Male logic and female

Male logic and female

How many tales and jokes are combined about the female andmale logic, how many anecdotes there are! Men are surprised by the familiar ladies and their own companions, and the girls joke about the gentlemen. You can laugh at them, discuss or investigate a lot, but the fact remains that the strong and beautiful half of humanity are very different.

men's logic

Logic male and female - phenomena from differentpoles. First of all, this is a completely different perception. Representatives of the stronger sex more quickly perceive and assimilate the received information, as a result they are better oriented in the situation, more accurately and faster react. In addition, a man can only use the hemisphere of the brain alternately, so he focuses on one topic, unable to solve something else at the same time. That is why he will be annoyed if, during the resolution of one task, he is distracted and podkadyvat new problems. Women, on the contrary, are able to use both hemispheres simultaneously and perceive a much larger flow of information, assimilating and analyzing it. That's why a girl can chat with a girlfriend on the phone, with the edge of her ear listening to the TV and at the same time cooking dinner.

logic of men and women

As a result, male logic is very straightforward,focused on a concrete and real problem. Female - the same intuitive, associated with the consideration of many small things, shades, details and nuances. Of course, sometimes in women there is purely male logic, rigid and sharp, like the cutting edge of the blade. But this is still an exception.

The lady is almost always guided byfeelings, even if under them there is calculation and cold reasoning. Intuition and impulses - that's what defines a woman, and not a simple logic. Hence the impossibility of calculating the consequences of what was done and firmly believing that the desire to overcome any objective reality.

Male and female psychology

But there are also positive moments. Male logic, as already said, is very straightforward, takes into account all the realities, consequences and assumptions, but it is not able to predict the female. The fact is that at the heart of the almost always error-free calculation in women is the desire to find the least painful, convenient solutions to the problem, manipulate men and achieve what they want. Cunning, softness and very subtle, elusive calculation - that's the woman's weapon.

It is believed that it is man's logic that givesan opportunity for a strong half of humanity to solve mathematical, everyday and working questions. But it is not so. Given equal initial data, information and intellectual abilities, the man and woman will, as a result, draw the same conclusions and come to the same solutions. In addition, the mental capacities of the different halves of humanity are approximately equivalent and identical, that would not adhere to adherents of different sexist theories. The only difference is that for gentlemen the gradation from geniuses to cretins is much greater than that of women. As a result, Eve's daughters have fewer geniuses, but fewer times the idiot.

Male and female psychology differ in the main- in the tasks. In men, the subconscious, and often conscious, function is "to know the world, to know the essence of things." At beautiful ladies it is - "to provide all conditions for continuation of a life". Hence, all the differences between them follow. Given this factor, it is much easier to understand people around, no matter what gender they are.

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