due to which at the moment of the collision, the hood is raised).


What equipment can the Mercedes CLA 200 boast? The review clearly shows that the elements that could please a potential buyer are mass. Alloy wheels at 16 inches, bi-xenon headlights with automatic headlight washer and washer, EBD + ABS, ASR, ESP, BAS. Inside, there is everything you need. And even a system of preventive braking. Needless to say, there is even a function of monitoring the condition of the driver! Also, the model was equipped with a brake pad wear sensor, an electric parking brake, a tire pressure sensor, an on-board computer with a wide color display and cruise control. But this list is far from complete. Climate control, side mirrors equipped with a heating function, a full electronic package, an electric adjustment, a good practical steering wheel with several functions, a multimedia system (screen width - 5,8 inches!), Six powerful speakers, a central locking system, an alarm system and even an immobilizer. complete this model. Really impressive. You can not even say what in such a machine might not be enough.

mercedes cla 200 review

cost of

So, at the very beginning it was said that this is not a very expensive car. How much does Mercedes CLA 200 cost? The price of the machine in 2014 year began with 1 370 000 rubles. The all-wheel drive version cost the buyers in 1 670 000 rubles. Now a new model 2015 year of release with styling from AMG and with all the functions that only can be in the car (the list is even more extensive than the one given in the example above), you can buy for two million rubles. But there are options for second-hand, but in excellent condition. For example, a car 2013 year with a run of 120 000 kilometers can cost about 1 100 000 rubles. So there is a choice. And if you want to become the owner of such a car and besides there is such an opportunity, you should not miss it.

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  • Mercedes CLA 200: specifications, package, reviews Mercedes CLA 200: specifications, package, reviews Mercedes CLA 200: specifications, package, reviews Mercedes CLA 200: specifications, package, reviews Mercedes CLA 200: specifications, package, reviews Mercedes CLA 200: specifications, package, reviews Mercedes CLA 200: specifications, package, reviews