Magic Life Imperial Resort: review, description, specs and guest reviews

Magic Life Imperial Resort: review, description, specs and guest reviews

If you want to have a great rest in Sharm El Sheikh and look for a comfortable hotel with a private beach, the Magic Life Imperial Resort 5 * can be a suitable option for you.magic life imperial resort

General description, location, photo

This hotel is located on the beachRed Sea, in the bay of Nabq. The distance to Naama Bay is 21 kilometers, and to the Old Town - 29 kilometers. Sharm El Sheikh Airport is only ten kilometers away. So the road to the hotel will take you no more than half an hour.

Magic Life Sharm-El-Sheikh Imperial (Egypt) wasIt was built in 2002. In 2010, the renovation was carried out here. The area of ​​the hotel's own territory is 94.5 thousand square meters. The hotel has 521 rooms. The apartments are located in a complex of 3-storey buildings. There are rooms of the following categories: standard (overlooking the garden or pool), junior suite and suite. Part of the apartment is for non-smoking guests. Regardless of the category, all rooms have the necessary furniture, air conditioning, TV (including two Russian-language channels), safe, hairdryer, mini-bar, bathroom with shower, balcony or terrace with table and chairs. On the floor there is a ceramic tile.

On the territory of the hotel complex is equippedseveral swimming pools (including for children), sun terraces, sports grounds, tennis courts, a gym. There is also a spa, beauty salon, several shops and souvenir shops, a diving center, a tour desk, laundry and much more. Guests are offered day and evening animation.magic life imperial resort 5

Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, Magic Life Imperial Resort 5 *: reviews of Russian travelers

Every experienced tourist knows first hand,how important it is to carefully plan any trip abroad. Especially if it concerns a long-awaited vacation. One of the main points to which you should pay special attention is the choice of the hotel. After all, on its territory (in the case of the choice of the format "ol inclusive"), you will spend most of the time going beyond it, just going on excursions, walking around the neighborhood and shopping. Therefore it is very important to find a hotel that will not only meet financial opportunities, but also completely satisfy you in other aspects. After all, no one wants to experience unpleasant emotions while relaxing at sea. That's why you should take a very responsible approach to choosing a hotel, gathering as much information as possible. According to many experienced travelers, an invaluable help at this stage is the study of the comments of those people who recently resided in the hotel that interested you. After all, in their comments they try to tell not only about the pros, but also the possible disadvantages that you may encounter during your stay in the hotel. This will help to make a more reliable impression of what will await you on vacation, and not make a mistake with the choice of the hotel. To save you a lot of time, we suggest immediately moving on to studying the generalized comments of our compatriots regarding their stay in the Magic Life Imperial 5 *. Hotel "Magic Life Imperial", immediately notice, fell in favor of most tourists. According to them, it is well worth the money spent and is suitable for an excellent holiday on the Red Sea coast. But we suggest to learn more about the details.magic life imperial

Residential fund

According to our compatriots, the numbers in thethis hotel is very decent. So, the apartments are spacious enough, nicely decorated, clean, bright. Guests liked the large furnished balconies and terraces (on the first floors), where you can comfortably sit and relax. Also, guests note comfortable beds, on which you can sleep well. The work of technology no complaints. According to tourists, everything functions smoothly. But if there is any breakdown, immediately report it to the reception, and the malfunction will be rectified as soon as possible.

Experienced travelers warn those whoplans to stay at the Magic Life Imperial during the vacation, that if possible, you should ask to settle you in the buildings located closer to the main pool. From here you will walk closer to the main restaurant and the beach. This is especially true for those who come to rest with young children, as well as for the elderly.Egypt magic life imperial resort 5 reviews


Complaints on the work of maids in Magic LifeImperial, the reviews of tourists about which we are considering, almost was not. So, according to our compatriots, they clean here quite well. Of course, if you start to look under the beds and cupboards, you will probably find dust there, but most of the guests satisfied the quality of the cleaning. Towels are changed every day, and bed linen is updated a couple of times a week. Also, as required, the maids replenish the supplies of bath accessories.

As you spend, you will also be reporteddrinks in the minibar. You will not find alcohol in it. So, in the mini-bar there are several small bottles of Coca-Cola, Phantas and drinking water. These drinks are included in the price of the hotel, so there is nothing extra to pay for them.

Also many travelers in their commentsnoted that the maids were building on their beds funny figures of towels and flower petals and leaves. As our compatriots noted, they are more likely to do this if you regularly leave them a tip.hotel reviews club magic life sharm el sheikh imperial

Additional service

A pleasant moment for the guests, who haveThe time of stay in the hotel fell on a memorable date, compliments from Magic Life Imperial began. This applies to the newlyweds, birthday people and couples celebrating the anniversary of the wedding. Please note that in the first and third cases, you must provide the receptionist with a copy of your marriage certificate. As a compliment, guests are provided with breakfast in the room, a delicious cake, a bottle of good wine and a fruit basket. Tourists liked this attentive attitude on the part of the administration.


