Kursk hotels: list, photo

Kursk hotels: list, photo

In this article we will discuss the best hotels in the city of Kursk, let's talk about the service in them and much more. Book hotels in Kursk, and let your rest or working trips be only successful!


Kursk is a wonderful city-fortress,located to the south of Moscow, which is the site of famous historical battles and an integral part of the history of Russia. It is worth it not only to make a working trip there, but also to visit for informative purposes.

In addition, Kursk is one of the cultural and religious centers of the country.

Hotels in Kursk, a list of which will be presented in this article, - present their guests numbers in different price categories, including economy class from 500 rubles!

If you suddenly gather for some reason or another in Kursk, you immediately have the question: "What hotel and how to book?"

In total, according to the latest information, in Kursk there are more than 16 hotels of various classes: from small and modest to fairly prestigious.

One of the most famous hotels in Kursk is "Central". This is an excellent option, designed for any budget and format of stay.

Kursk hotels: listHotels in Kursk, the list of which you will find in this material, represent a large selection of conditions for living. And now more!

Hotel Central

The Central Hotel in Kursk is considered one of the oldest. The level of service here is quite high, the living conditions are perfectly adjusted.

To book a room in this architectural styleattractive hotel, you need to go to the official site, and before you book a room, determine the date of arrival and departure, and then enter them in the desired window. Then you can safely choose one of the liked numbers! "Central" adequately represents and tops the top under the name "Kursk hotels".

The list of rooms and their equipment will be announced further.

Rooms and interior

Rooms in the hotel are offered to the guests of the city as single (economy) and luxury. Photos are presented in this article.

There are hotel and studio rooms for those who prefer a small but at the same time comfortable space.

The hotel rooms are so cozy that you choose from the entire existing list the one that you will like. Free Wi-Fi is available 24 hours a day.

The availability of individual options and the layout of rooms depends on the categories, which together with the suite there are 87.

Hotels in KurskWith them and the principles of distribution can also be found on the official website of the "Central" hotel.

Furniture and appliances in the rooms have all, bathrooms even in economy class rooms are fully equipped with the necessary sanitary equipment.

Hotels in Kursk - a lot of options for the best prices and the most comfortable rest!

Luxury rooms are superior rooms, but the prices for them are, respectively, higher. If you like luxury and can afford it, this option is just for you.

Hotels in Kursk, photos of which are presented inthis article deserve special attention. If you want to have a good time in the regional center, be sure to stay in one of the hotels presented in this material.

Services and Services

Hotels in Kursk is not only an opportunity to book a room and use services only indoors, it is primarily a holiday at the highest level.

The "central" hotel offers an opportunityacquiring and visiting city tours, purchasing tickets from the administrator at theaters, cinemas and other entertainment centers of Kursk. In addition, without leaving the building you can buy train tickets at the ticket office selling railway tickets. Also, if necessary, you can visit the hairdressers available in the hotel building, or rent a conference room for business meetings.

If necessary, a taxi can also be ordered at any time by contacting the administrator.

In front of the hotel there is parking for cars.


Meals at the hotel are not included in the priceyou pay it separately. You can have a snack in the buffet, thoroughly eat - in the "Lobby" bar, where there is a cozy and even somewhat aristocratic atmosphere, and the menu is represented by Russian and European dishes.

In the morning, you can drink natural coffee in the buffet with any dessert or bun. Food prices are optimal.

Hotels in Kursk: photosThe dishes are very tasty, some are homemade. Try them, you will leave a positive feedback.

Hotels in Kursk (the list in this article) - will provide the most comfortable conditions for any guest of the regional center!

Address and time schedule

"Central" hotel is located in the city of Kursk at: ul. Lenin, the house number 2. All questions of interest for booking rooms and prices for rooms can be asked administrators by phone:

+7 (471-2) 70-61-48, 7 (271-2) 70- 59-31. The hotel operates round the clock, and also receives calls from visitors.

Hurry up to book inexpensive economy-class rooms in the Central hotel right now - here you are always welcome!

Hotel "Aquamarine"

"Aquamarine" - one of the best options for booking economy-class rooms at the best prices in Kursk!

Hotels in Kursk One of the inexpensive, but at the same time with good service is the hotel of the historic part of the city.

Its name is not accidental, because it is also a SPA-center of the city.

Hotel "Aquamarine" - the territory of absolute comfort and comfort!

To reserve a room or ask questions of interest, please call: +7 (471-2) 200-777.

Hotels in Kursk economy class offers rooms at the lowest prices in any part of the city!

Address and time schedule

The hotel is located in the city of Kursk on the street International, house number 64 and works for its guests around the clock!

In the hotel you will always be met by friendly staff, providing all conditions for the most comfortable rest!

Travel around Russia and visit the historic city of Kursk!

Kursk: hotels, inns

More Kursk hotels

Among the large variety of hotels in the city of Kursk, the following hotels can be identified:

  • "Aurora". Here, friendly staff, good cuisine and regular room cleaning. You'll like it!
  • Hotel Prestige. This is a multi-storey hotel, where everyone will find a job.
  • Three Pescara. In this wonderful hotel you can book rooms of different classes at the lowest prices!
  • Hotel "Olympus" will turn your holiday into a paradise pleasure. The hotel has polite staff waiting for you, who is always ready to help.
  • "Fatezh" - a fairly popular mini-hotel, where you can relax as a big company, and a romantic couple or a lonely wanderer.

In this short article, we discussed in detailsuch a wonderful city as Kursk, hotels, hotels of different classes, their shortcomings and advantages, touched upon the theme of interior and services, talked about personnel and service.

We hope that in this article you found the information you were looking for.

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  • Kursk hotels: list, photo Kursk hotels: list, photo Kursk hotels: list, photo Kursk hotels: list, photo Kursk hotels: list, photo Kursk hotels: list, photo Kursk hotels: list, photo