Kazan, Swallows Nest (LC): description, reviews

Kazan, "Swallow's Nest" (LC): description, reviews

Kazan is a large city, the capital of Tatarstan. The housing issue here is no less acute than in other cities of the country. Those residential neighborhoods that were built many years ago, is not enough. Moreover, the way of life, its pace, changes. Young families prefer to live in a separate apartment, from the first days of married life to build their own nest. With the growth and development of the city, more and more attention of potential real estate buyers is attracted to new buildings, which are remote from the city center, guaranteeing peace and quiet. At the same time, due to their own infrastructure and transport accessibility, they provide excellent living conditions. "Swallow's Nest" (Kazan) - a modern residential complex that attracts the attention of many buyers. Within the framework of this material, we will evaluate the complex from all sides.

Kazan, Swallow's Nest

about the project

If you are tired of dreaming of your own apartment,it's time to translate your wishes into life. Pay special attention to the LCD "Swallow's Nest". This is a bright representative of a modern residential complex, where all the necessary conditions for a maximum comfortable life are created. A variety of thoughtful planning solutions allows everyone to find an apartment in accordance with their wishes and financial possibilities.


For the construction of the LCD "Swallow's Nest" wasKirovsky district of Kazan, located just 25 minutes from the cultural and historical center of the city, was chosen. After the city noise and crowded here you can find peace and tranquility. This is exactly what attracted the first customers.

"Swallow's Nest" LCD

Building Technologies

Complex "Swallow's Nest" (Kazan) was erected fromusing monolith-brick technology, which guarantees durability, reliability and external aesthetics. In the construction of concrete was used, produced by the builder, which allowed to significantly save on costs and provide all buyers with adequate prices for apartments in a new building. For exterior walls, a unique building material was chosen - aerated concrete, endowed with excellent heat and sound insulation properties. Its use allowed to abandon the additional isolation and guarantee to every tenant peace, quiet and optimal microclimate. To finish the facades used porcelain stoneware tiles, which not only look great, but also help to maintain the reliability of the building.

"Swallow's Nest" (Kazan): reviews

Heating in the apartments is done with the help ofhorizontal wiring, which has already proved its effectiveness and advantages compared to the usual vertical scheme. That's the apartment complex "Swallow's Nest" in Kazan. A group of co-investors who were among the first to purchase flats here emphasize that the design features, as well as the use of innovative technologies, have made it possible to reduce the monthly fee for utilities, primarily heating. And this point is important, it is necessarily taken into account in the process of choosing a residential complex.


Perhaps the main advantage of the complex"Swallow's Nest" in Kazan is a developed infrastructure. In walking distance from it is the metro station "Kozya Sloboda", from where you can reach anywhere in the city. The car owners say that thanks to a convenient and thoughtful traffic intersection, getting to work became much faster and more comfortable.

"Swallow's Nest" (Kazan): a group of co-investors

Near the new buildings are enough shops, majorshopping and entertainment centers, where you can not only make profitable shopping, but also have a great time in the company of friends and family. And all this - LCD "Swallow's Nest" in Kazan. The comments of the first residents emphasize that the complex is ideal for families with small children. Within walking distance is an excellent kindergarten and a comprehensive school. Walking, enjoying the fresh air, ride on attractions you can in the local park.

In addition, for car owners a spacious parking is provided, you can no longer worry about the safety of your car, because parking is organized around the clock video surveillance.


The choice of buyers offered one-, two- and three-three-room apartments of improved planning. At the moment most of the apartments are sold, but you still have the opportunity to acquire a dream apartment in the prestigious district of Kazan. All apartments in the complex are rented without finishing, in draft form, but the minimum necessary work is done: water is supplied, electric wiring is installed, radiators are installed.

Residential complex "Swallow's Nest" (Kazan)

By combining a bathroom and a bathroommanaged to expand the space of small one-room apartments - an ideal option for a newly-married couple who are just starting a joint life. For large families with children, two and three bedroom apartments with separate bathroom and bathroom, separate rooms and a spacious kitchen-living room, which will become a favorite place for family evenings and holidays, will be an excellent option.

Question price

The cost of apartments in LCD "Swallow's Nest"starts from 2.4 million rubles for "odnushku" of 29 square meters. A spacious two-bedroom apartment of 98 square meters can be purchased for only 6 million rubles.

Summing up

LCD "Swallow's Nest" (Kazan) - excellent residentialComplex, where all the necessary conditions for a quality urban life are created. The first inhabitants do not get tired of admiring the excellent location, stunning views of the Kremlin and other sights of the city. At the same time, all infrastructure facilities are right at your fingertips. If you are in the process of choosing an apartment, pay special attention to this option. At the moment, you can get your own apartment on favorable terms.

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  • Kazan, Swallows Nest (LC): description, reviews Kazan, Swallows Nest (LC): description, reviews Kazan, Swallows Nest (LC): description, reviews Kazan, Swallows Nest (LC): description, reviews Kazan, Swallows Nest (LC): description, reviews Kazan, Swallows Nest (LC): description, reviews Kazan, Swallows Nest (LC): description, reviews Kazan, Swallows Nest (LC): description, reviews Kazan, Swallows Nest (LC): description, reviews Kazan, Swallows Nest (LC): description, reviews Kazan, Swallows Nest (LC): description, reviews Kazan, Swallows Nest (LC): description, reviews Kazan, Swallows Nest (LC): description, reviews Kazan, Swallows Nest (LC): description, reviews