How to use cheats for Metro 2033

How to use cheats for Metro 2033?

Life in post-apocalyptic Moscow, destroyednuclear war, where we will be transferred by the game "Metro 2033", is associated with many dangers. Aggressive mutants do not mind eating the main character. In addition, the bandits and killers are always happy to remove a few bullets from your corpse. So be prepared for the fact that every step you take can be the last. To facilitate the passage of particularly difficult areas will help cheats for Metro 2033. On how to activate them, this guide will tell you.

cheats for the underground 2033

Should I use cheats for Metro 2033?

Of course, if you are a hardcore and preferfair game, then the use of codes for you is unacceptable. In addition, cheats deprive you of the joy of self-passing. After all, you can not breathe a sigh of relief after a difficult stretch of the road, saying: "I did it myself."

But the game "Metro 2033" is rather complicated by itselfitself, so that its passage sometimes confounds even experienced fighters. What can I say about users who do not play professionally? Those who find it difficult to pass, but want to know what awaits him ahead, can always take advantage of the opportunities that cheats give for Metro 2033.

cheats for the underground 2033

Immortality of the hero

Cheats for Metro 2033 are not as numerous asI would like to. But those that are, will greatly facilitate the passage of the game. In order to make the hero invulnerable you need to go to any file manager in the main game folder. Locate the user.cfg file. Then open it with a notepad.

Next, you need to find the string g_global_godoff, replacing off with on. By these actions, you include the "mode of God", through which your hero will attain immortality. Before you exit the main user.cfg file, you must save the changes. To do this, press Ctrl + S or activate the save in the file menu.

Metro 2033 last Cheats

Endless ammo

To obtain an unlimited supply of ammunition,which can not only be used for their intended purpose, but also exchanged for other necessary items, you need to re-open the main game folder with the help of the file manager. We are again looking for user.cfg, opening this folder with notepad.

Now we need the string g_unlimitedammo off. It remains to insert on, instead of off. After that, endless pellets and cartridges become available to you. Do not forget to save the changes, because only so they will take effect. For information on how to do this, see above.

 Metro 2033 last Cheats


Of course, complete immortality or an infinite supplycartridges will not satisfy all the needs of players. In addition, perhaps you do not want to play in God mode, but you want to ease the passage a little. This can be done by downloading third-party programs - trainers.

Thanks to these cheats you can speed up the rechargingor run, increase the damage to the enemy or get a rare weapon. The only thing you should pay attention to when downloading such files is the distributor's reputation. After all, this way you can get a lot of problems: from viruses to errors of the entire system.

cheat codes on the Metro 2033

Metro 2033: Last

Cheats for the second part of this amazing game, alas,were not envisaged by the developers. Although it was necessary to do this, because Metro: Last light - a game that is more complex than its predecessor. There are many more dangers and difficult areas here. But, to facilitate the passage can be when downloading and installing third-party programs - trainers.

Such cheat codes on Metro 2033 will give youthe opportunity to gain immortality or an endless supply of cartridges. In addition, thanks to the trainers, you will not feel any need in the first-aid kits, or in the filters. Some of these cheats give you the opportunity to speed up the run or the length of the jump, and also you can slow down opponents or turn off the recharge of weapons when using these programs. The main thing is to decide the choice and the place of download. Note that some sites distribute content that is infected with viruses and spyware. So seriously approach the choice of the distributor.

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