How to wash pillows

How to wash pillows?

No matter how careful we are, things inclose contact with a person, from time to time they need disinfection. There is a question - whether it is possible to erase pillows? Since they are not disposable, it means that you can and even need it! So, let's talk today about how to wash the pillows. There are several solutions. It all depends on your own desire and money. Pillows can be put in a dry clean, there they will do everything you need. Let's hope for it. Now there are many options available, and even with the replacement of the napernik (this is what the pillow filler is packed into). And, as they say, you can effortlessly get a clean pillow.

If the filling of the pillow is artificial, thenno questions - put it in the washing machine (be sure to read the corresponding icons on the label) and get a clean pillow. Can I wash the feather pillows? Now all the houses have washing machines (I hope), and when we want to wash the down jacket, then, as a rule, we put it there, and wait for the result. Then, turning inside out so as not to get a burn from the battery (temperature and coating of batteries are different), we wait for the drying. We shake to swell the content, and it's ready.

How to wash a down pillow? And will it remain whole? Differences with a feather pillow, you can say no! We carry out the actions described below boldly, the results are verified! Again, there are two ways:

  • We split the napernik (it is erased separately, it is possiblein the washing machine). Transfer the fluff or feather into a separate pouch. It must be made of gauze, it must be larger than the napernik, so that it is easier to wash. And put the pen into the water diluted with water or a solution of laundry soap and zamkayem. We repeat these actions several times. If the water is very dirty, then change the soap or powder solution, and repeat the procedure again. Then rinse in clean water (to the transparency of water), squeeze, but without effort. We spread out to dry, turning over from time to time. After drying, put back into the napernik and sew the edge.
  • We take the pillow in hand and look through the edges,so that there are no holes in the napernik or torn seams. And it's better that no irreparable happenings happen with the washing machine, we sew a new bag or sew a pillow (well) into a pillowcase of a larger size. Put it in the washing machine, pour the powder (preferably without the smell), increase the amount of water and rinses. We set the temperature not more than 40 °. We are waiting for the end of washing. We pull out of the bag. Spread dry on the street (if summer) or on the battery (if winter). From time to time you need to shake, so that feathers or down do not crochet. Best for this method is suitable machine with a capacity of more than 5 kg.

A person can do anything. Can throw out old pillows and buy new ones. Can be put in dry cleaning, and can wash independently. Everyone will find the right and convenient way for themselves.

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