How to wear cufflinks

How to wear cufflinks?

At first glance, it may seem that cufflinks inclothes - this is a normal accessory. However, with their function, the simplest buttons will do much better. But it is cufflinks that are considered a kind of visiting card of a true gentleman who feels the style and strives to always and in every way correspond to his individual image.

How to wear cufflinks

Following the style and fashion, choose the right cufflinksyou need a single color scheme with a clock and a tie clip. They also have to be in harmony with the metal parts of the briefcase or purse, even with a lighter and belt buckle. Cuff links should be chosen in color with clothes. For example, with the jeans, it will be better to harmonize the cufflinks covered with blue lacquer, also cufflinks with a precious stone are selected. Different in meaning, cufflinks are designed for different types of clothes, this is what determines the shape of the cufflink. In the business style, rectangular cufflinks will look better, and for the weekend, cufflinks of round and oval shapes will be ideal.

How to wear a shirt with cuff links

Cufflinks are worn exclusively on shirtswith a double cuff, it is often called French, and on evening white shirts with a single cuff and no buttons. There are shirts with a single combined cuff, where you will see both slits for cufflinks, and buttons. However, to wear cufflinks on such shirts will be superfluous, in this case it is better to give up cufflinks altogether.

How to put on cufflinks

In addition to the question of how to carry cufflinks, it is relevantand the question of how to put them on. Wash your hands thoroughly before you put on cufflinks so as not to dirty the clean sleeves of your shirt. Take a shirt with double cuffs and put it on, tuck one cuff so that it's convenient to combine the four slits. Take one cufflink and rotate the buckle perpendicularly to the cuff. Carefully thread it through all the slits, from the outer side of the shirt to the inner buckle forward. Then fix the cufflink by placing the fastener in its original position. The same actions need to be done with the second cufflink. If you still did not manage to put on cufflinks on your own, then ask someone to put on and fix them on your shirt. If you do not understand how to properly carry cufflinks, photos on the Internet on this topic will help you figure out how to do it.

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