How to use the Savings Bank card

How to use the Savings Bank card?

The modern world is difficult to imagine without suchthe right thing, like a plastic card. It is easy to use and does not take up much space. It is unlikely that there will be a person who does not know how to use the Sberbank card. However, there are some points that need clarification.

Standard Map Features

To get cash, you just needUse the ATM of Sberbank, located nearby. Keep in mind that an ATM of another bank will charge you a 3% commission (but not less than 90 rubles.) For cash withdrawal.

With a plastic card it is convenient to pay inshops, hotels, restaurants. Just from the account of your card the necessary amount is automatically withdrawn. To do this, you will need to enter your PIN code or present your passport, depending on the requirements set in a particular store, restaurant or hotel.

With frequent use of the card will be convenientservice "MOBILE BANK". With it you can control money. The phone receives SMS at any actions performed with the card (receipt, withdrawal of money). Always indicate the balance of funds and the amount received or withdrawn from the card account (it is very convenient to control the actions made from the card, it is possible during the blocking of the card when stealing). This option can be connected to the bank in the presence of a passport, simply by writing an application.

Another service AUTOPLATE allows you to replenishbalance of any cellular numbers that you specify. To connect the service is as simple as using a Sberbank card. And you can do it yourself at an ATM or by contacting an operator. The service is free for the first three months, and then its cost will be 30 rubles a month. Servicing the card will cost you 100 rubles a year.

Credit Card: New Features

With money on a CREDIT card, you cantake advantage at any time. At the same time, there are some nuances in how to use the credit card of Sberbank and use all the opportunities provided. A credit card is like a loan issued by a bank, but with the possibility of early repayment and renewal.

Visa Classic and Standard MasterCard - the credit limit for these cards is from 10,000 rubles. up to 200.000 rubles. When using it:

  • Within 20-50 days a grace period is in effect,where the interest for operations carried out with the card is not charged. If you overstay at least one day, then the interest will have to be paid in accordance with the tariffs.
  • For multiple use of a credit cardthere is a revolving credit line. What does it mean? When you reach the established limit, you can no longer withdraw cash, but by returning the money spent to the bank, you can use this card again.
  • It is advisable not to withdraw cash from this card. Of course, in this bank this will not result in large fines, the commission is only 2-3%, but the grace period will immediately end. And if there is a credit card of Sberbank, how to use it, if all the benefits are over?

Visa and Gold - the territory of VIP

Even more advantages are given by the gold card of Sberbank, how to use it?

With a Visa Gold card:

  • Limit on this card is possible from 200 and reaches up to 500 thousand rubles;
  • The card can be issued in euros and in dollars;
  • The credit limit can be increased for an unlimited amount;
  • Visa Gold card is easily accepted in 130 countries;
  • The cardholder automatically becomes one of the participants in the international insurance program outside the Russian Federation;
  • There are discounts and various special offers in many retail chains, hotels, restaurants when using the card;
  • 5 thousand dollars - minimum expenditure of funds;
  • If you lose a card or you have it stolen, you can get a temporary card, or even some amount of cash.

There are also several differences in howuse the Sberbank card Visa. When you issue a Visa card for Sberbank Classic, the minimum credit limit is 20,000 rubles, and the maximum limit is 200,000 rubles.

Visa card features:

  • The annual service fee is 900 rubles per year. There is a limit on the card - during the day can not withdraw more than 150 thousand rubles.
  • There is a grace period of 50 days, when the interest for withdrawing cash is not accrued. But, with a delay in repayment, the penalty is 38% per annum of the amount owed.
  • There are more opportunities for users who have Visa card Sberbank Gold. The size of the loan on this card is: a minimum of 200 thousand, a maximum of 500 thousand rubles.
  • The interest rate when using the "gold" card is 23% for 12 months, in contrast to the Classic card, where the interest rate will be 24% per annum.

Deciding for yourself how to use the Sberbank card, you need to consider all the additional benefits provided by the bank.

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