Latex mattress: customer and orthopedic feedback

Latex mattress: customer and orthopedic feedback

The mood of a person and his working capacitydirectly depend on sleep. Night sleep helps to restore energy lost for the previous day. Great value in this case has a sleeper. A quality bed contributes to a healthy sleep and the removal of fatigue. More and more buyers pay attention to orthopedic mattresses. There are several reasons for this.

Orthopedic mattress - healthy sleep

The specialists developed a mattress thatallows you to keep the spine while sleeping in the right physiological position. At the same time, muscles of the back, spine completely relax. A person feels rested.

latex mattress reviewIf you choose a soft mattress for your sleep, the spinewill bend. The next morning there may be pain in the back and neck. Hard bed is also not the best option. The most qualitative is a mattress, which completely repeats the contours of the body, no matter in what position the person is accustomed to sleeping.

A huge popularity recently usedorthopedic mattresses springless latex. Despite the high cost, they provide a wonderful sleep. They are increasingly used to organize children's sleep.

What is latex?

Raw materials for the manufacture of modern, springlessmattresses are extracted from rubber plants. Their juice freezes and turns into an elastic material, characterized by high strength. Most often, the Hebea Brazilian tree is used. The juice of this plant has excellent properties. To extract raw materials, an incision is made on the bark of the tree. Liquid content quickly freezes.

latex mattresses from Thailand reviewsFrozen juice can not yet servemaking such a product as a latex natural mattress. To the received raw material add stabilizers, synthetic latex, various antibacterial agents. The result is a latex foam, which is already used in the production of mattresses.

Ecological compatibility is the main advantage of products fromnatural latex. The question of whether to choose a mattress spring or latex, many do not even arise. After all, the second option provides for the maintenance of a large proportion of natural raw materials. More than 80% of rubber is contained in a quality latex mattress. In cheaper models, the proportion of natural latex can reach 50%.


A good choice is a latex mattress. Each product will leave a positive feedback. The main advantage of latex is the absence in it of various microorganisms. Springless mattresses today occupy the first place in terms of hygiene. Such products can be used even for the organization of a newborn's sleeping place. No allergic reactions to the child will not be terrible.

mattress, spring or latexFrozen rubber juice is strong enough. For a complete person is ideal for latex mattress. His recall will be excellent even after several years of daily operation. Even the biggest loads can not spoil the structure of the mattress. Over the years, it remains strong and does not lose its form.

A wonderful sensation after a dream on a springlessthe mattress can not be compared with anything. Everyone will feel rested and cheerful. And this is very important in order to fully cope with their daily duties.

How not to be deceived?

To the great regret, not all latex mattresses,which are offered on the market, are really natural. Even during the Second World War, scientists created a special artificial latex, which served to meet the objectives of the military. This material was also used for making mattresses. Despite the fact that a lot of time has already passed, manufacturers still use artificial material. This allows you to make the cost of production lower. But such products are sold for almost the price of natural products.

polyurethane foam and latex mattresses reviewsExternally, artificial and natural latex canbe identical. But the first option can not be environmentally friendly. In addition, latex, made of rubber, is more durable. Therefore, it is worth to clarify before buying, from which raw materials the latex mattress is made. The seller's response will be true if you go to a specialized store that has all the necessary documents. It is not recommended to buy a mattress in a spontaneous market.

Structure of natural latex mattress

The mattress has its own characteristics thanks toa special structure that resembles a sponge. Internal pores promote normal air circulation. This is why good hygiene is ensured with a long service life. Humidity of the human body quickly dissipates, and the appearance of microorganisms inside the mattress is impossible.

best latex mattressesThe best latex mattresses do not have metaldetails. Despite this, they are quite elastic and durable. Metal during sleep can have a harmful effect on the human body. There can be no question of a qualitative dream. Natural latex is completely ecological and safe. It is convenient and unpretentious in operation. Orthopedists recommend the use of springless mattresses for the organization of children's and adult sleep.

Physicians about latex mattresses

Latex has been used for a long time already inmedicine. But for orthopedic purposes, the material began to be used relatively recently. Special springless mattresses today are not only a means for quality sleep, but also a panacea for many problems with the spine. Orthopedic sleeper can correct a twisted spine (in combination with other measures, of course). And if you use a latex mattress for prevention, problems with posture can be forgotten.

orthopedic mattresses springless latexToday, manufacturers offer mattresses withuniformly distributed stiffness or with special areas. The latter option is recommended by orthopedists for people suffering from pain in certain areas of the spine. The mattress is selected strictly individually. The effect of brutality in the workplace is achieved through special holes in the latex. The larger the diameter of the holes in a certain zone, the softer it will be. Discussing the question of which mattress to choose - spring or latex, doctors prefer the latter option. Springs do not allow the sleeper to be made with different hardness zones.

How to choose a latex mattress?

There are several rules that will allowchoose a really good quality latex mattress. The manufacturer's feedback should be taken into account last. After all, everyone wants to present their products in a more favorable light.

The first thing you should pay attention to iscomposition. A quality mattress should be made of natural raw materials. Good products are considered, the share of natural rubber in which exceeds 80%. Such mattresses are expensive. In this case, the buyer acquires a truly durable product. It's no coincidence that polyurethane foams and latex mattresses are popular. Reviews say that such products can last more than 20 years.

latex natural mattressBuy a mattress better in a proven company,which has been operating on the market for a long time, and also has a lot of positive feedback. Quality products can be guaranteed.

Latex mattresses from Thailand

The most high-quality products on the market are productsfor sleep from latex, produced in Thailand. Patex, which has been operating on the market for more than 40 years, has perfectly proved itself. Excellent performance characteristics are not only latex mattresses from Thailand. Reviews can also be heard about pillows that provide a really comfortable sleep.

The Patex factory is the only one in the territoryThailand, which has a domestic certificate of conformity. This means that consumers can purchase a quality product with all the necessary documentation. Prices for mattresses are quite democratic. A good copy can be purchased for only 7-8 thousand rubles.

Mattress outside the bedroom

Durable products from latex can beused not only as a bed in an apartment. Latex mattresses from Thailand are also excellent in nature. Customer reviews show that products are well maintained in the open air. Orthopedic mattress can become indispensable for giving.

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  • Latex mattress: customer and orthopedic feedback Latex mattress: customer and orthopedic feedback Latex mattress: customer and orthopedic feedback Latex mattress: customer and orthopedic feedback Latex mattress: customer and orthopedic feedback Latex mattress: customer and orthopedic feedback Latex mattress: customer and orthopedic feedback Latex mattress: customer and orthopedic feedback Latex mattress: customer and orthopedic feedback