Instructive proverbs about children

Instructive proverbs about children

Proverbs about children occupy an important place in the oralfolk art. They help to gain faith in yourself, discover real prospects and overcome any obstacles. Proverbs about children penetrate into the heart of an adult, make him feel warm feelings. Reading these short statements, we learn to show trust and sensitivity, we become a little more attentive to what is happening around. This article describes proverbs about children, affecting the themes of love for books and honest work.

proverbs about children

"Start early, do diligently"

This statement shows how importantto remain true to their word. The ability to keep this promise was valued very highly at any time. Proverbs about diligence for children are always filled with vitality, possess incomparable power. They teach simple truths: if you use the most productive hours of the day to develop and develop a meaningful business, very soon you will be able to achieve a certain result. Starting to do something regularly, you can come to unexpected achievements. Proverbs about children are imbued with incredible wisdom and vitality.

proverbs about the book for children

The ability to act slowly, but with a cleanconscience will undoubtedly lead to success. It is extremely useful for children to read these instructive statements, because of them one can learn a lot of useful things. It is best if the child himself seeks to spend time with benefit. Teach him to use a free clock productively: with the least expense, but more performance.

"That does not hurt a finger, it hurts"

This statement shows that the mother's lovein relation to all children is boundless. It would be foolish to believe that if you refuse to take care of one of the babies, you can give the other much more. You can not sacrifice one child in favor of another, while speaking about some benefits and usefulness. It is extremely painful for the mother's heart to observe that one of her children suffers. This condition is equivalent to the decision to cut one finger in order for others to exist more freely and well.

proverbs about children

This statement underscores the idea thatevery sacrifice is inappropriate when it comes to children and kinship. All close people, like the fingers of one hand, are connected with each other. If someone starts to suffer, this affects the well-being of the whole system. It is impossible to give up something important and at the same time to receive complete satisfaction from the other side.

"Bread nourishes the body, and the book is the mind"

This statement is quite true. Proverbs about the book for children underscore the indisputable importance of self-development. You can not be satisfied only by satisfying your physical needs. Just as food is necessary to maintain normal life, knowledge transforms the soul, fills it with new impressions. Communicating with a book can sometimes bring more pleasure and benefit than interacting with some of the people. Empty chatter does not lead to anything, but only takes the energy necessary for creative realization.

proverbs about diligence for children

Filling with positive thoughts is also necessary,as well as proper nutrition. The physical body needs useful products, vitamins and minerals, and the mental body needs an inexhaustible source of positive energy. If the equilibrium is violated at any one level, it invariably goes over to the other.

"He who reads, acquires"

Proverbs about the book for children are aimed atthe education of the moral sense of beauty. It is necessary to instill in the child from the very smallest years a love of reading. Otherwise, he will never be able to learn how to fill himself with live positive energy. The knowledge obtained from books is many times greater than what we accept in everyday life.

proverbs about children

Proverbs about the book for children form a carefulattitude to the world around us. In fact, the younger generation always needs tips, useful lessons from the elders. Parents invariably must ensure that children feel happy and self-sufficient. Acquisition of the spiritual order can not be compared with material values, because they are subject to other laws. Thus, proverbs about children reveal the deep need of the individual. They are taught to live in harmony with themselves and the whole world around.

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