Mark Kistler: drawing lessons

Mark Kistler: drawing lessons

Mark Kistler taught to draw already millions of people. Some of them have made great strides in the spheres of animation, illustration, architecture. Kistler has his own program and several books that help all those who decided to approach art.


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From his childhood, Mark Kistler set himself the goal of teachingto draw a million children. Although he himself was only 15. At the eighteenth birthday, he decided that he would achieve the desired mark by the year 21. Later, Kistler decided to create a program for drawing. This would help make learning more accessible. Two years later the project was launched and Mark achieved his goal. The program was watched every week by 11 million spectators. People were delighted with the methods of teaching drawing at home. Five years later, Mark created a new television program. In it, there was training for more complex techniques. Each show is filled with jokes and helpful tips.

Mark Kistler, drawing lessons which produceda big sensation, continues to teach, participate in programs, has released several books, DVDs. He is one of the most famous and best teachers of drawing in the whole world.


mark kistler you can draw after 30 days

More than a dozen books are created on different topics, inwhich comprehensively examined the field of drawing. Mark Kistler, whose books really help to learn the fine arts, created educational literature for different ages. Kistler's works:

  • "You can draw in 30 days."
  • "Drawing in 3D with Mark Kistler."
  • "Mark Kistler's imaginary station. Learn how to draw a 3D drawing with a better teacher. "
  • "Drawing in 3D. An unusual study guide. "
  • "You can do it in just 30 minutes: see and draw for half an hour."
  • "Draw! Draw! Draw! Monsters and creatures with Mark Kistler. "
  • "Draw! Draw! Draw! Animals from cartoons with Mark Kistler. "
  • "Draw! Draw! Draw! Robots, gadgets, spacecraft with Mac Kistler. "
  • "Draw! Draw! Draw! Crazy cartoons with Mark Kistler "
  • "Gadgets and gizmos. Draw pictures in 3D ».
  • "Draw the Draw: Crazy Heroes."
  • And others.

The best book

Which book is loved not only by fans, but by himselfMark Kistler? "You can draw in 30 days" - this is the book that is most popular. It is translated into Russian, so many people in our country are trained specifically for it. But what are its advantages?

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Assignments go from simple to complex. First you study the basics of drawing on elementary examples such as a sphere, a square. Explanations are available to any newcomer in this field. Of the materials you will need only a pencil, paper, eraser and cotton buds (for feathering). Lessons for the development of which you need colored pencils, markers, no. For those who studied in art school and are familiar with the basics of drawing, the book is most likely not very useful. Since it is created for the elementary level of education. When you get acquainted with the nine fundamental laws, drawing will not seem difficult. The main condition of the author is that you need to practice every day for at least 20 minutes, then the result will be visible after a month.

What other works

Mark Kistler in his books introduces his readers to different areas of drawing.

  • "Draw the Draw: Crazy Heroes" - this manual will teach you how to draw three-dimensional images of ridiculous cartoon characters. Having mastered this book, the reader will learn how to create his own characters.
  • "Draw a team" book, which, like the showKistler, filled with jokes. Thirty lessons smoothly pass from simple to complex and develop certain drawing skills. Pages are intended for practical participation, that is, the reader adds his own strokes as the book progresses.

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  • "Magic Station Mark Kistler" will teach you how to drawin three dimensions. The book has 36 exciting adventures. During the reading, drawing skills develop and eventually you can create: a dinosaur in the sky, a magic lunar base, an unusual solar system, a professional pollution patrol and more. Such a presentation should be liked by children, and at the end of the book there is a special guide for parents and teachers.
  • "Build your own website with MarkKistler "is a guide to the design and creation of Web sites. The information is provided in an accessible format, suitable for beginners, since the book teaches the basics of web design.
  • "You can do it in just 30 minutes: see and draw for half an hour "is suitable not only for beginners, but for those who have long been engaged in artistic creation. Well-illustrated lessons will help you learn how to draw objects from everyday life, spending only half an hour. The book has a lot of fresh information, it is full of artistic lifhakas and advice given by Mark Kistler. "You can draw in 30 days" is a good complement to this work.


Lessons of Mark Kistler knowingly have become sopopular, they really help any person to stop being afraid of a clean sheet of paper. Having studied a couple of manuals on drawing, you can greatly improve your skills. The manner in which Mark Kistler presents the information makes the training not only useful, but also interesting. Learning to create is never too late!

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