Mark Albert. Biography and work of the painter

Mark Albert. Biography and work of the painter

The French artist Marche Albert managed to createhis expressive style in painting. His works were born outside politics, beyond the events that were taking place. However, all the work of the master is permeated with vivid emotions and feelings of depicted characters, whether it is a portrait of a person or an urban landscape.

years of education

Born Marche Albert in 1875 in the city of Bordeaux(France). When the boy turned fifteen, he moved with his parents to Paris. The Marche family was not wealthy, but in the capital, Mom was able to open a small business in commerce.

Marque Albert

In 1890, the future artist began to study inSchool of Decorative Arts, and after his graduation he entered the School of Fine Arts. On the instruction of his teacher Gustav Moreau, he spent a lot of time in the Louvre, copying the works of such famous masters as Lorren, Watteau, Poussin.

During his studies, the boyfriend began a friendlyrelationship with Matisse, with whom they together improve the training in the Paris Academy of Ranson. Teacher Paul Siusioux diligently invested in knowledge and skill. Like his teacher, Marque Albert admired the works of Gauguin and Emile Bernard, but more preferred the art of Corot.

Early Creativity

In the late 1890's, almost all the paintings of the artistare portraits and landscapes created in the traditional style of the Impressionists. Acquaintance with Van Gogh and Cezanne influenced the young master's performance of painting in gentle poetic shades.

Mark Albert artist

Several years passed, and already Mark Albert -an artist whose manner of doing work more corresponded to Fauvism. In the works of the painter, the unusual presentation of light reflections and the brightness of colors inherent in this style were clearly seen. This fascination with Fauvism will for a long time affect the manner in which the paintings are performed by Mark. This is confirmed by his famous work "The Beach in Fecame," written already in 1906. Together with other representatives of Fauvism, Albert exhibited his paintings in the Autumn Salon and in the Salon of Independent.

Paris in the works of Marche

After some time in the artist's works of steelTraces that differ from the style of the Fauvists can be traced: the images looked softer, more muted colors were used. Already in February 1907, Mark Albert held his solo exhibition at the Drueh Gallery. Most of the canvases exhibited by the master were represented by the landscapes of Paris. Wanting to transform life into bright, festive colors, the artist in his works showed the beauty of the city, favorably intertwined with the charms of nature.

Mark Albert biography

Among the paintings that made the painter famous,The most prominent were "The Sun over the Trees", "The Embankment in the Green", "Paris. View of the Louvre "," Fair in Le Havre "," Harbor in Menton "and others. In them the movement of people and the harmony of nature unite in a single stream of urban life. Water, sky, stone bridges and embankments, city roofs look on the canvas of the master completely differently, as they can be seen in the works of other artists or in the photo. Albert Marke with his own uniqueness depicted the enchanting views of Paris. They are permeated with a deep, sensual attitude of a man to his city, pinching spontaneity and extraordinary lyrical intonation.

Travel and creativity

Great importance in the life of Mark was occupied byTraveling around the world. He visited Germany, Romania, North Africa, Italy, Spain. Each city the artist perceived in a certain color scheme. For example, he saw Paris in gray tones, Algeria in white, Naples in blue, and Hamburg in yellow.

After his stay in Naples, the painter begancreate paintings, which depicted not just the sea, but as if the ideal dream of the sea element. Life in Algeria helped Albert show on his canvases all the beauty of the scorching sun. Travels contributed to the creation of such paintings as "Port in Honfleur", "Swan Island. Erble "," View of Sidi Bou Said "," Palm tree ".

photo Albert Marke

It was in Algeria that he met his future wife, Mark Albert, whose biography is closely connected with this country. In a happy marriage with Marcel Martin, the artist lived for 26 years.

Mark was openly condemning fascism, so duringWorld War II spouses had to move from Paris to Algeria. Returned in 1945, the artist's home is already seriously ill. Several of the operations that were carried out briefly helped him feel better. All this time, Albert does not abandon his labors, continuing to work on new canvases.

Despite the care of his wife and the intensified struggle against the disease, on 4 June 1947 the artist died. He left, but left behind a creation full of life and special light.

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  • Mark Albert. Biography and work of the painter Mark Albert. Biography and work of the painter Mark Albert. Biography and work of the painter Mark Albert. Biography and work of the painter Mark Albert. Biography and work of the painter