Linoleum as a laminate. Features and selection rules

Linoleum as a laminate. Features and selection rules

The consumer of the construction market has long resigned tothe usual set of finishing materials. Fundamentally new solutions are not yet widespread, so manufacturers are trying to maximize profits from existing products. Floor coverings can be considered as one of the basic directions in the segment of finishing building materials. Here, tiles, laminate, linoleum and various variants of carpet are traditionally presented.

It would seem that the linoleum had to loserelevance due to cheap appearance, artificial origin and rather modest performance. However, it has strengths, including low price, versatility and practicality. In addition, manufacturers do not want to miss the budget segment in the market and in every way improve the basic characteristics of linoleum. Models of coatings made for laminate, just and can be considered as a tool to maintain the popularity of this material.

What is the feature of linoleum for laminate?

linoleum as a laminate

The main distinguishing feature of such modelsis the texture, and sometimes the texture of the surface. In recent years, the model series of finishing and facing materials are increasingly replenished with simulation series. That is, on the surface of a tile, sheet or panel, an invoice with a natural or other familiar pattern is depicted. It can be a pattern of wood sawing, metal tint, stone texture, etc. In other words, by purchasing linoleum as a laminate, you can recreate the effect of wood coating.

It is noteworthy that both laminated panels, inin turn, were intended as a means of imitating traditional parquet. Therefore, linoleum in such series can be considered as an inverse variation of the parquet. But, of course, there are a lot of differences, since the laminate has acquired its unique features during its existence and today offers a wide range of design options. In this regard, the following question is right: the laminate or linoleum - which is better? The expert's opinion does not imply an unambiguous answer, since in both cases, both solutions can be beneficial. For a clear understanding of the difference, you should compare these decks.

Laminate or linoleum - which is better?

laminate or linoleum that is better expert opinion

Usually floor coverings are compared on twocategories of characteristics - decorativeness and technical qualities. It starts with a visual effect, because this is the property that distinguishes the imitation linoleum. At once it is necessary to tell, that both coverings are not completely natural, that causes an aesthetic imperfection of their invoice. On the other hand, technologists have learned to perform almost flawless patterns on the surface, which are difficult to distinguish from natural ones. In this regard, the materials are comparable. However, when going to the comparison of technical characteristics, the question posed earlier will be clarified: laminate or linoleum - what is better? The expert's opinion notes that laminated panels are advantageous in terms of strength and reliability.

On the other hand, high-quality linoleum is more profitablepurchase when decorating the kitchen space, dining room and hallway. This material is easier to wash, stack and do not mind throwing away, since it costs much less than laminate flooring. The latter is still characterized by the fact that there is a certain proportion of natural wood in it, therefore, environmental safety is higher. However, a good linoleum, depending on the technology of production, can have minimal harm in the process of operation.

how much is linoleum

Varieties of material

Simulation models adopted the classification,typical of ordinary linoleum. There are three categories of such coatings - these are models for household use, semi-commercial and commercial options. The first group includes coatings with the lowest level of abrasion. But this is not to be feared, as manufacturers expect their durability for a period of up to 10 years. Semi-commercial linoleum as a laminate is designed for use in public places where no increased loads are expected. It can be schools, libraries and hospitals. In this case, the requirements for abrasion increase, but the characteristics of linoleum enough for long service. The most reliable is commercial (industrial) linoleum, which has in its structure a thick substrate and high-quality PVC film.

Nuances of choice

good linoleum

Of course, the main criterion is the appearance,because it is this characteristic that distinguishes the material of this group. But do not forget that linoleum as a laminate must cope with the stresses and external influences. Therefore, it is necessary to initially consider all risks of exploitation of the flooring. It may be necessary to choose a model with an improved water repellent property, increased fire resistance and anti-slip effect.

Price issue

The originality of the appearance, of course,affected the cost of the material. The answer to the question about how much is the linoleum, stylized for laminate, provides for a wide range - on average from 300 to 700 rubles. for 1 m2. For comparison, it is worth noting that the cheapestcoatings from standard series can be estimated at 150-200 rubles. As the cost increases, accordingly, the qualitative characteristics of the material also increase.

Also, do not forget about such properties asdegree of abrasion, the presence of additional protective layers and water repellent coatings. The most demanding consumers are certainly interested in the question as to how much a linoleum with the best characteristics costs - again, the price spread is quite wide, but on average for such models ask at least 500 rubles. for 1 m2.

Reviews about linoleum for laminate

linoleum reviews

Still, the main qualities of linoleum remainsnot the most durable and durable coating. This is evidenced by the reviews. For example, the owners note the loss of the former aesthetic effect, the presence of scratches that are not eliminated, the formation of scuffs and stretch marks. However, everything depends on the conditions under which the linoleum is used. Reviews about household models are not so pessimistic. As practice shows, if you provide for all the threats to the floor covering and pick up the material with the appropriate protective qualities, then there will be no reason for disappointment. As for the aesthetic merits of imitation under the laminate in the form of linoleum, they cause only admiration. Another thing is that the preservation of nice drawings with wood texture can last not as long as the producers promise.


tile laminate linoleum

Striving to improve the aesthetic qualitiesdecoration of premises, do not forget about the elementary strength of the flooring. In this respect, linoleum as a laminate or parquet board does not differ from its analogues with traditional texture. It is still easy to pack and maintain. But, unlike the same laminated laths or parquet, the linoleum will not look as good in the living room. Still, this is a practical solution for the kitchen, hallway or public place. But one can not but note the pluses of such coatings. This is probably the most affordable option, with a wide range of stylistic solutions.

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  • Linoleum as a laminate. Features and selection rules Linoleum as a laminate. Features and selection rules Linoleum as a laminate. Features and selection rules Linoleum as a laminate. Features and selection rules Linoleum as a laminate. Features and selection rules Linoleum as a laminate. Features and selection rules Linoleum as a laminate. Features and selection rules Linoleum as a laminate. Features and selection rules Linoleum as a laminate. Features and selection rules Linoleum as a laminate. Features and selection rules