Is the longest river found

Is the longest river found?

During the existence of the Earth, the researchers did notdecreases work. After all, life on the planet is constantly changing under the influence of different factors - nature is renewed, and human activity contributes. Therefore, it is not easy to unequivocally answer the question: "What is the longest river in the world?"

For a long time the palm tree of the championshipbelonged to the Nile River. But modern, painstaking research has yielded more objective and unexpected results. It turns out that now Neal is ahead of the Amazon. Brazilian scientists have found a new source of the river Ucayali, this circumstance and allowed to increase the extent of the continuous river Amazon canal up to 7000 km. Therefore, the Amazon is recognized as the longest river.

The longest river

Most of the South American river flows through theterritory of Brazil, and the rest of its sleeves stretched over the lands of Bolivia, Ecuador, Peru, and Colombia. During the rainy season, the river floods its waters with a territory equal in size to England. The inhabitants of the Amazon waters are so diverse that the inhabitants of the Atlantic Ocean do not go with them in any comparison.

It is difficult to unequivocally choose from Russian rivers one,which by right will be called "The longest river in Russia". Indeed, it is not always possible to accurately measure the length of a river channel, since the sources and tributaries of the river located in the territory of neighboring states play their role.

According to statistical data, it is the river Lenashould become a record holder and receive an honorary title, as the longest river in Russia. After all, its length from the source itself, which is located near the ridge of the deep-water Lake Baikal, to the mouth, which flows into the Laptev Sea, is 4400 km.

The longest river in Russia

In winter, the Lena River can freeze tothe bottom, and when the hot summer comes to dry. In some places, its depth can reach the level of 0.5 m. Although at the first portion of the life-giving water coming from the tributaries, the river comes to life and becomes fused - ships that are hurrying down the waterway to the ocean begin to appear below Osetrova.

Americans are proud of the mighty river flowThe Mississippi, which divides the US into two parts, crosses the territory of ten states and carries its waters to the Atlantic. According to data taken from the American encyclopedia, the length of the Mississippi River System is 6275 km. It originates from the Jefferson River in the state of Montana, flows into the waters of Missouri and ends the way in the Gulf of Mexico. This allows you to assign it the appropriate title: "The longest river in the United States." It occupies the rightful fourth position among other river systems of the planet.

The longest river in the US

In the upper Mississippi there are raging waterfalls andsteep rapids. Among the waterfalls, St. Anthony stands out, the height of the indomitable fall of its waters is as much as 15 m. Between the cities of St. Louis and Minneapolis there are dams, the work of which helps to provide local residents with electricity.

During the spring flood, floods begin,flooding a large area. The basin of the Mississippi River occupies almost half of the American land. The longest river provides a constant work of shipowners.

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  • Is the longest river found Is the longest river found Is the longest river found Is the longest river found Is the longest river found Is the longest river found Is the longest river found Is the longest river found