Kudepsta: reviews about the rest

Kudepsta: reviews about the rest

The capital of the summer Russian holiday has longis the city of Sochi. But over time, especially as a result of reconstructions before and after the Olympics, this resort metropolis has become too noisy and crowded place. It is difficult to find a good place to live, close to the clear sea, and the thunder of music from entertainment centers, youth parties and clubs often haunts families with children, romantic couples, or just wanting to relax on the seaside. And yet in the vicinity of Sochi you can find beautiful corners, where there is still a quiet, measured rest. One of them is Kudepsta. Reviews about this village, we also analyzed further in the article.

Kudepsta reviews

How to get here?

This resort area is very interesting inadministrative plan. The town itself refers to Khost, and its surroundings to Adler. However, only Kudepsta wins from this. The reviews of those who visited it say that in connection with this division public transport to the village goes well both from Khosty and Adler.

Tourists who arrive in Sochi airport,usually get here by bus or shuttle bus number 105, because from it to Kudepsta only 10 kilometers. Ten minutes to go to the center of the village from the Adler railway station. Hosts here are 123, 124 and 175 routes. And from the Sochi station you need to get around half an hour by bus number 122.

Kudepsta cs reviews

Rest on the sea

They come here mainly for the sake of the beaches.Holiday in Kudepst (reviews in this unanimous) gives travelers the opportunity to make a choice between different types of coast. But they are all with small pebbles, clean, without glass and debris.

Many like the city beach or the shore nearsanatorium "Burgas". But some travelers criticize the places near the boarding house "Motorist". The fact that the local beach is located near the mouth of the river Kudepsta, whose water has specificity - black. Therefore, some of the sea seems dirty, although in fact it is not. Indeed, it is thanks to this water that the resort is famous for its curative mud and healing properties. Here come the cores and people with high blood pressure. The high content of iodine and bromine in water, as well as measured life and tidy walks help them to improve their health.

Holiday in kudepst reviews

Attractions and attractions

But not only for seal rest is intendedKudepsta. Reviews of tourists contain a lot of interesting information about what you can see in the vicinity. As elsewhere in the resort area of ​​Sochi, extreme types of excursions are spread here, such as jumping, quad biking or horse riding.

You will set off on a breathtaking journey through themountain gorges and fast rivers, and you will discover such amazing edges and horizons that you will remember them for a year! And you can visit the famous arboretum - a plantation of cork oaks on the Ovsyannikov ridge. If you are a fan of historical sights, then very near to Kudepsta is one of those famous dolmens that belonged to the ancient colchis. And those who prefer more distant trips, can go to Vorontsovskaya cave, which is in the upper reaches of the river Kudepsta.

Reviews left by tourists claim thathere very good home-made pastries, especially pita breads, which are made in special stone tandyrs. The rest of the catering facilities in this village are the same as in Sochi, except that prices are cheaper. A good reputation is enjoyed by the cafe "Lesnik's Lodge". And basically, all the restaurants and dining rooms are on the main village street, which bears the name of Darwin.

Sanatorium kudepsta reviews

Sanatorium "Kudepsta"

This is one of the most popular leisure options withtreatment in the village. The building of the sanatorium was built in the thirties of the last century, in the style that is now commonly called the "Stalin's Empire." It stands in the middle of a beautiful landscaped park with cypresses, magnolias, pines and Himalayan cedars.

The sanatorium has three sleeping buildings, where they cansimultaneously live two hundred people. Each room has a bathroom, refrigerator, TV. The superior rooms are air-conditioned. Almost all rooms have balconies. The food also offers guests a sanatorium "Kudepsta". Reviews of tourists say that here you can order as three meals a day, and different options for half board.

Huge comfortable beach, area of ​​threekilometer, is ten minutes walk from the buildings. The sanatorium specializes in the treatment of diseases of the respiratory tract, skin, nervous system, blood circulation.

Pension kudepsta reviews

Holiday Hotel «Kudepsta»

This recreation center is also quite popular amongbeach tourists in the Khosta district. The boarding house is designed for seven hundred people. It is located in the forest park, next to the famous Matsesta springs and five hundred meters from the beach.

Pension «Kudepsta» (reviews characterize itas very good) sits its guests in superior rooms and suites. Here everywhere there are balconies, televisions, showers with modern bathrooms. The rooms are spacious and cozy. On the territory of the boarding house there is a dance hall, a winter club, a "green theater". The base beach is equipped with a boat station, here you can rent scooters and hydrobikes.

The boarding house is very popular with sportsmen. There are football fields, tennis courts, gyms, a sauna.

Kudepsta (Sochi): reviews of tourists

Tourists who came to spend their holidays in thisvillage, sometimes complain that there is no entertainment. But they agree that in Kudepsta it is quiet and peaceful. There are cheap fruits and shops with very reasonable prices, so if you prefer to cook on your own, then this is a very good place. In addition, the village is very convenient in terms of transport links. To reach Adler or even to Sochi does not present any problems. Kudepsta is convenient for all kinds of travel or excursions.

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