Lenovo S6000 Tablet: model overview, customer reviews and expert reviews

Lenovo S6000 Tablet: model overview, customer reviews and expert reviews

For Lenovo, one ofleading positions in the IT industry. It begins with confidence to replace competitors in a large number of spheres. Not an exception is the market of tablet computers under the Android OS, where Lenovo also increases the number of its gadgets.

In 2013, at the MWC exhibition, the companyexhibited three new gadgets, one of which is the hero of our review - a tablet Lenovo S6000. Its characteristics can not be called "top", but as for the budgetary they are quite good.

lenovo s6000


Tablet from Lenovo model IdeaPad S6000positions itself primarily as an easy and very convenient device that is designed to perform a wide variety of multimedia tasks. Their spectrum is significantly expanded due to a capacious battery and the presence of a 3G module. Let's take a look at the performance of this miracle.

Installed operating system: Android OS version 4.2.2.

Display: the diagonal is 10.1 inches, the matrix WXGA IPS, the resolution of the display is 1280x800 pixels, the capacitive sensor, multitouch for 10 simultaneous touches, glossy.

Processor: model MediaTek MT8389: Cortex-A7 4 cores, processing speed up to 1200 MHz per core.
RAM: 1 GB volume, LPDDR2 format.

Built-in memory: 16 GB.
Expansion of memory: the possibility of installing microSD (up to 64 GB).
Additional outputs: micro-USB (OTG support), SIM card slot, 3.5 mm headphone jack, micro-HDMI.
The camera: the rear is 5 MP and the front one is 0.3 MP.
Communication: Wi-Fi, 3G, GPS, Bluetooth 4.0.
Battery: 6300 mAh.
In addition: light sensor, accelerometer, gyro, compass.
Dimensions: 260х180х8,6 mm.
Weight: 560 g.

tablet lenovo s6000

Judging by the technical specifications, the tabletThe Lenovo S600 has almost typical characteristics for budget models. The only thing that strongly distinguishes it - the presence of a very powerful battery, which prolongs the tablet in standalone mode for several days. But about this a little later.


Supplied Lenovo S6000 tablet in a compactcardboard packaging. After removing the cover, you can see a modestly lying gadget with the charger, adapter, USB cable and instructions for use under it. But users have the opportunity to buy an additional keyboard, HDMI cable and various adapters.

tablet lenovo ideatab s6000


When you first examine the Lenovo IdeaTab S6000 tabletcreates a pleasant impression. The beautiful black front is very impressive. The back side has a more gray tint, but also causes only positive emotions.

Clearly in the center, on top of the screen, isThe front camera, and the bottom is the inscription Lenovo. To the great regret, the glass on the front part does not have an oleophobic coating and for this reason it gets dirty very quickly. A fairly wide border around the sensor minimizes the chance of accidentally clicking on it while holding it with one hand. There is nothing superfluous on the back panel. Only a 5 megapixel camera is located next to the left speaker.

From above (if you hold the tablet horizontally)there are: a power-off button and a microphone. Right edge and bottom are completely freed from any buttons and outputs. On the left are: a rocker volume control button, USB and HDMI outlets, a headphone jack and a stub that can be opened when you open two SIM slots and a memory card.


The tablet Lenovo S6000 quite bright colorfuldisplay. And although its performance is already a little outdated, in some cases it seems like a full-fledged Full HD. But the screen here is made using an outdated version of the WXGA IPS-matrix with a resolution value of 1280x800 pixels.

The color reproduction is quite pleasant and the viewing anglevery big. The only thing is the presence of prints on the glass, which are visible when the tablet is tilted, due to the absence of an oleophobic coating. But this is a trifle, since it's still very good at its price category.


Tablets of higher price categories, in contrast tobudget employees, most often equipped with two cameras. But this does not apply to the Lenovo S 6000. Reviews about it almost always start with the admiration of having two video recorders of acceptable quality.

lenovo s6000 3g

The main camera has a matrix of 5 megapixels. With its help you can take good pictures. But the main condition is the presence of good lighting. There are no outbreaks, in case of cloudy weather in the video and photos there are various noises. A front camera of 0.3 megapix can not really take pictures and you can not do a SELFI, because the image is disgusting. But it is also intended for video communication, for which it is quite enough. For this reason, we will not focus on it.


The hardware of the Lenovo S6000 tablet is builtbased on the rather popular processor MediaTek model MT8389. It has 4 cores with a clock speed of each to 1200 MHz. These parameters are enough to run not very "heavy" games and applications. In addition, 1 GB RAM will allow you to quickly respond to actions.

lenovo s 6000 reviews

Has a tablet Lenovo S6000 3G module and memorythe size of 16 GB. This is quite enough to store a couple of seasons favorite show and the library. The system itself is allocated approximately 5 GB. Including all modules, surfing the Internet or editing documents, you can not watch the slowdowns. The graphics core PowerVR SGX544 is not so strong as to "pull" the colorful 3D games without problems, and very often there is a hang of frames. This is unpleasant, but can be solved using applications on smaller parameters.


About the Lenovo S 6000 battery pack reviewshas the best. All this thanks to a capacity of 6300 mAh. Tests have shown that with a moderate use of the gadget, it is sufficient for autonomous operation for several days.

Watching HD movies online (viaWi-Fi connection) and lowering the brightness to average parameters, users note the battery life as 11 hours of continuous operation. Agree, for a tablet with a ten-inch screen, which refers to the budget variant, this indicator is very high. After the battery is completely discharged, it takes only 3 hours to fully fill it.


Experts and users provide quite adifferent reviews about the Lenovo S6000 tablet. The thing is that everyone has their own evaluation criteria. And, like any device, this gadget has its pros and cons. We choose from the reviews the most significant advantages and disadvantages.


  • large functional set;
  • availability of a quality screen;
  • loud speakers;
  • very powerful battery;
  • low cost.


  • absence of oleophobic coating;
  • weak video camera;
  • low productivity.

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  • Lenovo S6000 Tablet: model overview, customer reviews and expert reviews Lenovo S6000 Tablet: model overview, customer reviews and expert reviews Lenovo S6000 Tablet: model overview, customer reviews and expert reviews Lenovo S6000 Tablet: model overview, customer reviews and expert reviews Lenovo S6000 Tablet: model overview, customer reviews and expert reviews