Main Attractions of Tenerife

Main Attractions of Tenerife

One of the most important points that attractan endless stream of tourists from all over the world to the islands of the Canary archipelago, is their climate. The weather here is characterized by a rare stability and you can rest on the beaches all year round with equal comfort, not recalling whether the summer is now or winter. But apart from the luxurious beach holiday, people are attracted to here and thirst for new unusual experiences. In particular, the attractions of the island of Tenerife deserve to be looked at at least once. Acquaintance with them can be combined with a leisurely beach holiday. But he usually tires his monotony in a few days. And you want something new.Attractions of Tenerife

Attractions Tenerife

Tenerife - the largest island of the Canary archipelago, and here there is something to look of tenerife with sightsThe first thing you should pay attention to isthe Teide volcano is the highest peak not only of the Canary Islands, but also of the whole of Spain to which this archipelago belongs. Its height is 3718 meters above sea level, and not to notice this peak is quite difficult. Here, unlike other objects included in the category "Tenerife attractions", there are no entertainment facilities. It is a national park, that is, a carefully preserved corner of the wild nature. When climbing to the top, you will pass through several climatic zones, as is usually the case with mountain climbing. But climb to the top of the volcano should only be in the presence of climbing experience and equipment.

Observing other attractions of Tenerife,It is impossible not to mention Siam Park. This is certainly one of the best water parks in the world, both in terms of the variety of water attractions and the landscape design of the water sports complex. Here you can spend the whole day, and time will fly by unnoticed.Attractions of the island of TenerifeIf you arrived on an island with children, thenbe sure to visit such interesting objects as Monkey Park and Loro Park. The first of them is a monkey kingdom with a large set of the nearest human relatives, and the second was planned as a collection of various parrots. But recently a variety of fauna has become much more. And with monkeys, and with parrots you can communicate in any language and be photographed. It is hardly possible to list all the attractions of Tenerife in a short note, there are a lot of them, from time to time something completely new is offered to the attention of the public. But, of course, attention should be paid to the ancient town of La Laguna - the former capital of the island. There are many different events, festivals and carnivals. Many deserve attention. For exampleAttractions of Tenerife Teidemeasures, knight tournament and Spanish ballet. Many fans will find here fans of flamenco, Spanish national dance and costume. This is a bright and memorable sight.

How to plan a holiday

To your stay here should be approachedrationally and schedule ahead. Map of Tenerife with sights is in any hotel and camping. You should take it in your hands, evaluate their location and make a rational tour route through the largest island of the Canary archipelago.

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