How to remove scale

How to remove scale?

With the scum mistresses are faced with an enviablefrequency. It appears due to the content in the water of a large number of soluble salts of magnesium and calcium, some metals, dirt, rust, etc. During the boiling of water, all this "beauty" breaks up into components, which are then deposited on the walls of the instruments. Most often, iron, kettles and washing machines suffer from scale. To remove scaling, you need to know some tricks.

Electric kettle

The scum on the kettle makes it heavy. In addition, he begins to get too warm for too long. Before removing the scum in the electric kettle, you need to buy sparing funds so that the remaining particles on the walls of the drug do not harm our body. There are several ways to remove scale from the kettle.

The simplest way is to usesoda. To do this, 15 grams of soda (a tablespoon) are covered in the kettle and a liter of water is added. After that, the solution should pause for a while. The procedure must be repeated several times to remove all the scum.

If the house has acetic essence, then it can beAlso use as a descaling agent from the kettle. To do this, take two tablespoons of essence per liter of water. The solution is boiled at least 5 times. After that, the kettle is thoroughly washed, filled with water and boiled again. A kettle, both simple and electric, is recommended to be cleaned every month.


If the kettle is OK, then the washingthe machine baffles. Scum is the very first reason why a washing machine breaks down. You can save the machine only by changing the heating element. In fact, it is easy to remove scale in the washing machine. To do this, you need to buy a remedy for scum or "Calgon" and put it in the drum. After this, it is necessary to drive the empty machine in the washing mode. Many manufacturers of washing machines recommend to add "Calgon" with each washing. This will prevent the appearance of scale.

Another way to remove scale isuse of citric acid. For this, pour about 100 grams of citric acid into the powder compartment and turn on the washing mode. Needless to say, the drum must be empty. The washing machine should be cleaned at a frequency of once every six months. In addition, it is not recommended to use a variety of caustic chemicals for cleaning, since the styrene contains rubber elements that can be damaged and render the styark unusable.


Cleaning the iron from the scum is very necessary. Otherwise, on clothes when ironing, rusty stains and stains may remain. Let's look at how to remove the scum from the iron. The iron must be filled to the maximum with water and set to the maximum temperature. After the iron turned off, it must wait for complete cooling and heated to a maximum again. After that, we put the iron in the bathroom and press the self-cleaning button. From the holes for the steam will come out pieces of scale. You can also remove limescale with citric acid. For this, a little citric acid is dissolved in a certain amount of water and the solution is poured into the water tank. Cleaning of the iron from scaling should be done every month, if you use it regularly (daily). Otherwise, you can clean it as needed (appearance of scale).

After you clean any household appliance, you must thoroughly wash it to remove completely all traces of tools and pieces will fall off the scale.

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