How to return the man of Leo, Virgo, Aries, Scorpio

How to return the man of Leo, Virgo, Aries, Scorpio

He is your only and desired for life. Let you now quarrel or part, but he does not leave your heart, and the thought: "How can I get it back?" I do not need to despair, because there are a lot of ways. We will dwell in detail on one of the most interesting and effective - how to restore relations with a man, based on his sign of the zodiac. How to return the man of Leo, Aries, Scorpio, Virgo - you will learn from this article.

Yes, this is also a little manipulation, but onwar, as they say, all means are good. Moreover, if the stake is love and a joint future. Therefore, put aside tears and tantrums - these are bad helpers in the situation. But the common sense and the droplet of calculation is what is needed now.

How to return a man Aries

This man earns money endlessly andstrengthens its financial position. Therefore, it is necessary to at least support it, or even better - work together - Aries will appreciate it. A good option to get your attention back is to organize your business meeting with your man, to introduce them to useful people.

Aries likes to talk, especially about himself. So start listening and admiring him.

Let him feel like "the center of the universe." A man-Aries loves when much attention is paid to him.

Be straightforward in your desires and feelings for him - this sign values ​​frankness in yourself and in people. He does not consider your recognition as a sign of obsession and uninteresting accessibility.

How to return a man-Lion

The man of this sign is extremely ambitious. He likes to feel like a real lion in his pride. Therefore, he should often be praised - so he tunes in to sentimentality and romance.

Another way to get the Lion man back is to remove all criticism from the conversation. It is because of this that scandals with Leo often begin. Critical remarks, he can not stand at all.

You can not take it for pity. To look it is necessary simply impeccably - to be well-groomed, mocking and detached.

Well and one more recommendation how to return the manLeo: in his society it is necessary to show sincerity and breadth of soul. Try not to look faithfully into his eyes, but also to admire his presence by other men, too, is not worth it.

How to return a man-girlfriend

Distinctive features of the man of this sign -pedantry, scrupulousness, accuracy and rational approach. Therefore, quarrel with him because of the lack of romance in the relationship is simply useless. Better not try to remake it, but pay attention to the positive features of the Virgin, which he simply has mass.

Your man builds relationships more onbased on emotional attachment. Sexuality is not included in the list of its strengths. But he will become a wonderful, reliable and faithful husband, a true partner in life.

To get along with the Virgin, you need to learn to forgive his comments about the dust under the sofa or plates that are not set in order in the closet.

Men-Virgo very zealously guard their borders, therefore, it is better not to enter their territories with their rules. You can not alter their habits and way of life.

To return the man of this sign, it is necessary asminimum become an ideal hostess. Cleanliness and comfort in the house, calm atmosphere, delicious food, neat home clothes - these are beacons for the Virgin. He will not want to leave this house.

How to return a man-Scorpio

Very often scorpions begin to mope and seekthrills, when in their lives there is not enough tension, a difficult goal, an exciting battle. Therefore, the best way out is to show him a new field of activity so that your man's powerful energy is spent on achieving a difficult goal, rather than destroying and building relationships.

Learn to be a real diplomat, because the impulsive and touchy Scorpio does not know how to find compromises and show flexibility, but appreciates these qualities in others.

In bed and in life, Scorpio can only dominate. This man feels comfortable in the role of the winner and master of the situation.

To return Scorpio, to him in no eventyou can not impose oneself, talk about your unearthly love, press on pity, appeal to compassion. But the mystery, a sexual twinkle in his eyes, impeccable style and impenetrable self-control will be a real "red rag" for Scorpio. Most likely, he will accept the challenge and start to conquer you again.

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  • How to return the man of Leo, Virgo, Aries, Scorpio How to return the man of Leo, Virgo, Aries, Scorpio How to return the man of Leo, Virgo, Aries, Scorpio How to return the man of Leo, Virgo, Aries, Scorpio How to return the man of Leo, Virgo, Aries, Scorpio How to return the man of Leo, Virgo, Aries, Scorpio