IPhone - what is it Theres an answer

IPhone - what is it? There's an answer!

Relatively recently in our life rapidlybroke such an invention of technology as a smartphone. Now there are a lot of manufacturers of smart phones, but the most famous company for the production of similar gadgets is Apple. Her smartphone was called iPhone (iPhone). "What is it?" You ask. This article is devoted to the answer to this entertaining question.

First Generation IPhoneIPhone what is it?

Presentation of the first smartphone company "Apple"was held in the summer of 2007. The phone caused a real storm of emotions, because it was a revolutionary invention: Steve Jobs approached the matter very creatively and ingeniously. He was the first to introduce a touchscreen, which made the iPhone popular. What is it - the touchscreen, today knows almost everyone, but still recall: this is a function of increasing the image by moving the screen with two fingers. This phone had everything: an excellent camera, good memory and a screen resolution. However, there was one drawback: the lack of support for 3G networks, which caused a flurry of criticism and "flying stones." But, in spite of everything, the gadget managed to win the trust of users, and already six months after its release no one asked a question, hearing the word "iphone": "What is it?"

Let's talk about the iPhone 5

Please do not be surprised at why such a sharpthe transition from the first modification immediately to the fifth. The thing is that the next four generations of iPhone developers remained very conservative: the same screen was 3.5 inches, of the next-generation networks added only 3G-network, and, of course, the classic appearance. But the next generation of the phone, the iPhone 5, appeared in Moscow shortly after its entry into the world market, deserving the respect and confidence of novelists in the technology world. IPhone 5 broke all the old stereotypes: a new 4-inch screen with high resolution, an incredibly powerful processor, a revolutionary camera and three dynamics, which made the sound more clear and voluminous! Speaking more specifically, this is a dual-core Apple A6 processor, a camera with a resolution of 8 MP, which has a five-element lens that allows you to take stunning pictures, replacing the camera on normal walks or even when traveling.

How much does an iphone

Weight, video and price

As for the video, it began to enjoythe facial recognition function is exactly as in the photo. Front Face-Time camera can record video in HD, and also shoot better photos than on previous versions. It is worth noting that the iPhone 5 sharply dropped in weight, despite the fact that it began to have a larger screen diagonal: in comparison with 4S its weight decreased by 28 grams. Also useful innovation was the increase in the phone's working time: from 6 to 8 hours in 3G networks. All this creates a completely new iPhone 5. You are sure to break with curiosity: how much does an iPhone 5? The price is considerable - $ 700, but using this phone, you immediately notice how the funds spent immediately begin to pay for themselves.

IPhone 5 in MoscowLet's sum up the results

IPhone - a revolutionary invention in the world of cellularconnection. It is still being discussed with might and main. This is addressed to him by all the emotions of users and critics. The invention, which has the greatest success.

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