Man, his brain and psyche

Man, his brain and psyche

Brainstem, cerebellum, two hemispheres,consisting of the cortex and subcortical structures - this is our brain. In its composition, the bark is the latest in evolutionary development education, but the importance of functions is on the first place, being a unifying element in the concept of the brain and the psyche of man. It is like a shell, envelops the brain from all sides and consists of a multitude of convolutions and furrows that increase its surface. The human brain is white, the bark is gray due to the large number of nerve cells in it.

The functions of the cortex and this mysterious brain

Higher nervous activity, brain and psyche, ouremotional reactions that determine behavior are directly related to the activity of the cortex in that part of the body that is called the brain. Signals coming from the outside world and our body are analyzed and synthesized in it. The projection area of ​​the cortex is associated with neurons of the subcortical area and with the associative zone. It carries out two-way communication, which plays a very important role for all functions and processes occurring in the higher sphere of human activity - the nervous one.

Localization of a specific function (vestibular,speech, motor, respiratory, kinesthetic, the center of general sensitivity, etc.) in this or that area of ​​the brain is conditional. The brain and psyche of a person are a single functional and integral system. In the whole system, if we consider the cerebral cortex as its constituent, the main blocks that perform, distribute and organize the mental activity of a person are identified.

The main blocks of the central nervous system

The first block is energy, or, as it is stillcalled, the tonus block in the cortex. By itself, it does not organize the reception and processing of information, but it supports the tone of the cortex, attention and selection of impulses. The human psyche is directly dependent on the work of this unit. If his activity is normal, then all human reactions are active and normal. When its functioning is disturbed, a person feels either excessive activity and excitement, or lethargy and drowsiness, his performance is reduced. When violations in the work of the block are serious, the deviation of the psyche can also be serious, even to the point where a person can lose consciousness and even fall into a coma.

The second block includes temporal, parietal andoccipital bark. It accepts, stores and processes all information entering the cerebral cortex. In this department visual and auditory, tactile-kinestatic centers are localized. If the brain is broken, then the psyche will be violated, and the violations will have a clear localization in accordance with the cortex: vision, hearing or locomotive apparatus.

The third block - it is programming,regulation and control of our behavior. This is an area of ​​the cerebral hemispheres (anterior regions) and its cortex. The leading role is played by the activity of the frontal lobes of the cortex. In the case of bilateral lesions of the frontal lobes, a person loses the ability to perform complex actions that require a certain program and sequence, it is difficult for him to concentrate his attention. Internal goals are blurred, random external impulses can influence its behavior. There is no criticism of one's own actions, the ability to realize mistakes as well.

There are many theories and views on howthe central nervous system functions in a person, on how the brain and psyche are connected. In practice, there are many cases where damage to the same areas in the brain leads to various disorders in the psyche and, conversely, the same mental disorder is associated with damage to different parts of the brain. The human brain has not been sufficiently studied to speak with certainty about the work of its individual sites. Scientists are increasingly inclined to believe that the activities of both individual sites and the entire system are connected with the full-fledged work of all its components.

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  • Man, his brain and psyche Man, his brain and psyche Man, his brain and psyche Man, his brain and psyche Man, his brain and psyche Man, his brain and psyche Man, his brain and psyche