At Magic Life Imperial Resort 5 *(Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt) in accordance with the internal rules set the check-out time. So, the settlement of newly arrived tourists in the rooms booked by them should be carried out after two o'clock in the afternoon. However, according to our compatriots, in practice everything happens a little differently. So, if you arrive at the hotel in the morning, then with a high probability of the keys to the number you will be given quickly enough and will not be forced to wait until 14:00. This is an undoubted advantage.

However, as some tourists point out,be prepared for the fact that the number that you will be offered by default, you will not be satisfied with its location. Therefore, if you want to immediately get a great apartment, then experienced travelers are advised to thank the administrator at the reception for 10-20 dollars, and then you can not worry about your placement. By the way, you do not have to carry your heavy bags and suitcases yourself. The hotel employee will deliver your luggage directly to the door of the room for you.magic life sharm el sheikh imperial Egypt


On the day of departure, vacate the occupied apartmentsit should be before 12 noon. If you plan to leave the hotel only in the evening, then you can extend the room for several hours at an additional cost. It is desirable to inform in advance about your intention at the reception. However, you can do otherwise. So, many tourists release the room, as expected, until noon, leave things in the storage room at the reception and continue to use the hotel infrastructure in full.magic life imperial resort 5 reviews

the Internet

Since most modern people are used toalways have the opportunity to be online, reviews about the hotel Club Magic Life Sharm-El-Sheikh Imperial regarding the Internet are enjoying the increased attention from travelers planning their vacation. So, judging by the comments of our compatriots, free Wi-Fi is available throughout the territory of this hotel complex. However, guests claim that in many rooms and parts of the territory the connection speed is very low, and communication is often interrupted. But in general, you can use wireless internet here. For those tourists who are always important to be online, experienced travelers are advised to immediately purchase a SIM card from a local mobile operator with a prepaid Internet package when they arrive in Egypt. You can do it right at the airport or in the city. Will cost such a sim card to you inexpensively (about 10-15 dollars), and you can use it throughout the vacation.


Most of the guests, judging by their reviews,remained very pleased with the territory of the hotel complex "Magic Life Imperial Resort". So, the tourists found it very big, green, well-groomed. There are many flowers, picturesque palms, bushes, beautiful paths and bridges. In a word, on the territory of the hotel you will always find where to stroll and make excellent photos to commemorate the rest.magic life imperial resort 5 egypt


This item is for guests Magic Life ImperialResort 5 * (Egypt, Sharm el-Sheikh) did not disappoint. On the contrary, according to tourists, food in the hotel is organized at a very decent level. So, guests can eat both in the main restaurant, functioning in the buffet format, and in institutions working on the "a la carte" system.

As for the main restaurant, hereguests are waiting for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The menu includes a lot of different, every day alternating dishes. According to tourists, you can always choose something to your taste. So, visitors to the restaurant can eat a variety of dishes from fish, seafood, meat, chicken, turkey, salads, snacks, fresh fruits and vegetables, delicious pastries and desserts. There is a separate menu for children and diet menus.

Also, most of the guests "Magic LifeImperial Resort "did not miss the opportunity to visit restaurants" a la carte. " Here you will be offered Italian, Asian and Egyptian cuisine. Meals can be ordered from the menu. According to our compatriots, especially they liked the restaurants of Egyptian and Italian cuisine. By the way, a table in them should be booked in advance. You can do this by contacting the administrator at the reception.

In addition, during the day, guests can snack on fast food in snack bars. They are located near the pool and on the beach.


This point also did not disappoint the guests of the Magic Life Imperial, judging by their feedback. So, on the territory of the hotel there are several bars offering a wide range of drinks for every taste.


According to our compatriots, beach holidaysin this hotel complex has its own characteristics. So, indisputably, the big plus is the fact of finding a hotel on the very shore of the Red Sea. Therefore, guests can reach their own beach in a leisurely pace in just a few minutes. The beach here is quite large, clean, sandy, with enough sun loungers and sun umbrellas for everyone. Nearby there is a bar with drinks and snacks. However, the approach to the water was not liked by all tourists. According to them, like in many other Egyptian hotels, you can go to the sea here either directly from the shore or from the pier. But in the first case you will have to walk long enough in shallow water. At the bottom of the same dead corals, which somewhat interferes with the movement. By the way, for the same reason, it is advisable to use special shoes to avoid injuring your legs. The pier, however, seemed part of the travelers too long. But with him you can go down a comfortable staircase, hitting immediately to the depths near the coral reef. The big plus is the fact that the pontoon is always on duty lifeguard.

Experienced tourists warn that in the firsthalf the day near the reef you can hardly swim, because at this time a strong wind is blowing and rescuers are hanging out a red flag, meaning that swimming is prohibited. The calm sea becomes, as a rule, from 2 pm to 6 pm.

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  • Magic Life Imperial Resort: review, description, specs and guest reviews Magic Life Imperial Resort: review, description, specs and guest reviews Magic Life Imperial Resort: review, description, specs and guest reviews Magic Life Imperial Resort: review, description, specs and guest reviews Magic Life Imperial Resort: review, description, specs and guest reviews Magic Life Imperial Resort: review, description, specs and guest reviews Magic Life Imperial Resort: review, description, specs and guest reviews